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Collectability Today. Between 1940-45, H&R made more than 120,000 M50 and M55 submachine guns. These were a mix of 20,000-blued commercial models with 28-finned barrels and the remainder.

Post-World War II M1 Garand Rifles – The firm had produced a number of types of firearms for the civilian market for many years, but H&R’s prior experience in military firearm production for the government was primarily limited to the.

The Wondrous World of James D. Julia – This one will probably go for at least $30,000. There was a brass-framed and water-jacketed Maxim machine gun that probably dated from the late 19th century and an M50 Reising gun, a horrible .45 ACP.

Kimber Custom Tle Ii .45 Acp The Great Carry Gun Dilemma – Capacity vs Firepower – I’ve got this one geared up fairly well too with Crimson Trace Lasergrips and a variety of good holsters including another Galco King Tuk, an N82 Tactical, another Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder. Carry light. Crimson Carry .45 ACP pistols have lightweight aluminum frames for

H&R Reising Model 60 – .45 ACP – An interesting piece of history – posted in FIREARMS & ORDNANCE: A local freind of mine let me take this one home and I did a complete take-down and clean up and its quite the interesting design.Appariently the H&R Model 60 Semi-Auto was an attempt at competition for the Thompson.

.and I can tell you its MUCH lighter in weight than the Thompson.

Reising Model 50 .45 ACP SMGAttributes of the Reising are that they are original U.S. manufactured submachine guns produced by the Harrington and Richardson Arms Company from 1941 until 1957. The guns are select fire, classified as a Curio and Relic and are chambered for the American .45 ACP round and, as mentioned earlier, they are readily available.

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Reising 50 .45 ACP caliber Submachine gun. An original Reising model 50 in .45 ACP in great condition and comes with one magazine.

The M1A1 Carbine – 45 ACP pistol and the Thompson submachine gun.

Other than the limited-issue Marine Corps’ Reising Model 55 submachine gun, the M1A1 Carbine was the only World War II American small arm designed.

The .45 ACP cartridge has been relied on by U.S. military and law enforcement officers for more than 100 years. Cheaper Than Dirt! has the ammo in stock to feed your .45 ACP firearm.

This budget offering has always been a spot in the market that the .45 ACP Carbine has fit well, with many of the famous versions of the platform that were simply-made and priced inexpensively (notably the M3 and the M50 Reising). These models have a robust following today even.

45 ACP cartridge and featured a sliding wire stock.

on the collector market today as compared to other U.S. submachine guns, such as the Thompson and Reising. Their long tenure of service meant.

The SAAMI pressure limit for the .45 ACP is set at 21,000 psi (144.79 MPa) piezo pressure, while the SAAMI pressure limit for the .45 ACP +P is set at 23,000 psi (158.58 MPa), piezo pressure. Performance. The .45 ACP is an effective combat pistol cartridge that combines accuracy and stopping power for use against human targets.

H&R model 50 Reising, full auto, transferable, shoots 45acp, made in Worchester, MA, this is an original factory gun, has a selector for semi auto & full auto, peep hole sight, the walnut wood stock.

H&R Reising Model 50 45acp. .45 Reising Submachine Gun. Comes with one 20 round magazine. The gun is in fantastic shape, great shooter.

45 ACP cartridge did not require an extremely strong locking system.

during the invasion of Guadalcanal in August 1942 when M1928A1s, along with a number of Reising submachine guns, accompanied the.

from Ivory Pearl – 380 ACP and fitted with a silencer.

brown-skinned young guy with dark black hair wearing a Prince of Wales check suit and pointing a long Reising pistol at Maurer, which like the Sauer was fitted.

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The .45 ACP round is a type of high powered pistol ammunition. It is used in various weapons and magazines found in Apocalypse Rising. The .45 ACP (Colt Automatic Pistol) round was created in 1904 by famed inventor and firearm designer John Browning.

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Reising M50 (full stock variant) – .45 ACP. Fitted with Cutts compensator and 20 round double stack magazine. Reising M60 (full stock 16" barrel semi-auto carbine variant) – .45 ACP.

The .45 Reising submachine gun was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, and was designed and patented by Eugene Reising in 1940.

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Reising Model 50 .45 ACP SMG. IraqVeteran8888 Subscribe. 98 views. Subscribe. Description LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CONSIDER PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https.

Legacy of the Reising M50. The legacy of the Reising M50 is a short one filled largely with problems and undelivered promises. It’s interesting that a man like Eugene Reising who helped John Browning with the development one of the most durable pistols every created in the M1911 and calibers in the .45 ACP managed to drop the ball on this design.

Reising model 50. Type. Machine gun. Gauge. 45 ACP. Catalog Page. The top of the receiver is marked "MODEL 50 H&R REISING — CAL 45/HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS CO.

Verona Obituary: Lois J. Reising – Verona resident Lois J. Reising passed away on Oct. 20. She was 74-years-old. The following obituary comes courtesy of Prout Funeral Home: "Mrs. Lois J. Reising, 74, died on October 20, 2015 at the St.

Harrington & Richardson, Reising Model 50 .45 ACP, Curio and Relic (Form 3) with one (1) 12 RD. magazine (more magazines may be available) and Wolff complete spring set. Fourteen (14) fin barrel with P marking. Bright barrel with strong rifling grooves. Outstanding quality for a near 80 year old rifle.