Reloading Data 45 Acp Bullseye

As stated earlier, 5.0 gr of Bullseye was a factory hardball duplication load. That 5.7 gr load of Bullseye must be in the +P+ range. It will beat your gun pretty bad. Some of the data offered by the powder manufactures is kind of vague, as it is seldom mentioned in any great detail on how, and under what conditions they achieved those results.

load compatibility test. For those not familiar with that test we run a large variety of loads through the gun to see if it’ll feed from slide lock, generate enough energy to cycle the action and feed.

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stuck for a good bullseye load(.45acp).

I have two reloading manuals (speer and hornady) that are both in excess of 25yrs. old.

bullseye load data 45 acp.

Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. Wt. Semi Wad Cutter. Alliant. Bullseye.

Load Data 25-06 Remington Load Data. 25-06 Remington Load Data. Rifle Cartridges. 17 Caliber.172" Diameter. 17 Rem Fireball. 17 Rem. 20 Caliber.204" Diameter. 204 Ruger. 20 Nosler. 22 Caliber.224" Diameter. 22 Hornet. 221 Rem Fireball. 222 Rem. 223 Rem. 5.56×45 NATO. 222 Rem Mag. 22 PPC.

That requires a mix of factory and hand loads with various bullet shapes.

Ammo however is something new and at this time they produce 380, 9 mm, 357 sig, 40 auto and the 45 ACP. I have shot the 9.

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This is a discussion on .45acp and bullseye cast load data variences within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I was all ready to load up some 185grain cast swc last night and went searching for load data for bullseye. the lynman pocket pistol.

Attesting to it’s versatility, a remarkable performance range exists in published reloading data for the cartridge.

although other good choices exist including Bullseye, Universal, and many more.

Anyone here have any Bullseye powder load data for the .45 acp? Went I was shooting the 2700 I used 3.8 grains of Bullseye, Federal 150 primer, 185grain cast SWC bullet and any case on hand.

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I'm loading my first 45 acp rounds. I've been loading for about 5 years, several thousand 9mm, 38 special, recently .380 and quite a few 223. Looking for loads using Bullseye, 200gr LSWC Bayou Bullets, 225gr Bayou truncated cone, seeing what works. Seems to me that Bullseye loads for both the 200 and 225-230gr are pretty similar.

Since Alliant took over production of Bullseye powder from Hercules, the formula has apparently changed and the new production Bullseye powder is not Needed: 45 ACP Load data for Bullseye (Alliant) powder and 200 LSWC bullet – IDPAforum

45 ACP Reloads Bullseye Powder CCI Primers.Product Review: Vortex Viper Red Dot and an AK are a potent mix – Mine came with a 6 MOA arrangement which will work well with a rifle shooting at steel but not as well if you’re shooting at a bullseye on a paper target. Better to get the 3 MOA for precision work. I.

Shawnee Kansas –-( Hodgdon, has launched three new professionally produced how-to videos on its popular Reloading Data Center. Rifle, pistol and shotshell reloading basics are shown in.

WARNING. The information displayed on this site, including ballistic data, was derived from tightly controlled laboratory conditions. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc.

Winchester Reloading Data 45 Acp 1983 Randal 45 Acp I have an opportunity to obtain a Randall pistol. The pistol appears comparable in size to a Government model 1911A1. I recall reading somewhere that these pistols had a reputation for galling. VERY UNUSUAL SERIAL NUMBER FOR THIS RANDAL ENDING IN "B". Randall Service Model A111 Stainless Steel 45 ACP. This

Find what you need in four easy steps. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. Click "Get Data" to view results.

Unsurpassed for .45 ACP target loads. Canister Sizes: View All Bullseye® Recipes. Interested in learning how to reload your own ammunition?

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.45 ACP 230 grain with Bullseye? This is a discussion on .45 ACP 230 grain with Bullseye? within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have a Ruger P90TH. I need load data using Zero 230 grain FMJ with Bullseye powder. I checked Alliant's web site. Their load data.

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Sub Compact Pistols 45 Acp 1. The Springfield Armory XDS 45 2. The Glock 30s 3. The Kahr PM45, and CM45 4. The Boberg XR45-s 5. The DoubleTap Subscribes channel : While I'm a longtime fan of Kahr and Glock pistols my favorite was the XD-S. It was utterly reliable, and I really liked how the trigger had a