Trail Boss Powder ’45 Acp

Trail Boss trapdoor max load 485 grain- 10.0 gr 804 FPS 23,300 CUP. Almost exactly the same pressures but slightly over 1500 FPS for the Benchmark vs a blistering 804 FPS for Trail boss!

Five Favorite Handgun Powders – With a light bullet, it is one of my favorites in the 45 ACP. I can’t imagine any loading bench operating without the next powder which is Alliant Powder Unique Smokeless Powder. It has been around.

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I played with Trailboss in 45 ACP. Did Trailboss under a Penn Bullet 200 gr Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base and some Precision Delta230gr FMJ. I've never tried Trail Boss in 45acp. I'm sure it would work fine. I have used a 185grain semi wadcutter over about 3.6 grains of bullseye.

On Trail Boss in .45 Colt- DO NOT use minimum powder charges- you will experience incomplete burning; much unburned powder spewed from the barrel of my Original Vaquaros when I tried this. Had MUCH better result turning up the wick a bit, so to speak. Got REALLY NICE results using .45 Schofield brass , due to the smaller internal volume of the.

High Capacity 45 Acp Handguns 45 ACP. The Coonan 1911 .357 Magnum Auto raised the standards for 1911’s. The new.45 ACP Pistol raises the standards again by. a full range of FAL receivers and machines a wide range of. What pistol has the highest standard capacity in .45ACP? This is a discussion on What pistol has the highest standard capacity

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45 Colt and the .45 S&W Schofield Now with that idea.

“remove the compensator when firing shot loads,” number two is a black powder load and while messy, if black powder is all you have available.

Using Trail Boss powder.

. A buddy bought some of this stuff for our 2014 season's range plinking powder. It looks like aluminum snow flakes or. This is a discussion on Trail Boss Powder – .45ACP within the Range Reports forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Using Trail Boss powder.


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Trail Boss was designed specifically for low-velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting. It is primarily a pistol powder but has some application in rifles.

"Trail Boss" and "Tin Star" are designed to duplicate low pressure black powder loads used during the 1880's for use in Cowboy While it may work in 45ACP, and be very safe to experiment with, you'll probably not get optimal performance.

Hello, Patrick Sweeney writing in the latest Hodgdon's reloading annual has an article about .45 acp reloading with Trail Boss. It's a good article, but I have a question. He says that one should not use jacketed bullets with Trail Boss. I wonder if that also applied to copper-washed bullets like Ranier or Berry?

Curious if anyone has tried the Trail Boss for 45acp target loads, i will be using lead 200 grn SWC, that i currently use with bullseye. I suspect it's a poor choice for the .45acp cartridge.

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45 Auto Rim has rim that is much thicker than normal brass. 83 thousands, versus 60 thousands for a 45 Colt or 45 thousands for the 455 Webley. It was designed specifically to replace 45 ACP and moonclips. That's why it's called Auto Rim. The rim is the same thickness as 45 Auto plus a moon clip. So – no. There will be no headspace issues.

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Ive been using IMR "Trail Boss" powder for lead .45 ACP loads, and really like it. It is very bulky, meters well, and not too dirty. What makes it "intended for lead bullets"? Id like to use it for light loads with 200gr plated bullets, but can only find data for lead loads. Thanks, John

Trail Boss is, perhaps, the cleanest modern powder I've run into. I had occasion to fire it in some new .45 ACP brass, and there was very little soot or anything else left in the case.

What would be everyones choice of powder for making 44 russian loads in 44 magnum length brass? I imagine all that extra space wouldnt make for the best ballistic uniformity, but Im just making plinking loads. I have 231 and unique presently, and figure 231 would be better suited for this purpose.

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