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Smith & Wesson model 625-3 in 45 ACP, Model of 1989.

Unboxing of the Smith and Wesson 686P Revolver. This is the 4" barrel "Super Tuned" version. (Video index below )—–Revolver in Video Info

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We tested one of these old warhorses against two other generations of 45 ACP revolvers recently to see if the relic stood the test of time.A newer generation is the S&W Champion Series Model 625-8 JM, with the JM standing for Jerry Miculek.

Underwood 45 Acp The new 45 ACP XD, with its devastating devastating terminal effects and barrier blind performance You can find the new 45 ACP XD at Underwood Ammunition. For additional information about our XD. $ 42.50. The round that has taken the personal defense world by storm: the G2 Research Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.). .45 ACP R.I.P.
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45 Super or .460 Rowland in this gun? I believe both cartridges would fit the 625’s chambers, but is it recommended? I have lots of moon clips. Please correct me if I am somewhat.

I have long wanted a S&W Model 25-2, .45 ACP revolver. I had seen one many years ago that was carried by a police officer I worked with and I fell in love with it. Here is an in the box, In As New Condition, S&W Model 625-5 Classic 45 Colt (not acp) 5 inch barrel, Houge/S&W finger groove grips, round butt, black sights.

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Smith & Wesson Pistols for Model 625 models in .45 ACP 4in 6rd Stainless. The Smith & Wesson 160936JM Model 625 JM Jerry Miculek Revolver in .45 ACP features a 4-inch barrel, matte stainless finish, Jerry Miculek Wood Grip, front gold bead patridge sight, rear adjustable sight, round butt, target hammer, smooth target trigger, double action trigger, an overall length of 9.325 inches, an.

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The Smith & Wesson Model 625 Jerry Miculek .45 ACP Revolver is made with a stainless-steel barrel, slide and cylinder and features a Jerry Miculek wood grip, a grooved speed trigger and an exposed hammer. Gold bead partridge front sight. Adjustable rear sight. Includes 5 full-moon clips.

This Smith & Wesson Model 625-8 Jerry Miculek is a 6 shot satin stainless steel N-frame revolver in .45 ACP Cal. It has a 4 inch barrel and a smooth walnut round butt grip. The initial.

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Top Handguns for USPSA – But it will be a lot more fun than making all those reloads! It was originally conceived for six-shot DA revolvers, and the S&W 625 .45 ACP ruled, although some shooters used light .357 Magnum loads.

Photo above is a S&W 625-6 (45 ACP) ( Large)"N" Frame Revolver with a 3" Barrel & RIMZ 625 moon clips; You DO NOT have to be a member of Pay Pal to use Pay Pal, Just give them your credit card number like usual.

. RIMZ Moon Clips by Beckham Products Design LLC

Ed Harris: Using the .45ACP in a rifle! – 830 in an M1911 pistol and about 800 f.p.s. in my S&W Model 625 revolver. Given the limited powder capacity and faster powders used in the .45 ACP you only get modest velocity gains in a longer at.

Unique Loading Data 45 Acp 45 ACP rounds. Firing the gun felt great. After pouring through more reloading tomes and online manufacturer load data than I could have ever possibly imagined, we landed on values for the actual. Unique®. Shotshell Powders. Smokeless powder. Now cleaner burning! Principal Purpose: All-around shotshell powder, 12, 16, and 20 ga. Secondary Uses: Handgun loads.

Many observers will note that the barrel profile between the 625 PC and the S&W Professional Series is very similar. The extractor rod shroud below the barrel is cut out, another deviation from the standard 625. The cylinder is slightly shorter than standard-production .45 ACP revolvers, and the forcing cone extends further into the frame.

Smith & Wesson 625 45 ACPStill another S&W 45 ACP revolver is the Thunder Ranch Special, with 4-inch tube and flashlight, for $1335. These last two still appear on the company website. Be aware it might not be easy finding a 4-inch or 5-inch S&W 625 like the test gun. A search of 350 S&W revolvers at the Guns International website found not one Model 625.

12 shots with a reload, in under 3 seconds? Well, Jerry collaborated with the knowledgeable folks and Smith & Wesson to help design this .625 JM. It’s part of the Champion Series you can use for.

Precision. Accuracy. Performance. With a remarkable selection of SW1911's, Smith & Wesson continues its tradition of innovation and its commitment to bringing shooters the finest quality high performance firearms. Smith & Wesson's variations of John Moses Browning's extremely popular 1911 design can be seen in the production, Pro Series, and Performance Center line of SW1911

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S&W Performance Center M657 .41 Magnum! – Well here it is, my latest purchase. I am pretty excited about this one. I'm on a huge revolver kick right now and find this model sorta special. Tell me what you guys think. Also please give some suggestions on ammo as well as some new grips. I k.