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The Colt 1911 Defender was first introduced in .45 ACP in 2000 and quickly became a classic short-barreled self-defense gun. Now the new Defender is available in 9mm with features like G-10 wood grips.

Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact Nitron 45 Acp The new Sig 1911 Ultra offers a lot of firepower in a lightweight, compact package that is very easy to carry concealed. When it comes to a duty handgun for law enforcement, many cops swear by the tried-and-true 1911. However, what about the 1911 user looking for a tough and reliable .45 ACP handgun to

Freedom Arms Model 97 .45 – I"ve gone through a few sixguns over the years, but I never found one I liked well enough to keep until I put the Freedom Arms Model 97 through a review.

357 Magnum Model 97 or, as I did, a .45 ACP.

Wyoming Arms aim is to provide the best available firearms and components to the discriminating hunter and shooter. Custom Firearms | Long Range Firearms.

ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ: Wyoming Arms ΜΟΝΤΕΛΟ: Parker 45 ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΗΜΑ: .45 ACP ΤΥΠΟΣ: Πιστόλι ΧΩΡΑ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ: ΗΠΑ ΕΤΟΣ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ: 1990 ΧΩΡΗΤΙΚΟΤΗΤΑ ΓΕΜΙΣΤΗΡΑ: 7+1 ΣΚΟΠΕΥΤΙΚΑ: Σταθερά ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑ: Κλείδωμα & Μπλοκάρισμα Του Επικρουστήρα ΜΗΚΟΣ ΚΑΝΗΣ: 12.7 cm/5 in.

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Barrels Black Powder – Kit Conversion Kit Frames Less than lethal Rifle C. F. – Automatic Rifle C. F. – Bolt Action Rifle C. F. – Lever Action Rifle C. F. – Over/Under Rifle C. F. – Side X Side Rifle C. F. – Single Shot Rifle C. F. – Slide Action Rifle R. F. – Automatic Rifle R. F. – Bolt Action Rifle R. F. – Lever Action Rifle R. F. – Single Shot Rifle R. F. – Slide Action Shotgun – Automatic.

High Powered Protection. The PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense Trigger) M2 series of handguns represents the pinnacle of Walther centerfire innovation, engineering and technology.

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45 ACP 185 grain Tac-XP +P. Inspect those, consider the above, and make the choice that’s right for you. Dick Fairburn has more than 40 years of law enforcement experience in both Illinois and Wyoming.

New XD-S. My present to myself. – I thought it was about on par with my Charter Arms .45 ACP revolver. I’m surprised to know that Talon tape does much of anything to help. I only show a rental XD-S .45 3.3, so it didn’t even go for.

Winchester .45 Acp Ranger T Series This is how Hotpig explained it to me, he sells Ranger. T mfg between 1998 and 2008 still had large SXT printed on the box. It would have saved a lot of confusion it Winchester would have removed. Winchester 94 Ranger for sale and auction. Buy a Winchester 94 Ranger online. Sell your Winchester 94

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45 ACP. The Wyoming Highway Patrol selected the Smith & Wesson M&P40.

The new firearms ordered by the department feature two new enhancements over the previously issued side arms. As requested by.

Black Powder – Rifle Black Powder – Kit Frames Rifle C. F. – Automatic Rifle C. F. – Bolt Action Rifle C. F. – Lever Action Rifle C. F. – Single Shot Rifle C. F.

Wyoming Arms Parker 45acp 3 3/8 inch barrel Stainless pistol Picked this one up recently and just wanted to know if any members have one of these. This is the compact.

STAR Model "P" .45 ACP Pistol: Review and Field Strip Disassembly and Re-Assembly Learn123gunsandguitars.

Military Arms Channel 184,466 views. 21:58.

LWRCI Releases SMG .45 Pistol Caliber Carbine Rolls Out – Built from the ground up around US-manufactured UMP magazines, the SMG-45 is a completely new PCC in .45 ACP that features many of the same controls and performance attributes found in LWRCI™’s luxury.

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AND, in our opinion, Bond Arms have succeeded in that goal. With all of the above features, there are even more. The chambers are honed to provide for a smooth extraction of spent cases and for.

If I were to buy this single-stack subcompact .45 pistol, I would use it for concealed carry and wear it Outside-the-Waistband (OWB), Inside-the-Waistband (IWB), and sometimes Pocket Carry, depending.

4464, Broussard, LA June 2, S&W M500 Stainless Pistol, Virginia M., #0956 June 5, S&W 1911 E Series .45 caliber stainless steel pistol, Ryan S., #3503, Kaplan, LA June 7, S&W M&P 15 Semi Auto .223,

Series 3, ported. 1 mag. The laser does not work, have never tried to fix it. Only shot a handfull of times. Asking $300.

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Wyoming Arms Parker 10mm SS. Pistol Real Steel OverviewWyoming Arms Model Parker 45 ACP 45 ACP Pistol Stainless Steel 1911 style single action pistol Ser # A05566