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The Night Guard offers 8-rounds and a 2.5in barrel. It weights in at 26ounces unloaded. Smith & Wesson 325 review, Nightguard .45 ACP, "STREET COP, STRAIGHT TALK" – Продолжительность: 7:51 harley45acp 206 332 просмотра.

Smith & Wesson Begins Shipping Night Guard™ Revolvers – The revolvers comprising the Night Guard line include the Model 315 six-shot chambered in .38 S&W Special + P, the Model 325 six-shot chambered in .45 ACP, the Model 327 eight-shot chambered in .357.

Best 1911 45 Acp Here are five of the best .45 ACP pistols today. Wilson Combat was started in 1977 by founder Bill Wilson, a watchmaker by training. For those that know the platform, that’s an appropriate background. I'm just wondering who makes the best 1911 pistol for the money? How are the Para-Ordance 1911's? What about the Springfield

Larry's Pistol & Pawn offers S&W Model 325 Night Guard Revolver .45 ACP 2-1/2" Barrel 6 Rds Pachmayr Grips Front Night Sight Matte Black Finish. These simple yet powerful double action revolvers come with high tech attributes usually reserved for modern duty pistols.

Inside the Gun Locker: A Review of the EAA Witness – 40 S&W cartridge, called the Short and Weak by those who had become used to the 10mm. Looking back at this development, I can see that it was a good move, and now most handguns are chambered in 9mm,

I like the Night Guard series, but I want one chambered in 45 Colt. I can get one in 44 Mag or in 45 ACP. How difficult would it be to convert one to 45 To convert a 45acp would be very expensive, requires a new cylinder and the barrel to be cut so it does not go into the cylinder window as much.

The Night Guard was well made, but a longer barrel and better setup would have made us like it. We could not work the da trigger with a proper grip on the gun. Gun Tests Grade: D. The Night Guard had a tritium front sight that perched precariously on top of the ramp. Yet the rear sight was thick and.

Cci Blazer Shotshell .45 Acp Federal Premium 45 Acp Hydra Shok Ammunition 11 rows  · Buy at least 2 boxes of Federal Premium® Hydra-Shok®, Hydra-Shok Deep® or HST®. Federal's Hydra-Shok JHP ammo is an excellent ammunition trusted by law enforcement agencies and carry-permit holders alike. This round features Federal's Hydra-Shok jacketed hollow points which utilize a unique center-post design that is

45 ACP, nightguard, smith and wesson, S&W, 45 auto rim, moon clips.

self defense pistol, double action carry revolver, N-frame, snubby, big bore, CCW, personal protection, scandium, N-f. Smith & Wesson 325 Night Guard 45 ACP Revolver Scandium Alloy with 2.75" SS barrel.

David Lee Odom knew I was nervous about passing by the murder site every Thursday night on my way to play a weekly gig.

a .357 magnum, a .45 ACP, a .40 S&W, and a .22 semi-automatic – I wrote him a.

The SIG P938 is reminiscent of the Star PD – 32 ACP and .380 ACP. Thankfully, the current move in concealed carry pistols is to build ultra-compact handguns in full-powered cartridges such as the 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. These calibers have.

The new Model 386 Night Guard in .357 Mag., however, offers a unique combination of features and is therefore a fresh choice for those in the market for a defensive revolver. In S&W’s complex.

BRAND NEW Smith & Wesson model 325 Night Guard, sku # 163421, 6 shot revolver with 2.5 inch barrel. XS Sight® 24/7 standard dot tritium front sight, Cylinder and Slide fixed rear sight. Scandium Alloy Frame and Stainless Steel Cylinder with matte black finish.

Its a .45 ACP six shooter, and uses.

I might be able to swing a deal today to get a pre-owned, but never fired S&W 325 Night Guard. Looks brand new. Its a .45 ACP six shooter, and uses moon-clips.

Kahr P380: Perfecting the Pocket Pistol – 380 ACP to be the smallest acceptable caliber for a defensive weapon, making it a popular chambering for these diminutive pistols. Kahr Arms is well known for its small and concealable pistols in 9mm,

Smith & Wesson 325 review, Nightguard .45 ACP, "STREET COP, STRAIGHT TALK"Smith & Wesson introduces an innovative line of revolvers built especially for personal defense and concealed carry. These light-weight scandium revolvers with 2½ inch barrels come in K, L and N frames with choices in 38, 357 Magnum, 44 Special, 44 Magnum and 45 ACP calibers.

The CMMG Mk 45 Guard is a .45 ACP carbine developed by CMMG. The weapon is an M16 derivative and uses a Radial Delayed Blowback operation. The MkG45 Guard is a .45 ACP calibre, radial delayed blowback carbine.

Smart gun lock ZORE X can alert owners if their firearm is tampered with or moved – 40 S&W, .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO are compatible at the moment.

and the grip hides the trigger and trigger guard. This piece is expected to sell for $395 starting sometime in the fall of this year.