Sti Spartan 1911 .45 Acp

STI Spartan .45ACP. If you've read my articles over the years you know.

I was holding an STI Spartan pistol and was intrigued by the quality of its fit and finish. But I was equally intrigued with the frame marking that read "Armscor Philippines."

Dual Citizenship: The Rock Island Armory Story – Today, Armscor products are available in around 60 countries, and through the years it has also produced guns for myriad other companies-STI Spartan.

namely, the 1911 Standard G.I. in .45 ACP and.

Crafted with classic 1911 design, the STI International Spartan V is a traditional 1911 pistol with high-end standards at an affordable price. The Spartan V is built on a steel, government l

The Spartan V is built on a steel, government length, standard width frame. The grip includes a checkered mainspring housing to provide a sure grip. The controls are an STI International single sided thumb safety and high-rise beavertail grip safety. The slide features traditional 1911 styling with front.

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I'm very happy with this STI Spartan 1911 in .45 ACP. I didn't have a bunch of time at the range but I was able to conduct this quick gun review of the accuracy of this amazing firearm.

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