Revolvers Chambered For 45 Acp

The .45 Colt cartridge, which is sometimes called .45 Long Colt, .45 LC, or 11.43×33mmR, is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. It was originally a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single.

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1905, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.

An engineer at Smith & Wesson came up with the idea of the half-moon clip which held three cartridges and two of these loaded clips could be placed in the .45 ACP cylinder, fired and then easily ejected all at once. With today's .45 ACP sixguns we have several choices.

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May 12, 2009  · The Smith & Wesson Model 625 JM is a stainless steel revolver chambered in .45 ACP. This caliber has been in use in semi-automatic pistols for nearly 100 years (since the introduction of the.

With standard (not extended) single-stack magazines, pistols chambered in .45 ACP usually hold 8 rounds or less (exceptions to this include the 10-round standard 14 round extended capacity .45 ACP from Sig Sauer in their P227 and 13-round Glock 21) and 15 rounds, such as the .45 ACP versions of the FN FNP and FN FNX, though this greatly.

45 acp does, and it will never outrun a speeding .357 magnum bullet fired from a 4-inch-barrel revolver.

revived Coonan.

Ruger Redhawk  45 Auto / 45 Colt 1917 45ACP Revolver + Improved Ammo = New Life for Old Guns – The issue is the old M-1917s are not considered to be the strongest of the revolvers chambered in 45 acp so you have to stick to standard pressure ammo. Buffalo Bore Ammunition 45 Auto Rim Standard.

If you have a revolver chambered for .45 ACP, you can use .45 AutoRim cartridges, but you can't use .45 AutoRim in a semi-automatic pistol, nor can you use .45 Long Colt, or .45 GAP in your .45 ACP pistol.

Sturm, Ruger & Company has announced the introduction of a new Ruger Redhawk revolver chambered in both .45 Colt and .45 ACP. Read on for more details. In some exciting news, Sturm, Ruger announced that they are introducing a new Ruger Redhawk revolver that is chambered in both .45 Colt and .45 ACP.

A New Cartridge? – The .45 Auto Rim might seem like a good idea. It is a short, rimmed cartridge designed for revolver cylinders chambered for the .45 ACP-like the 300,000 Colt and S&W 1917s of World War I On this one,

Sr7625 45 Acp 45 acp. By para5, December 7, 2004 in 44/45 Caliber. Reply to this topic;. I have seen data for SR7625 SR4756, HS-6. What is the softest but will still make major. Im looking for the most accurate load data for a 200gr SWC, shooting out of a 5 1911 and a USP Expert. I spend

The R45 is based on the Chiappa Rhino 60DS, although in reality none of the models offered by Chiappa Firearms are actually chambered for the .45 ACP round. While in reality its unique design of firing the bullet at the bottom of the cylinder reduces muzzle flip, in game its recoil statistics are.

The new R45 is a six-shot revolver that is chambered for the game’s .45 ACP ammunition and comes with a speed loader. The built-in speed loader allows you to load all six rounds simultaneously,

Refinished by popular demand is a new version of the Smith & Wesson multi-caliber revolver complete with a matte silver finish – the S&W Governor. Chambered for .410 2 ½ inch shotshell, .45 ACP or .45.

That can make .45 ACP Revolvers ideal for people who want a large-bore revolver but don't necessarily want to deal with the muzzle flash and recoil of a large magnum. As for compact revolvers, the Charter Arms Pitbull is chambered for 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, but the difference.

With plenty of 45 ACP ammunition in inventory, the U.S. military turned to Colt and Smith & Wesson, which chambered the 45 ACP in their heavy frame revolvers. S&W is credited with the idea of using moon clips, because there’s a trick to firing the rimless 45 ACP cartridge in a wheelgun.

The Smith & Wesson Model 625, is a six-round, double-action revolver chambered for the .45 ACP using moon clips.The Model 625 is an improved stainless steel version Smith & Wesson Model 22 and a direct descendant of the Smith & Wesson M1917 revolver first issued during World War I.

