Ramshot Enforcer 45 Acp

Anyone use Ramshot Enforcer in .45 ACP? My dad worked up some loads with it behind a West Coast 230 gr FMJ. It is a compressed load, 13.5 gr I believe, with mag primers.

I was wondering if anyone has any opinions as to the use of Ramshot Enforcer. I have done a good bit of research on this powder and I'm quite amazed at the low pressure and velocity capabilities of this powder, in 45acp.

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I have yet to try any of the Ramshot powders. Has anyone noticed that they list for the .45 ACP a 230 gr. JHP at 1060 and a 200 XTP at 1165 at *normal* .45 pressure. In fact almost 1,000 PSI under acceptable normal .45 pressure! I have loads that exceed both of those but I labor under no delusion that they are slightly over +P pressures.

Ramshot Enforcer and AA#9 look the same, smell the same, have the same denisty, and I have found, the same charge to reach the threashold of brass flowing. .45 ACP, 5" bbl., 230 grain Gold Dot, Ramshot Enforcer, unknown brass (probably mixed headstamps). Federal 155 primer

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The old containers for Ramshot Enforcer included .45 ACP load data on the labels. That powder is Ramshot Enforcer. Ramshot used to publish this data in its reloading manual, but it is not included in the current Western Powders load manual, which combines data from Ramshot and Accurate Powders.

10mm Ammunition: 7 Things You Need to Know – A family of Sig Sauer V-Crowns, left to right: 9mm 124-grain, .40 S&W 180-grain, 10mm 180-grain, .45 ACP 230-grain. The 10mm shares case diameter with the .40 Smith & Wesson, so in theory, pistol.

Anyone use Ramshot Enforcer in .45 ACP? My dad worked up some loads with it behind a West Coast 230 gr FMJ. It is a compressed load, 13.5 gr I believe, with mag primers.

Load 45 ACP Without Blowing Up Your GunRamshot enforcer. 125 hdy xtp. 45 AUTO (ACP). (continued). Ramshot tac 40 hdy v-max 40 nosler btlf 45 barnes tsx 45 barnes xfb 50 nosler b-tip 50 barnes VLC 55 sierra bk.

I use Ramshot SILHOUETTE for jacketed bullets in .45 ACP. With 200 gr. SWCs I use WST. I load the 185 gr. Golden Saber and get good accuracy with Silhouette and I can get +P velocity without +P pressure. My new quest is with the ZERO 230 gr. JHP and Silhouette. THis combination will get to 1000 FPS in a standard load.

Picked up a pound of Ramshot Enforcer when I ordered some other powders a week or two ago, but I'm having a hard time finding load data for cast Anybody have some data they've used and tested with Enforcer for 45acp? Thanks, Chris.

45 ACP Ramshot Enforcer Anyone Using this Powder?.

45 ACP 155 W-C Frangible HP Win LPP Enforcer 16.7 1.200 1,153 8 17,070.

Ramshot Enforcer and AA#9 look the.

Ramshot Enforcer powder definitely has a place in a handloading manual because it can push 230-grain bullets in the .45 ACP to muzzle velocities over 1,000 fps and stay within standard pressure limits. I think it's a valuable tool for .45 ACP handloaders.

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