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Springfield Armory XD-S Magazine. 45 ACP 6 Rounds 2 Sleeves Stainless Steel XDS5006. This is a factory Springfield Armory XD-S 45 ACP Magazine. This magazine features a 6 round capacity constructed from Stainless Steel.

Springfield Armory® has many top-of-the-line polymer pistols for sale, including the XD-S 3.3" .45ACP handgun. Could you actually look forward to shooting your carry pistol? The XD-S® Single Stack from Springfield Armory® has forever changed what you can expect out of your daily carry.

Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP Service 4" Black (W/2 Magazines) Pistol XD9611HC. After the Revolutionary War, the Springfield Armory began manufacturing muskets for the new nation and quickly became a center for weapons development in the United States for nearly two centuries.

Custom .45 Acp 1911 Armed with their latest firearms, GUNS Magazine contributing editor Dave Anderson put Nighthawk Custom’s Tactical 870 Pump Shotgun and T3 .45 ACP 1911 pistol to the test in the pages of the September. This Kimber Custom II .45 ACP 1911 was Kevin's very first handgun purchase in 2007. He wanted to share his thoughts and

Review: Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact – For Springfield Armory, the basic XD pistol.

I would like to see a full-size .45 ACP with a 5" barrel and slide. That notwithstanding, it appears that the gun company from middle America that has.

This is a factory STAINLESS 13-round magazine for Springfield XD/XDM pistols in .45 ACP. Designed for use with Springfield XD-45/XD(M) and XD Tactical pistols, these stainless steel factory magazines come with impact-resistant polymer baseplates and tough steel internal springs.

The Springfield Armory XDE .45 ACP Pistol features single/double action and an ambidextrous safety. This pistol is crafted with a polymer frame, a 3.3-inch forged barrel, a Melonite slide and an extendable polymer grip.

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Springfield Armory XD-S with Customized Initials A 3rd Springfield Armory XD-S Compact Pistol .45 ACP.

10mm Vs 45 Acp Recoil Gun Review: Taurus 905 – 45 ACP revolver on the map with various national championships and world records. Revolvers are perfectly capable of shooting rimless cartridges such as the 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Heck, until. 45 ACP and features a Radial Delayed Blowback operating system that works to harness the strong recoil impulse

GunBroker.com Adds CrossBreed Holsters Shooter’s Pack to Springfield XD-S .45 ACP Giveaway – Enter by Aug. 31 to win both the Springfield Armory XD-S Compact .45 ACP Pistol & the Facebook Bonus Pack.

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Description. Springfield ARMORY XD .45 ACP 4 inch . All XD pistols include the XD Gear System, which consists of: XD Gear belt holster, XD Gear double magazine pouch, XD Gear magazine loader, two magazines and a cable lock (retail value of XD Gear System $79.95).

The XD(M) Competition Series is available in 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. All are 8.3 inches in length, 5.75 inches tall, and the 9 mm tips the scales at 29 ounces, with the .40 S&W and .45 ACP coming in at 32 ounces. Magazine capacity is 19 in 9 mm, 16 in .40 S&W and 13 in .45 ACP. Finishes available are black and bi-tone.

Springfield XD  Mod 2  .45 ACPThe .45 ACP is a cartridge that compromises nothing in the power department, and the XD-S® is a concealed carry pistol without compromise. Caution You risk injury or death by mishandling firearms. For safety: before handling a firearm read, understand and follow instructions in the manual provided.

Springfield Armory/Springfield XD .45 ACP Pistols for sale. Springfield Armory, legendary makers of the M1A, continue their tradition with high quality rifles and automatic handguns. The XD and XDM line are among the most popular automatic pistols.

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Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 45 ACP Sub Compact Pistol -Put an XD Mod.2 in your hand, and you'll feel the difference. Equipped with the GripZone, the XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact applies ergonomic science to every surface that touches your hand.

It’s the Springfield Armory XD-S single-stack in .45 ACP, and it makes me seriously contemplate opening my wallet. The thing that stuck in my mind as I got briefed before shooting the weapon was that.

Springfield Armory ~ XD ~ .45 ACP Description: The XD pistol from Springfield Armory sets the standard for polymer pistols. The XD has everything you want and need in a pistol, superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and features that make it easy and intuitive to use.

LaserMax Guide Rod Mounted Red Laser Sight for the Springfield Armory XD Service & Compact Semiauto Handguns with a 4" Barrel, Chambered in .45 ACP.

After lots of rounds downrange and some holster-carry time, I purchased a Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3-inch 9mm Luger.

capacities of seven to nine rounds of 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP firepower. While.

Springfield Armory XD Compact Magazine .45 ACP 10 Rounds Stainless Steel XD4501 Springfield Armory XD Compact Magazine .45 ACP 10.

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