Speer 45 Acp Load Data

TAFFIN TESTS THE .460 ROWLAND There are certain benchmark handguns by which all other handguns are judged. With sixguns it is the Colt Single Action Army dating from 1873 for single action sixguns to equal or surpass while with double action sixguns the measuring stick is the Smith & Wesson K- and N-frames dating back to 1899 and 1907 respectively.

.45 ACP (Speer Reloading Manual #14) Warning! Notes: max. case length: 0.898"; trim-to length: 0.888"; max cart. OAL: 1.275"; RCBS shell holder: #3; cart. case: Speer; primer: CCI 300; test firearm: SIG P220; barrel length: 4.4"; IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: These loads were developed and tested for safe use in HANDGUNS. Not all loads may be suitable.

@ ROADDOG3035 Their are rounds that produce true 357 Mag velocity and energy in a semi-auto. The modern 357 Sig loads, Underwood being one, push a 125gr Gold Dot at 1,550 fps from a Glock 31 and 1,500fps in a G32 with 4 inch barrel.

Olin Corporation’s 4th Quarter Should Beat Consensus Earnings – Winchester produces and distributes ammunition for sporting, law enforcement, military and industrial purposes, as well as reloading components for.

38 special, .40 caliber S&W and .45 caliber ACP,

These 45 ACP bullets from Berry's are a great choice for affordable and consistent range loads. Each projectile in this box of 500 is a 185 grain Hollow Base Round Nose (HBRN). These bullets weigh 230 grains which fits the many of the most popular and most traditional .45 ACP load data.

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Apr 27, 2010  · I just picked up a pound of WST to try due to all the recommendations on here. I’m new to reloading as well. Anyone have a favorite load for Hornady 230gr FMJ for target shooting?

Rifle Review: .458 SOCOM – 45 caliber bullets from a standard size AR-15 with a proper.

Other loads for reloaders are available from the Teppo Jutsu Web site, and a lively reloading discussion is always underway at the .458.

In fact, I have a Winchester W-231 powder charge that I can use in 9mm, 38 Special, 44 Special, and 45 ACP! It shoots well in all these applications, meters very well in my progressive powder measures, and for that reason it’s my favorite 45 ACP load! Gavin’s “standard charge” load for 45 ACP: (use load data at your own risk)

It becomes clear that I have not chronographed as much factory ammunition in the .45 Colt as in the .44 Special. None of these handloads are straining anything and are comfortable to.

Nov 19, 2018  · More new component bullets available to reloaders include the copper/polymer matrix bullets from Inceptor and the Sidewinder bullets from Aussie Copper Projectiles. Lane found them all to perform well in his handloaded ammunition. As a teenager, I used a Lee Loader Hand Tool to load.

Does anyone have any information on the Speer TMJ 45acp, 200 grain SWC with Winchester 231 powder? I haven't been able to find any load data and want to make sure I'm in the safe zone. Thanks in advance.

Hornady Ammo and Bullets Review – Apache Junction, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- Like some of the other bullet companies Hornady started out making jackets out of 22 rim fire case, then made 22 caliber bullets. His original partner was Vernon.

Marlin Model 95 Rifle in 45-70 – There are a lot of shooters that think that the 45-70 is obsolete. There is nothing further from the truth. With a modern strong rifle such as this Marlin Model 95 Rifle in 45-70.

a smaller caliber.

40 Vs 45 Acp 45 ACP: The type of gun the Bowery King gives Wick to kill Santino. New York: The location of one of the seminal branches of The Continental, which has been managed by Winston for over 40 years. .40 S&W vs 9mm comparison. The 9mm and the 0.40 S&W provide nearly identical accuracy, drift and drop,

100 pk Cleaned 223/5.56×45 Once Fired brass cases. Free Shipping and No Taxes. Note: Each package includes an additional 2% brass over the stated quantity. Please note, although we try and keep our inventory up to date, due to sales at multiple locations and on line, we occasionally have items that show in stock, but are actually sold out.

If a die is reamed to reduce the diameter of the Sierra MatchKing, it may work equally well with other thin-jacketed target bullets of the same caliber.

as the Speer DeepCurl. Some bullets can be.

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Anyone have published loading data for the above bullet? There is virtually no load data for the 250/255/300 gr bullets in 45acp. look in the Speer manual under .45 auto rim. I dont have the book handy right.

The Snubnose: The little gun that could.

– Most officers now pack the latest polymer-framed, computer-designed, indestructible, laser-guided wonder pistol in (insert your favorite) caliber that fires thermonuclear.

Speed loaders for a.

Cci Blazer 45 Acp Ammunition Review Blazer Ammunition combines a non-reloadable aluminum case with high value and high performance. It is the perfect practice and training ammunition. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive. Order CCI Blazer .45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ 5230 Ammo at Ammunition Depot online. Blazer Ammo Information. Blazer is CCI’s aluminum-cased line of ammunition that was first

Load 45 ACP Without Blowing Up Your Gun A database of .45 acp handloads. Select a Bullet Make Barnes Berry Hornady Laser Cast Montana Nosler Rainier Remington SF Sierra Speer.

Jan 06, 2019  · stalker, Hodgdon current data online for Trapdoor load level 45-70 shows MAXIMUM 31.0 gr H4198 with a 405 gr cast LFP. 1459 fps @ 17,100 CUP.verify at: Take Aim at Rifle Reloading Data | Hodgdon Reloading It is debatable if your falling block is stronger than.

Speer load manual #13-.45ACP Reloading Bench. Advertise Here. Forum Reviews Rules Legal.

That is very interesting, I never realized that the load data for 45 ACP varied so much. You would think with the number of old guns out there, many would want to be conservative. Of course the 1911 is a very strong design.

W231 is a fast powder. The current Speer manula has 5.6gr as max. for less than 800fps. A good 100fps off +p vel. You need to move to BlueDot, PowerPistol, Longshot, maybe Unique or WSF as the fastest.

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/ .45 ACP +P Loads. Warning! Notes: Barrel length: 3 1/2 inches. Case: Win. Primer: WLP. Developed by Hodgdon, these +P handloads first appeared in that company's No. 26 Data Manual. The use of a heavier than normal recoil spring is recommended to prevent accelerated wear caused by the.

The old containers for Ramshot Enforcer included .45 ACP load data on the labels. Unfortunately, the new container labels have no load data. The usual way to get more speed is to add more powder. This also means more pressure. At some point you reach the pressure limit, and that's where +P comes to the rescue.

I contacted Speer Customer Support and asked if they could send me reloading data for 45 ACP. Within a couple of hours, they sent me copies of their latest reloading manual (#14) for 45 ACP in a pdf file. As a bonus, the test firearm was a.

Handloading Procedures/Practices – Questions and comments on handloading precedures and practices.

These conversion cylinders will convert your 1858 .44 cal. Remington Pietta to .45 Long Colt. Get more enjoyment out your revolver by having more options. Please click on the "Full Description" button to read the Caution Statement provided by the manufacturer.

Having carried five- and six-round revolvers for half of my career, a seven-round magazine that permits faster reloading than speed loaders.

Previously, I have only carried .22 and .32 caliber.

CCI Speer .45 ACP 230 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point – a – 50 Rounds per Box CCI Speer .45 ACP 230 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point – a – 50 Rounds per JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.