Speer Gold Dot 45 Acp 200 Grain Review

Penetration and expansion test of the .45 ACP +P Speer Gold Dot 200 grain JHP using a diluted form of SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media. This format is.

Manipulating Fixed Handgun Sights – 45 Auto to determine how much velocity and bullet weight moved vertical impact at 25 yards. From left: Speer Match TMJ SWC 185-gr.; SIG Sauer Elite Performance JHP 200-gr.; Speer Gold Dot HP 200-gr.;.

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Speer's Gold Dot projectile design utilizes strong copper plating that has been applied via a patented Uni-Cor process in order to form an unbreakable bond. As a result, the 200 grain bullet can withstand the pressure of its +P charge without splintering or shedding.

Ruger ARX Ammunition by Polycase Provides a Real Bang for Your Buck – Dr Jim reviews the Ruger ARX Ammunition by Polycase. Ruger ARX Ammunition.

Our 9x19mm test gun was a Springfield Model XD-9 and our .45 ACP test gun was a Colt Gold Cup Series 80 MK IV. 9mm Luger.

order CCI Speer .45 ACP 200 Grain +P Gold Dot Hollow Point 53969 Ammo at Ammunition depot online.

If you like the Gold Dot 200 grain +P Speer also loads the Lawman line in 200 Grain +P to match up with the Gold Dot line. Over 1000 fps out of a 3 inch is pretty impressive for a 200 grain bullet. This is more power than the 40 S&W and running with the Hornady 200 grain 10mm XTP load.

First, let me review Jim’s background for you.

An individual with a knife, who was attacking a sheriff’s deputy, was shot four times with 230 grain .45 ACP Speer Gold Dot ammunition. That ammo is.

380 ACP cartridge. Most are new to the market.

Such a light gun produces sharp recoil, particularly with the speedy Speer Gold Dot ammunition, so its accuracy was only adequate. A brand-new pistol.

45 ACP – +P 200 Grain JHP – Speer Gold Dot – 20 Rounds. 1 review Review. This Ammo was Tested by LuckyGunner View Results. Quantity – 20 rounds per box Manufacturer – Speer Gold Dot Bullet – 200 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) Casing – Boxer-primed brass.

TALO/Colt 21st Century Commander – At the range, I ran several kinds of .45 ACP defensive ammunition through the Commander: Hornady’s 200-grain TAP FPD +P load; Remington’s 185-grain Golden Saber load; Speer’s 230-grain Gold Dot load;.

The problem with the .45 ACP for self-defense isn't the cartridge, but the pistols that chamber it. It's a big cartridge and requires a big pistol. Even the most compact .45s are still kind of big, and the smallest are harder to shoot as a result. Because, they don't make a .46: Any modern bullet in .45 ACP will easily pass the FBI test.

Olympic Arms 45 Acp Magazine Aug 14, 2018  · Olympic Arms Vintage 9mm and 45 uppers ARs ONLY Advertise Here. Forum Reviews Rules. Mine are old enough to use a mag-well block and modified Sten 9mm mags and Uzi modded .45 ACP mags. Later iterations use the currently available plastic mags that don’t require the mag-well insert, so what he requires

Speer Gold Dot ammunition is the leading brand of self-defense ammunition used by police officers in the United States. And no wonder: it's reliable, accurate, and effective. Gold Dot bullets are composed of a lead core with a hollow point shaped along "memory lines" that facilitate the projectile's.

This 9mm Speer Gold Dot JHP ammunition is designed for personal defense to provide the ultimate defense that you can rely on when facing a confrontation.

Is the most recent Speer Gold Dot 200gr JHP +P .45acp different or "not as good" as the older CCI-Speer 200gr JHP .45acp pistol round(1990-2000 era)? How or why would Speer change it? I too, would use the 230gr JHP +P from Winchester Ranger T or Remington Golden Saber(bonded) if the 200gr JHP Gold Dot isn't up to spec. Clyde

The Remington R1 M1911 – 45 comes from the leading manufacturer of long arms—Remington, the country’s oldest gunmaker. The pistol is called the R1 and it is a G.I.-style M1911 .45 ACP pistol in every.

could do with them.

.45 ACP +P Speer Gold Dot 200 gr JHP Gel TestWatch Gold Dot In Action Real shooters recently witnessed Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection go through the same performance tests used by the FBI to select duty ammunition. The results made them believers.

Federal Hydra Shok Deep 135-Grain 9mm Ammo Review – The Hydra Shok Deep features a similar post in the hollow point cavity. I shot the 135-grain Hydra Shok Deep at 10-yards as well as 25-yards in my ATEi milled Glock 19 with a stock barrel, Agency.

45 Acp Bore Diameter 45 ACP 1911A1 handgun. Smith & Wesson claims that the M&P’s low bore axis reduces muzzle rise and allows the shooter to. Xdm 45 Acp Springfield Armory Launches Three New XD Mod.2 Sub-compact Pistols – 45 ACP. “We are excited to offer this model in flat dark earth. while ensuring its future with innovative products,

50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case. Speer 45 Auto +P 200 grain Gold Dot hollow point ammo for sale # 53969. One of the best hollow point handgun ammunition loads for personal protection, home defense, security or law enforcement use and available at low prices due to the discounted 50 round packaging.

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