Hunting With .45 Acp

The .45 ACP was designed to mimic the .45 Long Colt, a staple of the old west. However, it is not a magnum. It is a legitimate big bore heavy hitter which tends to drop targets in the way a heavy wave would; instead of a sharp punch like the 10mm, the .45 hits like a brick wall and just tends to push the target down forcefully.

The older speer manual has 250 grn SP loads for .45 ACP. IIRC at about 750 to 800 fps. The manual stated that the bullets would not expand at those velocities but would penetrate like no tomorrow. My take on this is with a 45 who needs expansion if a .45 caliber hole clean through the vitals won't kill a deer then nothing will. By the same.

The .45 ACP loses its power very fast hence isn’t a good cartridge for hunting. Its power is only good within short distances that aren’t practical for hunting. The 45 ACP is thus a very good gun for use in home defense as when compared with the 10mm gun.

S&w Model 645 45 Acp Hace parte de la segunda generación de pistolas semiautomáticas, que es anterior a la serie Smith & Wesson 4500. La S&W 645/745 es de calibre .45 ACP. Cartridge: 45 ACP. Compatible With These used Smith & Wesson revolvers are in good condition overall just showing signs of holster wear. They are 100% functional. These were

125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For.

45 ACP. Most are so busy filling back orders in the standard bullet weights they will not even consider it. Sierra, who at least had the courtesy to entertain my.

I have a 45 acp carbine by HiPoint and I'm wanting to know if the 45acp is a good deer round I won't be shooting no more then 70 yards max as I'm use to bow hunting. The 45 is only gun I own so please keep answers appropriate and simple thanks also I have asked local inforcement they say its legal.

.45 ACP Ballistics. Within a nanosecond of this idea, I did a reality check by reaching out to a few industry experts. Neal Emery at Hornady was the first Why? Because when you're talking about hunting with a .45 ACP—and really any hunt with any caliber—what bullet you choose and how well. Adds CrossBreed Holsters Shooter’s Pack to Springfield XD-S .45 ACP Giveaway – adds a CrossBreed Holsters Shooter’s Pack as a special bonus to its “ Springfield XD-S™ Giveaway.” Enter by Aug. 31 to win both the Springfield Armory XD-S Compact .45 ACP.

The 1911 Government Model .45 ACP is as popular as ever – 45 ACP. Smokey Merkley was raised in Idaho and has been hunting since he was 10 years old. He was a member of the faculty of Texas A&M University for 25 years. There he taught orienteering,

45 Acp Carbines & Rifles Here is a comprehensive review of the best 9mm carbines in the market today: Best 9mm Carbines On The Market Reviews 1 cZ USA- Scorpion Evo 3 S 1 Carbine Faux Suppressor 16.2IN 9mm 20+1RD. This is among the best 9mm carbines available in the market today. It has been mainly designed for self defense.

On blind with my new carbine chambered in .45 acp. No feral hogs showed before dusk, only turkeys.

See my videos shooting this carbine and my table top.

I am looking for people that have experience hunting with handguns to give me their opinion. And, I started asking questions about 45 acp after watching Keith Warren kill an elk with his 45 acp on YouTube. There are many YouTube videos of people hunting and killing deer and hogs with 45 acp, but they do not give details about ammunition.

45 Acp Reviews Of Bears and Boars: The rebirth of the 10mm Auto – 44 Special +P. It still hurt like hell. Yet, I routinely fire lightweight semi-auto pistols with .45 ACP +P ammo in total comfort. How folks can routinely fire Scandium-framed .44 Magnums, .500 S&W or. All three pistols were chambered in the new .45 ACP

Liberty Ammunition Introduces the Civil Defense Line of 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto – personal defense and the hunting markets, announces the Civil Defense line of superior personal defense ammunition for civilians and law enforcement personnel. Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and.

10 October 2017, Rome – A €45 million multi-partner programme launched today at FAO seeks to help African, Caribbean and Pacific countries halt unsustainable wildlife hunting.

and Pacific Group of.

Has anyone hunted with 45 ACP? I have Fiocchi 230gr FMJ. I have always used 30.06 168 Nosler Ballistic Tip or 35 Whelen I've always thought that the .45 ACP was a bit light for deer though several people that I know have shot deer with them. I've dispatched a few deer with my Glock 21, but it was.

Can find some old writtings of G. Nonte.

he published some stuff about hunting boar and even bear with a .45acp. HP ammo was young and Nonte a big beliver in the 185-190gr.

The result is a dual-purpose cartridge that is exceptional for both hunting and personal defense. While 450 SMC can be safely run in any .45 ACP that is rated for +P ammunition, the amount of rearward.

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Review: Ruger Redhawk .45 ACP/.45 Colt Revolver – including low-recoil cowboy loads for target shooting or high quality hollow points for hunting. Adding the .45 ACP opens up a whole new level of possibilities. During the recent ammunition shortage,

The .45 ACP—or Automatic Colt Pistol—is a wonderful cartridge, it is simple, effective and easy to shoot. It came to life as a result of unsatisfactory performance of the .38-caliber handgun our Armed Forces were using during the Philippine-American War at the end of the 19th century.

I've taken Deer with the 45 ACP and at 50 yards it kills thme as dead as anything else. IMO, just stay away from HP ammo or FMJ for hunting. 15 yards from my ladder stand was my only .45acp deer.

Choosing Between A .45 ACP And A 10mm – The 10mm is popular for self defense but is now gaining popularity as a hunting shot. With a substantial payload and a further reach, the 10mm is being used for whitetail, hogs, and even as insurance.

22 rimfire, single-action revolver, but that is the extent of any purposeful hunting I have done with a handgun. While living in Texas, I usually carried a .357 Magnum double-action revolver, a single.

Springfield XDS Concealed Carry Deer HuntThe XD® service model .45ACP is one of the many top quality handguns you'll find at Springfield Armory. We offer some of the best competition shooting pistols. Caliber .45ACP. Recoil System Dual Spring w/ Full Length Guide Rod. Sights Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3 – Dot.