Nitro 100 45 Acp

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I used the old formula Nitro 100 in 45ACP, 45 Colt, and 38 Special. At the time, we were merely making ammunition that would cycle most firearms, and never played with power-factor. I did, on my own, run some 230gr Berry's, and our own Hard.

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Nitro 100 looks to be one of the faster powders ever produced. Really fast powders do good in 45ACP and shotguns, but not so good in 9mm where the much higher pressures can make them ticklish to deal with.

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As a novice handloader, I frequently load under the supervision of a more experienced friend of mine. I recently loaded some .45 ACP for the first time. The load he likes best is about 5.4 grains of Nitro 100 with a 230 grain (hornady jhp) bullet. According to his (old but published) load data, this should be around 850 fps.

Nitro 100 is a fast burning, flattened spherical, double-base shotshell powder that is a clean burning, cost-effective choice for all 12 gauge target applications. NOTE: The reformulated Nitro 100 has been optimized to improve flow and ignition characteristics. Always use the most current load data.

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Accurate Accurate Accurate Accurate Ramshot Accurate Accurate Nitro 100 NF Competition Zip Solo 1000 No. 2 Silhouette Mag. 45 GAP 45 ACP & +P 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 S&W 475 Linebaugh 475 Maximum 480 Ruger 32 auto (32 acp, 7.65MM browning). Barrel: 4" ¦ Twist: 1-16" ¦ Primer.

Accurate Nitro 100 is a double base shotgun powder that is flat spherically formed. Nitro 100 is a fast and clean burning powder that is a favorite for 12 gauge target applications. Specifications and Features: Flattened Spherical Powder type Double Base Formula Clean Burning Great for 12 Ga.

Select a Powder Accurate – #5 Accurate – Nitro 100 NF Accurate – No. 2 Accurate – No. 5 Accurate – No. 7 Accurate – Solo 1000 Alliant – Blue Dot Alliant – Bullseye Alliant – Power Pistol Alliant – Red Dot Alliant – Unique Hodgdon – 700-X Hodgdon – 800-X Hodgdon – AutoComp Hodgdon.

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Nitro 100 for 45 ACP Reloading Bench. Well it looks like Nitro 100 has been recently re-formulated and Accurate is in the process of releasing data for different pistol calibers, They already have 9MM and .40 S&W data for the new formula, I would guess it's only a matter of time before they come out with .45 ACP data for this powder.

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44 automag, .45 win mag, 50 AE, .475 Wildey Magnum, .454 Casull, .460 S&W magnum, .500 S&W magnum. There have been some custom-bored handguns more powerful than .500 S&W mag. There have been some.

True Crime: New York City Shopping FAQ – 45 ACP 300 [] 5 Beanbag Shotgun 400 [] 5 Caltrops 200 [] 5 Flashlight 100 [] 5 Zoom 2x 1000 [] 4 Stun Gun 500.

3 Peelout Manoeuvre 3000 [] 2 Side Wheelie Manoeuvre 4000 [] 1 Nitro Boost Manoeuvre.

45 ACP (formerly exclusive to Mira) and the TCSG12 slug shotgun (borrowed from Kaid). The Vector is a very powerful SMG, and it could feel even more so in the hands of a faster operator than Mira. He.

Reloading. Modern Loading Data 9mm, 45 acp, 30-06 .223 .357 magnum. The Accurate® Smokeless Powders listed No. 5 – A relatively fast burning double below are in approximate burning order from base, ball propellant developed for use in the .45 fastest to slowest.

I don't know about Nitro 100 NF but AA recommended against using the previous Nitro 100 for handguns. This saddened a lot of Cowboy shooters who liked it in .45 Colt. NF probably means "We are getting a powder of that burn rate from St Marks instead of some offshore powder mill like we used to."

Trail Boss Powder - Not Just for CowboysJan 15, 2019 · Nitro 100 Nf I see that some are spherical, or ball, powders, which I prefer. Looking to see if people are using any of these powders and how they like them. I didn't see Ramshot Competition on their site this morning but I'm also using my phone, so will try again later. I've used Win231 a lot for 45 ACP and like the way it works.

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I recently loaded some .45 ACP for the first time. The load he likes best is about 5.4 grains of Nitro 100 with a 230 grain (hornady jhp) bullet. According to his (old but published) load data, this should be around 850 fps. After a brief google, it seems fairly clear that this load could potentially be dangerous.