Sti Trojan 45 Acp Pistol

A quick review of my STI Trojan 45acp. CORRECTION: I believe I mistakenly referred to this pistol as having a "forged" frame. I have not checked that with.

STI Trojan 9mm 1911Never been fired, has been in the safe for 1.5 years. Great gun, I have an older one and these are the best shooting 9mm I have ever come across. 100%CleanFrom Buds%

STI Trojan 5.0 45ACP 1911 reviewI was handling a brand new STI Trojan 5" .45 ACP and was surprised when they asked if I'd like to shoot that NIB pistol. I jumped at the chance. Even though the range behind the facility was only about 10 yards, when we got back inside, I.

Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade 45 Acp Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade. More Info. 100%. Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade Ammo Deals. Armscor 45acp 230gr Jhp 20/500 BGS: 35292. Possibly the easiest .45ACP pistol to shoot well in today’s market, it is the highest-performance self defense pistol available. When nothing less than 100% functional reliability, fast handling, rapid shot-to-shot recovery and accuracy is demanded,

Whether I am competing with my STI "DVC 3", instructing law enforcement and military warriors with my Staccato P, or defending my family and others with the Staccato C, I know that reliability, accuracy This could not be achieved without the great employees at STI, and who are true American Patriots.

STI Trojan .45 acp Custom with Dawson Fiber Optic. Top line quality. Mid-line price. Whether you'll own only one gun or dozens, this one belongs in your collection. This is a truly optimum blend of John Browning's 1911 design and today?s modern technology.

Description. Sti trojan 5″ 45ACP pistol. Top line quality. Mid-line price. Whether you'll own only one gun or dozens, this Crafted with classic 1911 design, the STI International Trojan is a traditional 1911 built to modern high-end standards for an exceptional competition, duty, and self-defense pistol.

STI"TROJAN" 1911 PISTOL IN .45 ACP Description: Here's a new STI MODEL "TROJAN" 1911 SINGLE-STACK FULL-SIZE PISTOL CHAMBERED IN .45 ACP. This "workhorse" firearm is being offered for ONLY $1199.95 plus $25 for shipping, handling, and insurance for CASH/CERTIFIED FUNDS/MO's.

You don't need any additional tools to take apart the full-length system in the Trojan. The barrel used in the STI Trojan 5.0 is a stainless steel, fully supported unit with Wilson / Nowlin style lugs and a ramped barrel. While most .45 ACP 1911s on the market use a throated barrel profile, STI sticks with the ramped design.

Why the 1911 for Everyday Carry, Advice from Crusty Old Marine Veteran – West Palm Beach, FL.

requirement to a pistol that should not be of less than .45 caliber. The end result was a runoff of three pistol manufacturers. Colt, DMW and Savage submitted semi auto pistols.

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STI USPSA, 1911, .45 Single Stack, Recoil Master, 5" barrel.

Model: STI Trojan Caliber.45 ACP Capacity: 7 rounds Materials.

If anyone is looking to get a 1911 I suggest you start with STI, you won't be let down. I received a 9mm version of STI's Trojan 5.0 1911 pistol.

the Trojan is also available in .45 ACP

Offering a STI .45 Trojan. 5" Blued. Adjustable sights, mag well, ambidextrous safety, 1-7 round mag, extra barrel for .40 Super which I never installed and know nothing about. Solid gun and tight with some holster wear at the muzzle and a few scratches, I tried to capture in the photo's. Very accurate. STI's have a lifetime warranty.

Had an over charged round go off. Loaded in a Dillon 650 press using Hodgdon CFE Pistol at 5.7 grains and a 230 grain Montana Gold bullet. Most of the force went down and blew the bottom of the.

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