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Springfield XD .45 Tactical: Field Review I think Springfield missed the boat a little on this one. The look and feel are much improved over the original XD but the grip texture isn\'t nearly as aggressive as it appears in photos (it could stand to be 50% more rough) and the \"Grip Zone\" marking, while it doesn\'t matter for function, is just stupid looking.

20 most popular handguns in Alabama – Maybe the most impressive feature is the price. I found it for.

most popular is the original .45 ACP. You can buy 1911 pistol for as little as $400. But the sky is the limit for a fully custom.

Inside the Gun Locker: A Review of the EAA Witness – 45 ACP. So I picked a Compact Witness in 10mm.

is made of sheet metal thicker than most desert-dwelling kitchen appliances. Ben had his trusty XD Tactical .45 that we used for comparison. The 5.

XD® .45ACP tactical model handguns are for sale at Springfield Armory® along with other models intended for personal protection and competition The 5" Full-Size XD® is designed to put the most into your hand when you need it. Built on a full-size frame with a 5" barrel, this is the XD® that delivers.

Springfield Armory Launches Five New Handguns At 2017 SHOT Show – 2 Tactical in .45 ACP, the XD Mod.2 Service Model in.

the SAINT is built for defense and packs features valued by warriors into a carbine with a price point at a fraction of what one would expect.

Springfield Armory XD45 Compact Tactical .45 ACP Handgun – Aficionados of forty-five who crave the Government Model’s power but long for more rounds in a concealable handgun should like the XD45 Compact Tactical. The length of the grips on both the XD.

Coming of Critical Duty “Critical Duty was developed with law enforcement officers and their tactical requirements.

Cabela’s prices it at $21.99 for 9 mm Luger, and $22.99 for 9 mm Luger +P and .40.

The Wal-Mart Rule – 45 ACP. My Springfield XD was a.

870 express tactical. It is high capacity, compensated, and has a rail for my red dot site. Come by the house to check it out – but only if you’re invited! The.

Shooting the Bull: Fantastic plastic pistols – Glock pistols chamber most modern pistol cartridges, including the 9mm Parabellum, 10mm, 45 ACP, 40 S&W, .380 ACP.

E.E.A. or my personal favorite — Springfield Armory XD’s. So what features do poly.

By David Tong. Springfield's XD Tactical Pistol. Photo by David Tong. For several years, Springfield Armory has marketed a pistol built in Croatia. Called the "HS2000" in its native land, where it serves as their Army's service pistol, it was imported and re-named "XD," meaning "extreme duty."

Springfield Armory XD-45 Tactical .45 ACP. Serial US630413 has a 5-inch barrel, white dot sights, integral rail and grip safety. Two 13-round magazines are included, as is a factor.

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