Unique Powder 45 Acp Load Data

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Unique®. Shotshell Powders. Smokeless powder. Now cleaner burning! Principal Purpose: All-around shotshell powder, 12, 16, and 20 ga. Secondary Uses: Handgun loads. Remarks: The world's most versatile reloading powder.

I've been using Unique for over 30 years. In the early years, it was used in my Ruger Blackhawk .45 Long Colt. More recently it's been used for the .45 Auto in my Kimber Custom Classic Target: 6.0 grains under a 230 grain hard-cast lead roundnose, or full metal jacket.

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Why the Charter Arms Pitbull is the ideal 9mm revolver for backup/off-duty – Charter Arms’ unique revolver – the Pitbull – loads and ejects just like standard revolvers due to ingenious little spring-loaded clips inside each cylinder chamber. It is even offered in .40 S&W and.

Load Data 45 Auto (ACP) Load Data. 45 Auto (ACP) Load Data. Rifle Cartridges. 17 Caliber.172" Diameter. 17 Rem Fireball. 17 Rem. 20 Caliber.204" Diameter. 204 Ruger. 20 Nosler. 22 Caliber.224" Diameter. 22 Hornet. 221 Rem Fireball. 222 Rem. 223 Rem. 5.56×45 NATO. 222 Rem Mag. 22 PPC-USA.

I settled on 6.7 grains of Unique with 230 grain FMJ years ago. This gives a muzzle velocity of 871 fps in a 1911 with a 5-inch barrel. It gives a muzzle velocity of 830 fps from a Smith & Wesson Model 1917 with a 5 1/2-inch barrel.

The dirty dozen – There really isn’t any usable data about galvanic corrosion.

For a straight walled case where the rim is the same diameter as the case mouth like a .45 ACP, .40 S&W or 9mm, the cartridge headspace.

I’d bet on the new RANGER ONE cartridges, especially knowing the clean burning powders they use for duty cartridges.

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Reloading Aliant E-3  in the 45acp and comparing to uniqueWhat beer are you drinking now? #1060 – De-priming .45 ACP and working up some loads. Old Rasputin is joining me here. Click to expand.

Nice! I haven’t reloaded in like 3 years! Still got all my primers and bullets and powder stocked up.

45 Acp Semi Wadcutter Oal For all those that cast, swage, or otherwise form their own projectiles. Tips on molds, sizers, bullet alloys, lubes and what-have-you. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol. 45 ACP 185 gr semi

Unique ® Shotshell Powders. Smokeless powder. Now cleaner burning! Most versatile shotgun/handgun powder made. Great for 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge loads. Use with most.

American Outdoor Brands Corp. continues to diversify away from its focus on firearms which puts it in a unique position.

the M&P Shield in 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP varieties. Rather than a brand new.

I have a few old Lyman/Ideal molds I got from my dad. For the .45 ACP, I have 452460 200gr SWC and 452374 225/230gr round nose molds. I also have a 454309 wadcutter mold, but that's more for the revolver than the 1911, so I'm not really asking about that (but over 5.4gr of Unique it shoots POA out of my Blackhawk).

Load Titles: Number of Loads.45 ACP (Accurate Data Edition 3.3 – 2009) 68.45 ACP (Alliant BE-86 Powder) 6.45 ACP (Alliant Pistol & Revolver Data) 64.45 ACP (in three Kimbers) 18.45 ACP (Jacketed) 28.45 ACP (Lee Precision Data) 462.45 ACP (Speer Reloading Manual #14) 174.45 ACP (Using 200 GR Hornady Bullets) 76.45 ACP (Using 230 GR Hornady.

Return to previous Page Reloading The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) Left to right:– 230 gr. RN, .45 with JRN, .45 with JHP, 230 gr. JRN (WC= WadCutter, SWC= Semi-WadCutter,

Take a look at the reloading experiments and science behind finding the right load for suppressed pistols in 9mm and .45 ACP. Finding the right.

to “2.5” in 9mm. I love Unique. While known for.

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A database of .45 acp handloads. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type

1991 45 Acp Magazine Shop a variety of 45 ACP Pistol magazines from hot brands such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, CZ-USA, Ruger and more. All at the best prices in the industry Why the Glock 21 Still Dominates Today – 45 ACP, .357 Magnum and .38 Special, all flocked to the novel new pistol with the high-magazine capacity.

125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For .45 ACP? – 125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For.

manual data). A .357 magnum fires a 125 grain bullet at 1,450 fps and has 583 fpe (Sierra “hunting load”). Lee Precision’s manual states that a .357 magnum’s case.

Unique is a very versatile powder.

.and a very fair choice for making full velocity loads, IMO, especially with heavier bullet weights.

. We made several thousand .45 acp FMJ rounds with 5.5 gr of Unique prior to switching to 231, only for the fraction of a cent saved per powder throw.