Dec 04, 2011  · I’m looking for a good, strong, reliable double action revolver chambered in .45 colt. I think a 4 inch barrel would be ideal, I’d like to use it for woods carry and self defense/home defense. .45 ACP would work too, although I refuse to buy any new Smith and Wessons, not for political reasons, but because I’ve had problems with their new guns.

The M1917 Revolvers were six-shot, .45 ACP, large frame revolvers adopted by the United States Military in 1917, to supplement the standard .45 ACP M1911 pistol during World War I. There were two variations of the M1917, one made by Colt and the other made by Smith & Wesson.

There are a number of revolvers chambered in .45 ACP. The .45 ACP cylinder would require moon clips. Edit: I was mistaken about this – no moon clips required. Positives for the Governor are the mix and match ability, and not needing to change cylinders.

Usually the .45 ACP DA revolver requires half or full moon clips to hold cases in the correct position in the chambers. You can also use .45 Auto Rim The thickness of the rebated rim of the .45 ACP plus the moon/half moon clips is greater than the .45 Colt. If the weapon is chambered for .45 Colt, it may.

Charter Arms’ Pitbull revolver in .45 ACP has an MSRP of $489. (Photo: Team HB) This revolver could be the pet of those who like 45-caliber revolvers and want something they can take for walks.

Aug 28, 2015  · Close on its heels was a 9mm version and then, late last year, Charter Arms brought forth the Pitbull revolver in .45 ACP. Revolvers in .45 ACP date back to World War I when Colt and Smith & Wesson produced their large-frame service revolvers in the .45 ACP service cartridge due to the shortage of Model 1911 pistols for U.S. troops. Called the.

I have no revolvers in .45 ACP currently. That may change soon. As a big fan of Jerry Miculek (love to see guys my age smoking the youngsters out there on the competition circuit), I have been lusting after a S&W 625 JM myself — until the other day when I found a 625 Performance Center Model.

Smith & Wesson Model 25-2 chambered in 45 ACP. This Model of 1955 Target was manufactured in 1977 and remains in excellent condition. This revolver features a 6-1/2" pinned barrel, target ham.

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As for compact revolvers, the Charter Arms Pitbull is chambered for 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, but the difference between the Pitbull and basically every other gun mentioned so far is that it doesn.


chambered for the hard to find .455 Webley cartridge, though many of these guns in the U.S.A. have had their cylinders "shaved" to chamber .45 ACP In part 1 I showed you a safe .455 Webley load for the old gun. Here in part two I'll show you two safe loads in .45 ACP, or .45 Auto Rim, brass for those.

It was chambered in the rimless 45 ACP round, which had a shorter case than the old Colt round, but still fired a .45 caliber bullet. Unfortunately, America entered World War I with an insufficient number 1911s on hand, so major handgun manufacturers started producing their large frame revolvers set up to fire 45 ACP.

Since the CMC could not furnish enough semiautomatic pistols to keep up with the demand, during World War I the U.S. Army decided to accept the Colt New Service revolvers chambered for the .45 ACP.

If it's not listed as a "Qualified Professional Discount" so the immediate answer is "no", but try calling directly to be 100% sure. Regardless, this exact firearm does have the "Price Match" option (Price Match is available at any time as long as that specific firearm has that option, because not all of them do).

Tangfolio Witness 45 Acp I ordered the gun on Tuesday and had it in my hands on Thursday in Dallas, Texas. This is the third gun bought from Bud’s, and as usual very happy with the fast service. I sold my Ruger SR-1911 so that I could purchase the EAA Tanfoglio .45 ACP. The fit and finish is much


ACP semi-auto pistol cartridges as well as .45 Colt revolver cartridges. A few dedicated semi-auto pistol caliber revolvers, like the Charter Arms Pitbull, can operate without the need for moon.