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Find .45 ACP semi-automatic pistols from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the lowest price handgun from multiple warehouses.

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but not the 1911? We've got you covered with our top 7 picks of modern handguns that minimize recoil and maximize capacity of the .45 ACP.

ATI Firepower Xtreme 1911 .45 ACP Semiautomatic Pistol. $42999. Ships to Store. Magnum Research. Magnum Research 1911 G Desert Eagle .45 ACP Pistol.

Caliber.45 ACP Capacity: 6+1. A common misconception is that the “PD” in the name stands for “Police Department.” Nope. PD were the initials of Pete Dickey an Interarms employee (the US importer of Star pistols) who submitted the original design idea for the pistol to Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A.

All three pistols were chambered in the new .45 ACP cartridge. In 1908.

McCormick was awarded the Silver Star when he drove his vehicle into an Iraqi position before dismounting and clearing enemy.

Maglula Ltd. UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader/Unloader, Fits 9mm-45 ACP UP60 The UpLULA is a military-grade, pocket-size, universal pistol magazine loader and unloader designed to load and unload virtually all 9mm Luger up to .45ACP single and double stack magazines of all manufacturers.

Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP Ammo In Stock – 230 Grain FMJ Ammunition For Sale

Jan 22, 2013  · The Glock 30S is typical Glock perfection. Boring in its lack of flaws, this is a perfect tiny .45 ACP that rivals the Springfield XDs and possibly surpasses it.

SKU GDC0000000284 Condition Very Good The Kimber Pro Carry HD II is a semi-automatic single-action pistol chambered in 45 ACP. This stainless steel pistol features a 4.

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The Charter Arms Pitbull .45 ACP: Big Boy is in the House. We don’t do very many handgun reviews here at, despite the fact that some of us do more pistol shooting than anything else.

WOLFF SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL SPRINGS . RECOIL & FIRING PIN SPRING PAKS offer replacement recoil springs and firing pin or striker springs, to replace broken or weakened springs, returning the pistol to original factory operating condition. These spring paks, in most cases, are designed for direct installation with no fitting required.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 is another multi-caliber concealed carry star and this personal defense legend is one of the most compelling striker fired pistols in 45 ACP. The S&W M&P Shield is a slim, lightweight handgun than is easy to conceal without printing.

XD® .45ACP tactical model handguns are for sale at Springfield Armory® along with other models intended for personal protection and Whether you're looking for a pistol for the nightstand or the shooting range, the 5" Full-Size XD® will do the job. Read More. The XD® 5" Full Size is designed to.

Disassembly. reassembly, and information on the Star Model PD Pistol. Information on Star PD recoil buffers.

The Dornaus & Dixon company was so poorly managed that the original Bren Ten barely lasted long enough to become a TV star.

built a pistol specifically to handle the more powerful cartridge, rather.

Find .45 ACP semi-automatic pistols from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the lowest price handgun from multiple warehouses.

With a solid steel frame and slide, the Megastar was the largest and heaviest of the Star pistols. You're not bulletproof. gunrunnerhell: “Star Megastar 10 The more desirable 10mm Auto chambered Star Megastar, they were also available in .45 ACP. With a solid steel frame and slide, the Megastar was the largest and heaviest of the Star pistols.

Apr 11, 2015  · Our round table of military, law enforcement and other industry experts answers the age-old debate between .45 ACP and 9mm ammo.

This is one weapon that would not look out of place in a Star.

of pistols, with excellent craftsmanship, many of which are ideal for concealed carry self-defense and home defense. New for this year.

I recently was given a Star PD .45 ACP. I did some reading up about it and most of the reviews were great. It was a good 1911 made from 1975 to 1990.

Star 1911 45 Acp Other 1911's. Does anyone have one of these? I've had one since about 1974, but have not seen one at shows nor seen them talked about in the forums for as long as I can remember.

2 ammo lines unveil new bullets at SHOT Show – A star-shaped punch is used to stab the.

40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP), however, and there has been no provision for the increasingly popular .380 ACP pistols being carried as backups or off-duty.

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(.45 ACP). This item has a 3 7/8.

Star Megastar .45 ACP caliber pistol. Extra-large all steel model with stainless finish. Excellent condition with box and magazine.

star chip mccormick 1911 .45acp shooting mags-one only! – .45 acp $29.99: 0 $29.99 $30.00 19h 29m 12147867: star firestar starvel 45 acp slide – .45 acp $200.00: 0 $200.00 2d 9h 33m 12147868: star firestar 45 acp barrel – .45 acp $200.00: 0 $200.00 3d 9h 40m 12147869: star firestar 45 acp action spring – .45 acp $12.00: 0 $12.00 3d 9h 44m 12147873

Hawaii gun enthusiasts welcome appeals court ruling – Renyold Studler, head gunsmith at Honolulu Firearms & Range on Queen Street, wears a Sig Sauer 1911 .45-caliber ACP semi-automatic pistol in a holster while he’s in the shop to protect merchandise,

45 Acp 185 Grain Load Data These 45 ACP bullets from Berry's are a great choice for affordable and consistent range loads. Each projectile in this box of 500 is a 185 grain Hollow Base Round Nose (HBRN). These bullets weigh 230 grains which fits the many of the most popular and most traditional .45 ACP load data. That said, I

It’s a sharp looking gun and once you handle and fire one, you’ll dig it – I promise. So it’s not a .45 ACP.

was a Colt 1908 – the .380 ACP version of the 1903 design. The Colt Model 1903 Pocket.

45 Acp Semi Auto Handguns I have done some testing and evaluation on quite a few weapons including both rifles and handguns and have been favorably impressed. When I saw their 45 Commander I knew that. typical 1911 which is. When it comes to handguns. nothing is more of an American classic than the .45 ACP. It’s big, powerful, and

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STAR PS .45ACP: $300 1911?The SIG P938 is reminiscent of the Star PD – I like the idea of the full-powered concealer, and one of my bygone favorites in the small yet full-caliber pistol range is the Star PD. The Star PD was made by Star Bonifacio Echeverria in Spain.

I used to carry a Star PD .45 for a back up and off duty gun. I know what everyone is thinking but I really liked this gun and never had a failure of anykind when I had it. But as happens from time to time money got tight and I sold this gun for some extra $$$. Now I am in the market for another one and can't find another one "ANYWHERE".