Springfield Armory 1911 Ultra Compact – .45 Acp

description: this is an as new springfield armory 1911 ultra compact 45 acp s/auto pistol item #px9161lp. it is a 3" barrel all stainless gun with all the loaded features including ambi thumb safety, ltwt hammer and trigger, memory type beavertail grip safety, carry type night sights, lowered ejection port, beveled mag well and checkered thin rosewood grips.

45 ACP with a 3.3” barrel. Rumor is that you are going to be shooting that as your primary competition gun next season. That seems a little challenging to me – you know, shooting a compact.

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Compare XD and 1911 pistols to find the right compact or sub-compact handgun for your requirements. Customer Service.

911 .380 ACP. View Details. 1911 Range Officer® Compact .45ACP.

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GENESEO, IL –(AmmoLand.com)- Our 3.5" Ultra Compact pistol comes with all the loaded features you have come to recognize in a Springfield pistol. All of our pistols under 5" come equipped.

Rock Island Armory Updates 1911 Pistol Series Titles – The term “Ultra” has.

6″ models in .45 ACP, 10mm and .40 S&W. Download full product list. In addition to the naming structure, Armscor is also offering consumers online rebates with the purchase of.

DETAIL Springfield Armory MAGAZINE 1911 45ACP 7RD SS 45 ACP SFPI4520MSRP: $24; DETAIL Springfield Armory MAGAZINE 1911 45ACP 10RD SS 45 ACP SFPI4521MSRP: $47; DETAIL Springfield Armory MAGAZINE 1911 45ACP 7RD BLUE 45 ACP SFPI4523MSRP: $23; DETAIL Springfield Armory MAG 1911 CMPCT 45ACP 6RD BLUE 45 ACP SFPI4723MSRP: $23; DETAIL Springfield Armory MAGAZINE CMPCT 1911 45ACP 6RD STAINLESS STEEL 45.

Colt Commercial Production: Govt. Model: 1912 to 1981. Model 1911 Serial Numbers – Date – Number Made. S/N C1 to C1899 – 1912 – 1899 S/N C1900 to C5399 – 1913 – 3500

XD 45 ACP for sale with cheap shipping. This is the Springfield XD Mod.2 Black .45ACP 5-inch 13rd. No hidden credit card fees and no transaction charges; just the lowest price on the Springfield XD from GrabAGun, the cheapest online gun store.

Springfield Armory® has many top-of-the-line polymer pistols for sale, including the XD-S 3.3" .45ACP handgun. Visit our website for specifications and more.

Springfield Armory 3.5” Ultra Compact 1911 Pistol.

what do i do polish a feed ramp and what to use i will being to but a spring armory ultra 45 acp what problems will i hsve/. please advise.

Springfield Armory® was the first 1911 manufacturer to offer a frame that included an accessory rail as part of the forging. The Champion™ Operator® mates this forged Operator® frame with a shorter slide and a 4 inch barrel. This results in a pistol that is suitable for concealed carry or.

All Springfield Armory loaded 1911-A1 pistols include all of the modern day improvements that used to be performed only by custom gunsmiths. These feature include precision fit forged frames, slides and barrels, front and rear cocking serrations, flat, serrated mainspring housing, lowered and flared ejection port, delta lightweight hammer, loaded chamber indicator and titanium firing pin.

Hi-point 45 Acp Handgun Review Bulk .45 ACP Ammo by Tula For Sale at BulkAmmo.com – 500 Rounds of 230gr FMJ available online. Tested: Mech Tech Carbine Conversion Unit – Installing without tools onto a full-size M1911 frame (not included), the Mech Tech Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU) legally coverts John Browning’s venerated pistol into a 16¼. Our evaluation CCU was.

SPRINGFIELD ULTRA COMPACT 45 1911 The Springfield Armory® M1A™ remains the standard for a long-range battle rifle. The M1A™ is time tested and competition proven. Whether you want a SOCOM for close quarters use or a Super Match to bring home first place, the M1A™ can do the job.

Description: For sale we have a new Springfield Armory 1911 pistol Ultra Compact in .45 ACP. Gun features 3.5" barrel, magazine capacity of 6+1, and with tritium night sights. Gun come in factory box with all paper, two extra magazines and a set of polymer grips.

Due to immense popularity which the XD-45 has received Springfield Armory has gone from producing the gun in just a Black Melonite coated slide and barrel to a black polymer frame (XD9611HCSP06) to a Bi-Tone Stainless Steel-to-Black (XD9613HCSP06), Black-to-Green (XD9612HCSP06), Stainless-to-Dark Earth (XD9163HCSP06), and Stainless-to-Green (XD9165HCSP06) configurations.

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Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 3.3" 9mm Pistol with Fiber Optic Front Sight and Gear Package

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In 2007, Springfield Armory launched the Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) subcompact 1911 chambered in.

use the same frame for their .45 ACP and 9 mm platforms, Springfield invested the time and money.

A lot of debate has gone around on the internet about what the "NM" serial number prefix stands for.Some believe that it stands for "National Match", which is typically the case when you see that marking, however it's not so with Springfield 1911's.

Springfield Armory has a solution for you. The company’s new 911 pistol is micro-sized and easily concealable. This is an excellent option for an ultra.

1911 Commander is a single-action-only,

Listen to the self-rationalizations that a collector sets forth to justify a myriad of purchases: I need to buy a Glock 17 (since it is the original classic), a Glock 19 (since it is easier to conceal.

Posted by James R. on Feb 14th 2017 Right out of the box, this pistol functioned without issue. I now have just under 500rds through without a hitch, even through break-in, it has shot everything I put through it.

45 ACP) of six rounds.

Many companies have tweaked the compact 1911 over the years, introducing models like the Springfield Armory EMP and the Kimber Ultra. These guns may not be Officer’s Models.

1911 Range Officer (RO) Elite Pistol Series – For example, every new RO Elite series pistol is clad in the same Black-T ® treatment specified on Springfield Armory 1911s built for the FBI.

and red fiber optic front sight. The RO Elite Compact.