Rock Island 1911 .45 Acp Tactical Handgun

A Look Back At The M1911 Double-Stack – After having relocated from Canada to North Carolina, Para USA, which has since been bought out by Remington, was perhaps the best-known maker of wide-body M1911-style pistols, with models such as the.

The Citadel Warbird pairs nicely with a matching Thorn & Fire pistol bag. While the Citadel Warbird certainly looks good, we were curios about how it would perform. I hit the range with my two range.

45 ACP rounds. The textured frame and bead.

Finding a way to make a 1911 run dependably can be a bit tough. It’s not an exact science. But, somehow, Rock Island Armory has achieved just that. This.

Check Out the 100-Year Old Gun That Keeps Beating Glock – The 1911 is a single action, magazine-fed, recoil operated, semi-automatic pistol, usually working with a .45 ACP cartridge.

and can act as a trustworthy partner for self-defense. ROCK ISLAND.

Would you believe that a Rock Island Armory 1911 has claimed a.

The reason I went 9mm instead of the more traditional .45 ACP is that 9mm is cheaper that .45 ACP.

Initially the Rock Island.

Rock Island 1911 GI Sights. How about the trigger? On this RIA.

it was awesome. It averaged 4 lb 11 oz and with a glass rod clean break. Note.

the other RIA's I've tried at gun stores were not this good.

Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact Ultra Tactical 45 ACP Pistol ReviewM1911 A1 FS Tactical in .45 ACP, Rock Island Armory part number 51431. The Rock Island 1911 A1 FS Tactical Pistol in .45 ACP features a 5-inch barrel, Parkerized finish, Black Grips, Front Dovetail Ramp Sight, Rear Snag Free Sight, Series 70 Type Firing System, Combat Hammer, and Skeletonized Trigger.

Three Budget Friendly 1911 Magazine Designs – It’s important to find what works best in your particular handgun. Today I’d like to share some budget-friendly 1911 magazine options for 1911s chambered in .45 ACP and 9mm.

Springfield, Kimber,

A Dream to shoot accurately, compact size, budget priced!! The Rock Island CS 1911 in 45acp is what we budget minded shooters call a gem among the stones.

Rock Island Armory’s most well optioned line of 1911 pistol built in the traditional 70 series design. The Rock series is Rock Island Armory’s most well-optioned line of 1911 pistols built in the traditional 70 series design with the addition of next level upgrades.

Cleanest Buring 45 Acp Loads Ammunition and Reloading. 45 ACP Powder – Cleanest Burning. Facebook. Without a doubt, very clean and accurate for target loads. I am loading 4grs under a lead 200gr swc. After 200 rounds the guns seem still fairly clean, as far as powder fouling. Kent Cartridge Offers New High-Performance Non-Toxic Bismuth Shotshell Loads – Custom blended,

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Rock Island Armory/Rock Island 1911 .45 ACP Pistols for sale. Handguns – Pistols. Models ▼. 1911. Calibers ▼. .45 ACP. Actions ▼. Semi-Automatic. Tactical Pietta Pioneer Arms Corp. Pitbull Tactical Plano Plinker Tactical PMC Ammo Polycase Ammunition Polymaggs Powertac PPU Primary.

Products from Rock Island Armory Handguns products 1911 .45 ACP for sale at Tombstone Tactical. Aug 30, 2013 · The Rock Island Armory's 1911 .45 ACP is by far the most accurate, easy to handle, pistol in my collection, handling better than my .40 Taurus or my .32 Beretta Tomcat.

Range Report Part II: Rock Island Armory Rock Ultra MS – Although it’s been a couple months since I last posted about the Rock Island.

size 1911 together, you can definitely appreciate the benefits of the bigger gun. The size and weight do much to.

All Rock Island .45's come with high quality Mec Gar mags and this one comes with 1- 8 round mag. Plus you get the comfort of Armscors lifetime warranty in a very affordable firearm. Rock Island Armory has stated that it's goal is to bring an affordable yet high quality 1911 .45 handgun to the public. Mission accomplished.

What the RIA Tactical 1911 has going for it is the price point, the fact that it's a 1911, and the reliability is "good enough" with some minor tweaks.

In order to get a sense of Rock Island’s offerings, I chose to test the most basic model available as well as a higher-grade tactical-style gun; namely, the 1911 Standard G.I. in .45 ACP and the 1911.

Rock Island Armory® 1911 Tactical Full Size .45 ACP Semi-automatic handgun. This 1911 Tactical Full Size Handgun has it all. And it's backed by Rock Island's legendary lifetime warranty. Check the specs below and see for yourself why a Rock Island should be your next Pistol purchase. 4-6 lb. single action only trigger; 1:16" twist, 6 grooves

The Rock 1911 fills a spot we may call entry level. Yet many experienced shooters like myself, who own many 1911 handguns, keep a Rock or two or three on hand just because we can. The pistol featured in this review is a RIA Tactical. This is a version with improved sights and controls compared with the GI piece. This example is chambered for.

Right now, the Rock Island Armory 1911 GI 45 ACP, w/5" barrel is only $399. at Sportsman Warehouse. I'm tempted, but the the deal w/the sights kind of puts me off. Is there a reason that 'laser dots' were not mentioned as a sight upgrade? If they are a viable option, then purchasing the Rock Island Armory 1911 GI 45 ACP becomes a 'no brainer.

Why Fourth Generation Glock Guns Are in Trouble – I’ve always been an all-steel handgun guy. I’ve never felt inadequate with what I have: a gunsmith-tuned Norc commander 1911 in .45 ACP, a Taurus 689 VR 6-inch in .357 Magnum, and a Rock Island M202.

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Rock Island Armory 1911 CS Ultra Tactical 45 ACP Pistol Review and dis-assembly. RIA makes more 1911's than anyone in the world and for the price, you just can't beat it.