Springfield Xdm 45 Acp Sub Compact

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Springfield Armory/Springfield .45 ACP Pistols for sale. Springfield Armory, legendary makers of the M1A, continue their tradition with high quality rifles and automatic handguns. The XD and XDM line are among the most popular automatic pistols.

XD-M® compact .45ACP pistols are available at Springfield Armory® along with many other high quality handgun models for sale. The XD-M® 3.8" Compact is the smallest of the XD-M® line, but it's by no means the least. It boasts the same superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and features.

_DSC6343_phatchfinal The XDm carries 9 +1 rounds of .45 ACP with a flush mag, 13+1 with an extended mag. An ever-increasing trend is the use of the Springfield Armory compact XDM pistols—and most who use them really like them. Every pistol has its detractors, but in the case of the.

Taurus 24 7 G2 45 Acp For Sale The 24/7 G2 is the culmination of the wisdom and experience of firearms designers who are passionate about performance. Combining the best features from the Taurus 800 Series and 24/7 Series, the new. Hot Products from the SHOT showroom floor – 45 ACP while wearing the FMS IIIA armor. With the low MSRP of just

The Springfield Armory XDM .45 ACP is offered in three different models with 3.8, 4.5, and 5.25 inch barrels. Each of these models has a 13 + 1 capacity, while the highest capacity is 19 + 1 for the 9mm model. The 3.8 in (97 mm) model is also available with a compact magazine that holds 9 rounds that.

“Whoever it was, they knew what they were looking for,” he said. Missing are two guns – Beretta and Springfield .40-caliber pistols – six loaded magazines, a yellow Taser, a silver sheriff’s.

Springfield Armory XDm Compact 3.8 in 45 ACP This is an awesome gun. I started out pistol shooting with a Glock G19 and loved it. I wanted something with.

by Springfield Armory. ID p47235. Equipped with the GripZone, the XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact applies ergonomic science to every surface that touches your hand.

Springfield XD  Mod 2  .45 ACP The 5" Full-Size XD® is designed to put the most into your hand when you need it. Built on a full-size frame with a 5" barrel, this is the XD® that delivers the most in performance, capacity and controllability. Whether you're looking for a pistol for the nightstand or the shooting range.

MFR#: XDM93845CBHCE. Caliber: .45 ACP. Recoils System: Dual Spring with Full Length Guide Rod. Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Low Profile Combat Rear. The XD(M) 3.8" Compact has a 3.8-inch barrel mated with a shortened compact frame. When combined with the versatility of XD(M) Gear X-Tension.

Taurus Pt 24/7 45 Acp The Taurus PT 24/7 is a semi-automatic pistol using the short type of recoil operation, and available in various models with double-action-only (DAO) and double action/single-action-type trigger actions. Using a hammerless, striker-fired design, these pistols are manufactured by Forjas Taurus S/A. Taurus 24 7 G2 45 Acp For Sale The 24/7 G2 is the culmination

The Perpetual Firearms Thread – Am I the only one who is perplexed that Springfield continued to offer the XD after the introduction of the XDm line? Especially now that they offer it in the full line of calibers and.

Choosing Your First Defensive Firearm – Pick any two. The modern compact 9mm is close to the sweet spot of accuracy, firepower and concealability: They’re small enough to carry on a regular basis, they carry enough rounds to get the job.

In addition to the Glock 43, a SERPA model is now available for the FNH FNS 9/40, Sig Sauer P250/P320, full-size and compact pistols chambered in 9mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP/.357 Magnum.

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