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Becoming Graf & Sons. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories.

By the mid 1960’s Redding began producing dies for rifle and pistols and as late as 1974.

We saw bricks hit $125.00 and have retreated to about $45.00 Q: From my recollection, there was a shakeout.

Reloading Dies. Lee dies are the most copied dies ever made. Lately other brands have started to offer some previously exclusive Lee features. Such as one piece reaming, wrench flats, collet held decapper, finger adjustable bullet seater, elevated expander and O-ring locks.

On Target Reviews: Seahorse Quickdraw Pistol case, Ray-Vin Scope Stand, and Dillon Precision 550B Reloader – I‘ve used the 550B for loading 9mm, .45, .38, .44, .41, .223 and 30-30. It’s designed primarily for handguns but works fine for rifle too. The secret is if you keep this baby lubricated and coated.

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Made from polished and heat-treated steel, the RCBS Carbide 3-Die Set has a Sizer Die with Decapping Unit, Expander Die for expanding and belling the case mouth and a Seater Die for seating and crimping the bullet (Straight wall cases will roll crimp, unless the description indicates it has a taper crimp).

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All Dillon Pistol Die sets include our sizer/decapping die, seating die and a separate crimp die (taper crimp for auto cartridges, accu-crimp for revolver cartridges).

If you are loading any straight wall pistol case RCBS Carbide dies are the way to go. I shoot a lot of 45 ACP in pistol competition and don't use a progressive press so it is a bit tedious. The ease of using carbide dies (no pre-cleaning or lube) gives me an opportunity to: inspect my brass, size/decap and bell the necks before cleaning the.

Shot Show 2015 Product Roundup–News, Commentary and Highlights – The 458 SOCOM cartridge provides the ballistics of the legendary .45-70 in a modern AR rifle. It’s capable of firing 250 to 600 grain .458 caliber bullets in a lightweight, controllable package. He.

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RCBS scale and Lee single press, RCBS model 5-0-2 reloading scale like new and Lee single stage press with handloaders for 308 Win and 7mm Mag with lots of small equipment(see picture) Take all for R1000.00 or to swop for 270 Win brass or 308 Win brass. the same value.

There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than Lee Collet Dies. No one but Lee has ever dared make a guarantee like this– Smallest group size or your money back.A collet squeezes the case neck against a precision mandrel for a perfect fit with minimum run-out.

I bought a Lee 4 die set from a guy out of the classifieds here for .40 S&W. I've only loaded 50 rnds so far but they seem to work just fine. I've got some Hornady to compare to and I think I like the Hornady seater die better because of the sleeve that drops down to get the bullet started strait but otherwise the Lee's are just great and lots cheaper.

RCBS® Tungsten Carbide Pistol 3-Die Sets Dies are the heart of the reloading process. Engineered to the highest standards and manufactured to the tightest tolerances, they’re constructed from case-hardened steel, precision-drilled, reamed, polished and hand-inspected twice before leaving the factory.

So the ammo seems closely comparable to standard grade .45 ACP and other caliber rounds. Your personal preference. The FN 5.7 Pistol is in service now with military and police forces in over 40.

45 ACP and 9 mm Luger. The company’s ads proclaimed them.

However, I also had an old Herter’s reloading press from the 1960s, and I ordered a new set of carbide Lee reloading dies for 9 mm ( http:/.

Compact 1911 .45 Acp Tested: Ruger 9 mm SR1911 Officer’s Model – the name “Officer’s Model” now equates to a snub-nosed 1911-style pistol with a barrel length of about 3.5” and a magazine capacity (in .45 ACP) of six rounds. The Colt Officer’s Model has become the. 525 USD. Absolutely the best triggers out of the box for an

300 win mag dies and ammo, 300 win mag dies Lyman federal 180 grain 20 rounds in box R400 boss 180 grain 16 rounds in box R260 50 fedral case twice fired R250 20 federal cases brand new in box R200 35 reloads with 180 grain hornady 65gr S365 All for R1500.00

If it had turned out to be all RCBS they would have provided the bits to make it all like new again for free though. On the upside if the sizing die is indeed carbide that is what the single die would cost to buy as a replacement. The other dies would be a bonus. The same shellholder for the 30-06/308/300 SAV/270 family will work for the 45 ACP.

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Dies for sale in New Zealand. Buy and sell Dies on Trade Me.

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Becoming Graf & Sons. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories.

45 ACP Carbide Taper Crimp 3 Die Set by RCBS RELOADING PRODUCTSThe carbide sizer die eliminates the need for case lube and cases do not need to be cleaned before sizing. Carbide die sets contain the carbide size die with decapping unit, expander die for expanding and belling the case mouth, and a seater die with taper crimp and bullet seater plug.

Winchester Silvertip 45 Acp For Sale Gunshot Wounds .45 Acp 45 Acp Large Primer Brass For Sale Fully-processed .45 ACP (LARGE Primer) pistol brass cases for sale. Cleaned, polished, de-primed, resized and swaged. Ships via USPS Priority Mail. Satisfaction guaranteed. Complete 3D-Printed Handgun Just Weeks Away, Says Cody Wilson – For Cody Wilson, the world’s most notorious 3D printing gunsmith, it

Bullet Seating Die Our new quick-disassembly seat die allows the user to disassemble and clean the seat die without losing adjustment. In this manner, bullet lube and shavings can be quickly removed from the die, thereby guaranteeing a constant seating depth.

A taper crimp does not alter the case length the way a roll crimp does- – – -very important for rimless pistol cases that headspace on the end of the case like .45 ACP, 9 MM, 40 S&W, etc.

Reloading presses for sale at discount prices, including the best selection for a Hornady reloading press, RCBS reloading press, Lee reloading press, or MEC reloading press. In addition to reloading presses, we also stock a full range of other reloading

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