Xd .45 Acp Review

Speaking of the magazines, the .45 ACP I tested came with a 9-round flush mounted mag and a 13-round extended mag. The 13-round magazine provides your pinky finger with its very own resting place and helps to make this the most comfortable gun I’ve ever shot. Watch this video by TFB TV on the Springfield XD Mod.2 handgun:

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.

The XD® pistol from Springfield Armory® sets the standard for polymer pistols. The XD® has everything you want and need in a pistol – superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and features that make it easy and intuitive to use. The XD® 4” Full-Size is the original XD® offering from.

Auto Ordnance 1911 45 Acp Semi Auto Pistol Auto Ordnance 1911 Pistol – This .45 ACP has a 5” barrel, length is 8.5” overall and weighs just 39 oz. The 1911 is 100% made in the USA and ships with one 7-round magazine. It has a thumb safety, grip safety and firing pin block. Auto-Ordnance® 1911A1 GI Spec .45 ACP Pistol . The

John takes the Safe Life Defense Soft Body Armor to the wrong side of the range.

IMG from www.SafeLifeDefense.com I moved onto the .45 ACP caliber. I fired a 230gr JHP round from a Springfield XD.

[FIREARM REVIEW] Springfield XDs 45ACP Review for Concealed Carry.

the 45 is too powerful for such a small firearm, but I have found it to be extremely manageable.

380 ACP, many who were seeking a personal-defense handgun would have preferred a more powerful chambering or additional rounds. For that reason, many firearm manufacturers reprised their earlier.

Speer Lawman Cleanfire 45 Acp If air quality in indoor ranges concerns you, Speer has the ammunition to set your mind at ease. Lawman Clean-Fire is loaded like regular Lawman except for the primer and bullet. The ignition power comes from our patented Clean-Fire primer that contains no lead, barium, or antimony. The bullets we load in Lawman Clean-Fire are

Springfield XD  Mod 2  .45 ACP Product Review: Springfield XD–A new generation of excellence.

Ara’s argument was that the Springfield XD .45 ACP just might be in contention to replace the venerable 1911.

The compact.

These models primarily featured exterior changes to the XD sub-compact, with no major fundamental changes to the gun’s internal workings. But without an existing frame to modify the Mod.2 for a double.

(Although I suppose this is why I own the ULTIMATE solution in search of a problem, the Glock 37 chambered in 45 Glock Auto Pistol.

Google it, seriously.

gun guys and gals will absolutely get this.

The HK45 is the best polymer frame 45ACP pistol available today. Guns like the FNX45 and Glock 41 come close but just do not surpass the ergonomics this gun.

I RECOMMEND this fine .45ACP single-stack, striker-fired, subcompact handgun for concealed carry (performance, build, and function trump any I hope this review of the very new Springfield XDs Mod. 2 .45ACP subcompact, single-stack has helped you gain some information you did not previously have.

Thinking about XD or XDM in 45 ACP Springfield Armory.

I do have an XDM 9mm 3.8 Compact, which I really like, but don't think I'll move up to an XDM 45,

Hi-Point's 45 ACP Carbine is a design that most shooters seem to love. Our first exposure to the Hi-Point carbine was nearly 20 years ago in California. This is a carbine chambered in 45 ACP finished in a Digital Desert Camo scheme. We wanted to give this carbine a good work out. Since it wasn't a.

This is the thought behind guns such as the Heizer Double Tap, which delivers two rounds of 45 ACP. We have been assured we will have the first one ready for review. Also promised to us is the.

45 ACP. I am impressed with the handgun’s adaptability, modularity, reliability, and quality. The pistol’s modularity and flexibility features are especially worth attention. You should know that Sig.

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-It is not often that I take the time as a writer to review a set of pistol sights.

The advantages are a hard-hitting pistol in 45 ACP that makes for a smaller carry package.

Ruger P90 45 Acp For Sale Ruger only made 5,750 with both barrels in 1994 only. The P89 was one of the most popular and plentiful P-series models. It was discontinued in late 2009. P90 . The P90 is a scaled-up version of the P89 chambered in .45 ACP with an investment cast aluminum alloy frame. It was introduced in 1991

Pistols in .357 SIG, .45 ACP, and .45 GAP were soon to follow. Naturally, we've seen the obligatory upsizing and downsizing of the XD as "tactical" and Magazine capacity for the .45 ACP version is 13 plus 1. When I sat down to pen this review I did some online research and found that the average gun.

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD-S MOD.2 45 ACP 4 Reviews | 3 Questions & Answers. Model: XDSG93345B .

Buds if you are present, please post this gentleman's review forthwith.

Here I am doing another review for a CCW and I have sat on this one for a while, waiting for the post-review "break up," where I carry it down to a local store and tell it I never want to see it again. I have had the Springfield XDS chambered in 45 for quite a while now.

The only draw back is that this particular grip extender doesn’t match the grip texture on the front of the grip of the XD-45 Mod.2, but that’s a minor thing. The XD-45 Mod.2 is now my daily carry handgun. It’s just hard to fault a totally reliable sub compact .45 ACP that holds 9+1 rounds, or if you prefer the longer mag, 13+1 rounds.

Check out our .45 ACP FMJ or our .45 ACP Hollow Point Ammo and save BIG! When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select, or press tab to cycle through suggested products based on autocomplete results.

So we told them “a Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun”. “Why would I do that? I’ll shoot it and write an honest review like I always do.” “Yeah but you always find something wrong with everything.” “Right,

Springfield Armory XD 45 ACP Review Part 1 – Springfield Armory XD 45 ACP XD9611HCSP06 Barrel: 4' Steel, Melonite Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3-Dot Trigger pull: 5.5 – 7.7 lbs. Frame: Black Polymer Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite Finish Recoil System: Dual Spring with Full Length.

45 or Tim Schmidt.

the EAA catalog for review. Anything. Then shoot the heck out of it and see if it holds up. I’ve done 9mms, and I don’t like .40s all that much, and you are all sick of my.

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Smith & Wesson Performance Center Ported M&P 45 Shield – A Pocket 45 You Can Shoot – Gun writer, Tom McHale, reviews the Smith & Wesson Performance.

those rounds in your pocket pistol. Pocket .45 pistols are nothing new. Two of my favorites are the Springfield Armory XD-S and Smith.