S&w Model 25-2 45 Acp

smith & wesson model 25-3 125th anniversary caliber 45 long colt new in factory box unfired with all the papers. need more information always best to cll our office 716-941-3946.

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A S&W 25-2 Model of 1955 is indeed a .45ACP revolver. A .45 Colt cartridge will NOT seat due to the lip inside the chambers that catch the short .45ACP case. The N378080 is the Serial Number of your revolver.

10 great concealed carry firearms – 380 ACP for pistols and .38 Special cartridges for revolvers. On the other hand, anything larger than .45 ACP for pistols and.

Price: $469 Capacity: 6+1 (.40 S&W), 7+1 (9x19mm) Length: 6.1 in.

The Model 25-2 shoots .45 ACP rounds, but you must use "half-moon clips" to hold the cartridges. The US Military issued these pistols with both two And, it is much, much easier to get the cartridges into and out of these plastic clips than the old metal ones. They hold 6 rounds of .45 ACP and allow very.

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S & W Model 25-2 45 ACP Model of 1955 Description: Very clean model 25-2. 6 inch barrel. Model of 1955 stamped on barrel. Locks up tight. Sights painted as shown in pictures.

In terms of the sample Model 310 Night Guard trigger action, it is stiff. It averaged around 13.75 pounds in pull weight for the double-action trigger pull and just over 5 pounds for the single-action trigger pull. That's heavy by match standards, but then this really isn't a match-type pistol. It just can be used as one in venues like IDPA.

S+W Model 25-2 45ACP 6 12 pinned barrel,99% bluing. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We buy, sell, consign and trade ne for sale by First Stop Gun on GunsAmerica – 930440364

The .40 S&W was developed specifically for law enforcement needs. It fires rimless, .40 inch (10.16mm) diameter bullets. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) uses bullets with diameters of .452 inches (11.5mm). The energy of the .40 S&W exceeds standard-pressure .45 ACP loadings, generating between 350-foot-pound (470 J) and 500-foot-pound (680 J) of energy, depending on bullet weight.

Thanks for the info on the S&W 25-2. I should have checked back for any replies earlier, but I'm not computer savy & finally got my wife to find your posts. The only other thing that I learned was that this gun was made in 1976 or 1977. You state that it can use moon clips & 45 ACP ammo, & I've tried this using half moon & full moon clips (new).

A tale of two classics: S&W's model 24 .44 special & model 25 .45 Colt. Link/Page Citation The Model 24 .44 Special //MIKE "DUKE" VENTURINO// Over the years one thing I have admired about John Taffin is his truthfulness, and he has just given evidence of this trait one more time.

Product Review: FNH USA FNP-9 – It has a 4” hammer forged barrel, weighs 25.2 oz and has a 16+1 capacity.

The FNP series comes in three law enforcement calibers, 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. The FNP-40 and FNP-9 are identical and fit.

45 Acp Ballistic Gel Complete 45 ACP ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all 45 ACP ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. 45acp Black Talon "T" Series ballistic gel test, shot from ten feet thru four layers of denim (per IWBA protocol) into calibrated ordnance ballistic gel. Simple penetration and expansion test of the Federal Hydra-Shok .45 ACP 230

Smith & Wesson Model 25 .45ACPI Feel The Need for .450 SMC Speed – 45 ACP 230 grain bullet 32 percent faster.

Using a 6-inch barrel will give you another 100 feet per second, more or less. If you feel the need for speed, check out the .450 SMC. Make sure your gun.

Until recently, this version was still available as the Model 25-2. The 1917, the 1950, and the 1955 .45 sixguns are now gone from the Smith & Wesson lineup, but the .45 ACP/.45 AR revolver is a concept that will not die, and in 1988 it came back to life as the "45 Cal. Model 1988".

Duty-Ready Ammo – 40 S & W, .357 SIG, .45 GAP and.

a Smith and Wesson M&P pistol with a 4.5" barrel in .40 and a Colt Government Model with a 5" barrel in .45 ACP. Accuracy was tested by shooting five rounds.

A quick table-top look at the S&W Model 25-2 in .45ACP. Shoutout channels below. Great guys, please take a look and subscribe.

I have a 25-5 in 45 Colt and the throats are about .454 and with either soft factory or hard cast bullets the gun shoots about 3 inch groups at 25 yards. that is about as I can Here are my two favorites. Both Randy Lee customs. 25-2 in .45 ACP, 625-3 in .45 LC & ACP. Four and half pound DA pull on both.

Model 25 (Model of 1955 Target in .45 ACP or.

in the quality of S&W revolvers. I purchased my Model 25-5 a while back.

Автор: Case. Educational Zone #133 – The S&W Model 25-5 .45 Colt Revolver.

But to distinguish it from the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge and the .45.

45 Acp Slide The Privateer Carry Commander 1911 Pistol in .45 ACP and 9mm – Other features include forward carry cuts, recessed slide stop, a light-rail and carbon fiber grips. The Privateer Carry Commander is ideal for concealed carry and is offered in both .45 ACP and 9mm. Fun Gun Reviews Presents:The Glock 41 45 ACP Long Slide.