International Clays For 45 Acp

45 caliber pistol, three magazines.

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45 ACP caliber. Later I purchased a custom 1911 manufactured by Kimber. In the 1960s through the 1980s, competition with service pistols was mostly governed by the International Practical Pistol.

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I have used Clay's extensively in 45ACP. NOT Universal, NOT International. Clay's is a very nice target load powder for 45 ACP. Universal Clays is the powder of choice for my 38 Special, 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP handloads. It is exceptionally clean-burning and produces no flash at the.

45 Acp Rubber Bullets The 5 Best .38 Special Handguns on the Planet (Ruger and Colt Made the Cut) – 45 ACP), .38 Special eventually became one of the. The stainless steel revolver features a two-inch barrel, adjustable sights, a Hogue rubber grip and is rated for powerful +P ammunition. Unlike. These 45 ACP bullets from Berry's are a

STI International Intros the Costa H.O.S.T. Optic & Suppressor Ready Pistol – USA –-( International has teamed up with self-defense and weapons.

The Costa H.O.S.T. pistol comes in 9mm or .45 ACP with a 4.15-inch threaded bull barrel, two magazines – both.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I 30" 12ga. Sporting Clays gun. This gun features the new scroll engraved receiver with Trident logo on the sides, "All new Optima HP" factory flush screw.


45 Acp Llama I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this Llama Minimax .45 acp or knows any good, bad or indifferent opinions on them. This is a used Llama Max-I in .45 ACP. It has a couple spots of discoloration on the slide (see photos), but seems to be mechanically sound and fully functional

4.0 grns of Clays (normal Clays, not Universal Clays or International Clays) 230 gn RN bullet, either FMJ or Berry's plated (I use Berry's currently). Seated to 1.260" because I run Chip McCormack 10 round mags in the 1911 and the magazine had an insert that said "These feed best with rounds loaded out to at least 1.260"). I think the max is 1.

Looking for input on "cleanliness" or any issues with Universal in .45 acp. My primary powder is TiteGroup / but I'm working with a new reloader and he has 8 lbs of Universal so he wants to use that. In looking at the tables Min is 4.5gr, 703 fps, 11,400 CUP — Max is 5.4gr, 857 fps, 16,800 CUP / we will load a 230gr CMJ RN Montana Gold bullet.

45 ACP are larger in width than the 9mm and.

45 fit include: MTAC, Infidel Max, Infidel Ultra Max, International and Flatline. The MTAC is an inside the waistband Kydex and leather hybrid holster.

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HP38 is a spherical powder that is great for low velocity and mid-range target loads in the .38 Special, .44 Special, and 45 ACP. This high energy powder provides economy in loading.

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Since 1992, Clays gunpowder has been “taking the clay target world by storm.” It is the cleanest-burning, most consistent 12 gauge 7/8-, 1- and 1-1/8-oz. powder available today and the preferred choice of competitive target shooters.

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45 acp. INTERNATIONAL is the second in the "CLAYS" series of powders. It is positioned in burning speed to accommodate 12 ga., 2 3/4" light, medium and Only loading .45 ACP and 200 gr plated SWC. For target shooting only. Paper @ 25 yds. Agreed, Clays is a GOOD powder in the .45acp.

Firearms → Consumer Rifles → SMG (.45 ACP). SMG (.45 ACP).

it works fine for 45 acp IF you can get it to meter consistently. I tend to see + or – .2g using it, with the occasional drop that is even greater. I found that I have to check my powder drops a lot more often. But loaded consistently within the safe ranges it is a very good, clean powder that will work fine for 45 acp

I load 45 acp, usually with 231. Always happy with it. I have a 1 lb bottle of Universal Clays and Hodgdon data to load it. I think Universal Clays is just fine with 45 acp. For light shooting loads it does leave powder residue but at mid to max range it seems to preform at it's best.

Regular Clays? There are 3 different types of Clays. You want just plain regular Clays. Do not want Universal or International Clays. Plenty of data out there. It is an EXCELLENT clean, consistent accurate powder for 45 ACP.

My favorite load for the .45 acp is 4.3 gr of Clays under the 200 gr LSWC boolit. It is accurate and reliable. 3.9 – 4.1 grains of Clays is a popular range for 230 grain bullets in the .45 ACP. Clays is a fast powder and pressure can spike quickly with it when you reach max.

Looking for your favorite loads using Clays for the 45ACP.I'm heading for the range today and trying 4.0 gr behind a 230 gr. jhp. He is on the money for 200 grn Lead SWCs; I use a bit more straight Clays with PLATED (not jacketed) 200 SWC from Westcoast to meet the new Major Power.

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I went to buy powder for my reloads (usually use Titegroup) but the store was out of it. The owner ISPC shooter with 20+ years of reloading experience told me I could us International Clays to reload both 9mm and 45 ACP.

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The 45 ACP is pretty forgiving in powder choices, I just pick a loading that gives me something in the 800-850 fps range and try it. I most frequently use powders that double for my shotshell usage as they are also the least expensive unless I find a clearance sale or there is a rebate.

Universal Clays is very close to Unique for application, good powder. Unique burns about the same way, kinda dirty. Hornady XTP's, Federal brass, Winchester primers, and Hodgdon Universal Clays. The best results so far were with 6.2 grs. at a COL of 1.23-1.235.

A fellow board member recommended I try Clays for my 45 ACP loads. I currently use Bullseye and am about to run out so it is good timing for this question. I have been thinking about trying a new powder and Clays (plain ole clays, not international) has been one I have been thinking about.

Only loading .45 ACP and 200 gr plated SWC. For target shooting only. Paper @ 25 yds. Like it on the softer side; my favorite load so far HP-38 @ 4.9 gr. Agreed, Clays is a GOOD powder in the .45acp. Been shooting a lot of 230gr LRN and 3.8gr Clays.

I call them Clays (the fastest powder, and a go-to for me for shotgun and .45 ACP), International (somewhat slower, I don't use it), and Universal, the slowest and a fantastic powder for .40 and .45 Colt (think "U"niversal = "U"nique, but much cleaner). I view Universal as unsuitable for .45 ACP.