Shooting 45 Acp In 45 Long Colt

Yes, and no Historically, the 45 ACP was intended (and the government specifications were written to that effect) to be the equivalent of the 45 Colt as used in the late 19th Century in the SAA (Single Action Army) revolver as used by the U.S. Army and Cavalry.

The Ruger Redhawk.45 ACP,45 Long Colt comes with three moon clips in the box. You're probably going to want a few more. I noticed that from shooting a .45 Colt in a S&W M-25-5 I currently own and the old chopped S&W .45 acp M-1917 I had. Both short barreled.

The 45 Long Colt Lever Gun Myth. None of the old time rifle makers ever chambered a rifle in 45 Colt until the late twentieth century for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. .45 ACP vs 45 Colt. When will this everlasting debate end.


It is quite simple as to dimentions and for which firearms intented.

Smith & Wesson Took a 100 Year Old Gun And Did Something Amazing – 45 ACP manstopper round was in response to reports that U.S.-issue revolvers in .38 Long Colt often failed to stop.


45 ACP Ammo You Can Count On in Your Self Defense Handgun – Tom McHale review his choices for the most reliable and best performing 45 ACP ammo to carry loaded in your self defense handgun. The only way to find.

Obviously, those are fired from long slide.

Ruger Redhawk .45ACP/.45 Long Colt Revolver Review Okay! If you can shoot .38 Special ammo in a gun chambered for .357 Magnum, can you shoot .45 ACP ammo in a .45 Long Colt (Taurus Judge). The reason I ask is that it seems to be very difficult to find .45 Long Colt ammo. Sorry! I do not have either .45 ACP or .45 Long Colt in my hand to compare the two.

Introducing the 5 Best .45 Caliber Guns Ever – 45 Automatic Colt Pistol round, or .45 ACP as it is commonly known.

The HK45 is an evolutionary step forward from the USP, chambered in .45 ACP. The HK45 is 8.03 inches long, has a barrel length of.

And of course, the 45 Cowboy Specials, albeit with a lot more blow by, in the full depth, 45 Colt's, chambers. Only with the 45 Cowboy Special brass, can I shoot the Sugar Loaf Webley Hollow Based bullets, which are still nearly as long, overall, as the 45 Colt RNFP commercial ammo.

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As their names may suggest, .45 Long Colt and .44 Magnum are very similar rounds. Ever wondered what the specific differences are? In this article, we will go over some key differences, and what situations may be better for each caliber.What is .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt?What is .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt?.44 [.


This 100 Year Old Gun Ages Like Fine Wine: Best 1911s for 2019 – The high versatility of the perfect and straightforward design of the gun made it appropriate for different purposes from.

The 1911 Pistol – 45 caliber automatic Colt.

as long as it is a 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. “Nothing else is approved for duty carry.” FUNCTIONALLY CHALLENGED AND ENORMOUSLY POPULAR Now designed and produced by.

Well, the ACP in .45 ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol, initially designed for Colt’s semi automatic 1911 model while, the .45 Colt was made for Colt’s single action Army pistol and the 45 Long Colt Rifle. Today there is some confusion over the Colt.45 and the .45 Long Colt. To end that dispute there is a simple answer!

The .45 ACP was designed to mimic the .45 Long Colt, a staple of the old west. However, it is not a magnum. It is a legitimate big bore heavy hitter which tends to drop targets in the way a heavy wave would; instead of a sharp punch like the 10mm, the .45 hits like a brick wall and just tends to push the target down forcefully.

I call it .45 Colt, but Paco Kelly is right, there is/was a .45 Short Colt and at the time the .45 Colt was referred to as the .45 Long Colt. Why do people care? It is clear what is intended. I could care less what it is called, works either way for me. Gun owners are not the most erudite group going out the gate, so nit-picking on this is absurd.

The .45 Long Colt was the cartridge used in the Colt Single Action Army – also known as "The Peacemaker." With the introduction of the Taurus Judge, the .45 LC once again became popular as a "Peacemaker" and continues to be used for hunting and self defense.

Made by Advanced Ballistics. Pricey but I think worth it if they work as advertised. Now for the question. Their 45 ACP is the same diameter as a 45 colt bullet. Have the same weights in either bullet and I want to shoot this in my Tarus Judge 45 long colt. Can I safely shoot the 45 acp bullet loaded for a 45 long colt round in the revolver?


shooting off of the bench as was the single-action trigger for benchrested five-shot groups. The new Ruger Redhawk .45 ACP/.45 Colt revolver can be best described as a just-right big bore. The.

The .45 ACP ammunition was pleasant shooting in the big, heavy Redhawk. I normally shoot .45 ACP ammo through a 5 inch barreled 1911 pistol so I was a little surprised at how much the velocity of these loads dropped in the 4 inch barreled Ruger.

Wolf 45 Acp Ammunition Reviews ARX Bullets Reloading Review and Ballistics Test – and 45 ACP. Later on, I imagine they will be offered in other chamberings. They have a variation in the 458 Socom and the 50 Beewolf. There are a couple of other variations available, and hopefully, Pmc Starfire 45 Acp Review PMC Bronze 45 ACP AUTO Ammo

This is a discussion on 45 acp vs 45 long colt within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do not have any books to look up the specs on these two.can anyone provide any info please? Muzzel velocity and impact info etc.


The .45 Colt cartridge, which is sometimes called .45 Long Colt, .45 LC, or 11.43×33mmR, is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. It was originally a black-powder revolver round developed for the.