Llama 1911 45 Acp

Colt History: A Look Back at the 1911 – Llama-Fabrinor S.A.L., Star and Astra all have contributed.

Christened the Lightweight Commander and available in 9 mm, .38 Super as well as .45 ACP, it proved a welcome addition to the 1911 family.

Llama .45 – any good?.

I was at a gun show this past weekend and saw a 1911 style Llama .45 at a pretty low price. That got me to wondering why it was so cheap.

Llama Max-I  1911 .45acp ReviewThe Llama s firing mechanism differs considerably in detail from the 1911. The slide is the main area of interest. For illustration purposes, I chose a rather common Commander-length Llama in 9mm Luger. This pistol is a true compact, however, rather than a short slide on a full-length frame. The extractor is of the external type.

Here are a couple of pics. I am trying to figure out the exact model and vintage of this Llama 45. Any help would be great gang! Thank you!! I just picked it up a couple of days ago so give me a break on the current condition of the weap.

Llama 1911 in 45ACP, 5 barrel. Blued finish with wood grips. Comes with 2 mags. Bore is very good, gun itself shows wear to frame for sale by Legendary Guns on GunsAmerica – 964467831

Star Guns – There were different companies producing firearms in the post-war era, but most of the well-made pistols came from one of three companies—Llama, Astra and Star.

which was a mid-size .45 ACP with an.

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1911 Parts for Sale. The 1911 was the US Armed Forces standard-issue sidearm for most of the 20th century, serving in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. Due to the firearms' design, popularity and stopping power of the popular .45 ACP cartridge, there has always been a demand for 1911 parts.

Alliant Bullseye 45 Acp Loads This was only from 50 yards but those little 110 gr plated Rainers are accurate I worked up a load for the 150 gr Berry’s over 16 gr of 2400, a powder usually reserved for magnum loads in my revolvers. Remington Umc 45 Acp Metal Case Stoeger Cougar 45 Acp Review This is a discussion

Llama Max-1 1911 Handgun – Warning: This Llama Spits .45 ACP ~ VIDEO – YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video breakdown and review of the Llama Max-1 1911 Handgun in .45 acp. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Some may remember the Llama brand of old. It’s a name that.

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I’m about to give those who tease me about my advanced age more fuel for their ribbing by writing about my favorite carry pistol — the 1911 Government Model .45 ACP. I have owned three.

Ed Brown,

45 ACP to perform. Reduced weight and length also makes carry.

Is there anything more classic than a 1911 in leather? The American Classic Commander looks at home in this Tagua holster on.