Used Xd 45 Acp

The XD® service model .45ACP is one of the many top quality handguns you'll find at Springfield Armory. We offer some of the best competition shooting pistols.

The 5 Best-Selling Handguns of 2016 – 45 full auto calibers, and is widely used by law enforcement and military personnel.

Both pistols are encased in polymer frames and are striker-fired. However, the XD-S only comes in 9mm and .45.

Springfield Armory’s Rob Leatham Discusses Wayne Gretzky, Jackie Gleason and Getting Whooped By His Sister – Rob Leatham sporting his 2013 Season competition gun – the new 3.3" XD-S in .45 ACP. Well, not really.

Rob: You know I keep hearing rumors about how my sister used to beat me at this game, but I.

First up was the XD-E in 45 ACP. I have written a lot about the XD-E since it was first introduced in 9mm last year. I affectionately call it the dark horse of the Springfield family because it is definitely not the first pistol that pops into mind when talking about S.A.

The Top 5 Best-Selling Handguns of 2016 – 45 ACP calibers. And much like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, the Springfield XD-S also has a polymer frame and a striker-firing mechanism. Springfield’s XD model pistols are approved and used by many.

Caliber: 45 ACP. Manufacturer: Springfield. Barrel: 4 inch. Magazine: Removable box. Springfield Armory XD chambered in 45 acp with a 4 inch barrel, case, and Springfield XD Gear. This gun is in excellent condition and is covered by Dury's Lifetime Warranty.

Discussion in 'XD-45ACP Discussion Room' started by Univegaxdm45, Jan 19, 2019. is it wise to buy a used xdm 45acp? The condition looked good and it was from a licensed gun store in the state of texas. I've seen new ones go for 650 and they wanted 420.

Shooting and discussing the new Springfield XDs, the slim little .45 ACP pistol that so many have been anxious to see hit the market. —– —.

The first gun in Springfield’s XD series with a single-stack magazine-and chambered in .45 ACP-the Springfield XD-S notched the.

The front of the rear sight base is proud, allowing it to be used to.

Here are five of the best guns the round is used in. The Glock 19 was one of the.

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Springfield XD  Mod 2  .45 ACPProduct Review: Springfield XD–A new generation of excellence – Ara’s argument was that the Springfield XD .45 ACP just might be in contention to replace the venerable.

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45 ACP (left) and nine-plus-one in 9 mm Luger (right.

there’s nothing quite like an exposed hammer, such as that used on the XD-E, to confirm immediately what condition the gun is in since it must.

This Springfield is in excellent condition.ᅠ It is the full size XD chambered in .45acp.ᅠ It features a black polymer frame, matte black slide, 4 inch barrel, and fixed 3 dot sights.ᅠ Includes the box, 2 factory 13 round magazines, holster, dual mag pouch, and loader.

A respectable gun shop that deals in new and used firearms may give you $400-$450 for it but if you go to a place like a pawn shop expect to recieve $100-$200 for it :(.

Springfield Armory® has many top-of-the-line polymer pistols for sale, including the XD-S 3.3" .45ACP handgun. Visit our website for specifications and more.

I think Springfield missed the boat a little on this one. The look and feel are much improved over the original XD but the grip texture isn\'t nearly as aggressive as it appears in photos (it could stand to be 50% more rough) and the \"Grip Zone\" marking, while it doesn\'t matter for function, is just stupid looking.

Xdm 45 Acp For Sale Springfield XDM 5.25 Competition grade pistol. 45ACP. Top of the line. Essentials Kit. A like new conditon Mini 30. No beat up junk. The rifle would have to look new for me to consider a trade. It has to be a newer series receiver where I can put a scope on it. Springfield Armory’s Rob