Hunting Deer 45 Acp Carbine

The .45 Colt cartridge, which is sometimes called .45 Long Colt, .45 LC, or 11.43×33mmR, is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872.It was originally a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver.This cartridge was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1873 and served as an official US military handgun cartridge for 14 years. While it is sometimes referred to as .45 Long.

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GOPR0 - Deer shot with 45acp The 7mm Mag, the 9mm, the .22 Mag, and seven more rounds that aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

Whitetail deer hunting with HiPoint 45acp Carbine? I have a 45 acp carbine by HiPoint and I'm wanting to know if the 45acp is a good deer round I won't be shooting no more then 70 yards max as I'm use to bow hunting.

I asked about hunting deer with a .45 ACP on another forum a few years ago and they thought I was nuts. I read a article years ago wrote by Ross Seyfried. He talked about killing deer with a .45 ACP and putting cast boolits lengthwise through deer.

ok i got a friend that wants to know if it would be legal or humane to hunt whitetail deer in Virginia using a HI Point Carbine in .45 cal with a 230gr bullet, distance is going to be no more then 100 yards or less when shooting cause of mountian areas, i opted to say no but still the question lingers so please blast away with answers thanks guys.

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Winchester 45 Acp Ammo Review The battle between 45 ACP and 9mm is a battle between titans. The gun industry and serious shooters often Like the 45 ACP the round was built for military use and was chambered in the Luger P08 model The average price for Winchester White Box 45 ACP target ammunition is 21.49 on Midway. Avid shooters

The .45 Long Colt was the cartridge used in the Colt Single Action Army – also known as "The Peacemaker." With the introduction of the Taurus Judge, the .45 LC once again became popular as a "Peacemaker" and continues to be used for hunting and self defense.

Hi-Point's 45 ACP Carbine is a design that most shooters seem to love. Our first exposure to the Hi-Point carbine was nearly 20 years ago in California. A private agency tasked with teaching police cadets had a dilemma with regard to rifle training.

Hunting with the .45 Carbine Discussion in 'Hi.

The HP .45 can be used for deer hunting out to 50 yd.

I guess the .45 ACP is in the same energy range out of a.

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The only .45 ACP carbines with any sort of commercial viability have been Thompsons, and they're bought for historical interest, at prices that reflect "toy" instead of "tool." Sound like something folks would like to own for plinking and home defense, maybe even short-range deer or hog hunting?

40 S W Vs 45 Acp 9mm Luger Ammo Testing & Ballistics Even though the recoil of the 9mm Luger is much less than the 40 S&W or 45 ACP, you will be surprised at the results on the business end. You will now understand why the 9mm Luger was adopted by NATO, the U.S. Military, and close to a million

The 45 carbine is next. I love that I can load for my pistols AND rifles at the same time! At Monday, July 19, 2010 11:25:00 PM, Anonymous said.

Hope one day to purchase the .45ACP carbine, and hope Hipoint comes out with a .22 magnum carbine some day.

I am casting out some 396 grain 45-70 with gas checks and am thinking of using H4198 as a go to load. I had went mid range to max on it and kind of a bruiser out of the Marlin Guide gun for a woman my size. I am going to be deer hunting and occasional black bear with it and wondered if anyone else uses the H4198 as a hunting go to powder.

Hi-Point .45 ACP Carbine – Finally – 45 ACP Carbine Model 4595TS shown.

45 round, improved carbine handling and a longer sighting radius over a handgun make this an excellent gun for small game (Hi-Point Carbines are legal for deer in.

UPDATE: Bloomer Police Chief receives disciplinary suspension following illegal hunting charges – More: Bloomer Police Chief charged with 3 hunting.

found the deer dead in the woods. They skinned the hide and found a wound from an arrow and a hole from a .223 caliber rifle.

What is the best rifle caliber for deer hunting? – With deer season quickly approaching, the decision of what caliber of rifle to hunt with is worth considering and depends on several criteria. Here are some important questions to ask yourself: Where.

Best New Deer Hunting Guns and Gear from SHOT Show 2019 – Whether you like to shoot your deer at 40 yards with a lever gun or at 400 yards with long-range, bolt-action rifle, there were some new introductions at the Shooting, Hunting.

caliber Model 1894.

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Choosing a rifle for Nebraska’s deer season – 45-70, the first number represented the caliber while the second number was the number.

consistently put the bullet where you are aiming, you have a good deer rifle. If you intend to hunt the rifle.

I've been eyeballing those Kriss Vectors for a while now. I'd really like one but for the price it needs to be more than a toy. The local regs say any rifle or pistol cartridge .223" and larger may be used.

Re: Hunting deer with a .45 ACP rifle I have taken 3 at 40 yards or less with a 1911 45 auto. Should not be a problem from a 45 rifle with good shot placement and proper bullets.

hi-point-45-carbine-deer-hunting . adli mezmunu mp3 ve video formatinda yükleye biləcəyiniz sayt. On blind with my new carbine chambered in .45 acp. No feral hogs showed before dusk, only turkeys.

See my videos shooting this carbine and my table top.

Current production Ruger Redhawk revolvers are chambered in .44 Magnum, .45 Colt and .45 ACP with 2.75-inch, 4.2-inch, 5.5-inch and 7.2-inch barrels. The Super Redhawk came along in 1987, and was even stronger in order to handle the more powerful .454 Casull and .480 Ruger cartridges.

45acp vs 10mm – Hunting with Handguns. Crazy 9mm Carbine Deer Hunt with Tracer Bullet | Streak Ammunition.

Hi-Point has finally produced a carbine chambered in .45 ACP. From the press release.

These velocity increases coupled with the fat formidable .45 round, improved carbine handling and a longer sighting radius over a handgun make this an excellent gun for small game (Hi-Point Carbines are.

I have seen the .45 acp kill deer & hogs. I usually carry a 1911 as a sidearm when hunting. as far as using the .45acp as a primary deer hunter, if you know your limitations it can be done. (so can a .22 l.r.) even from a carbine, the drop of a .45acp bullet in trajectory and speed makes it an under 50yd round in my opinion. if you are required.

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But the 45ACP is really a close range cartridge. Zeroed at 25 yards, there is a 13 inch drop at 100 yards. Click to make the chart bigger. I have two Hi-Point carbines, 45 and 9mm. As for deer hunting I've done a little research and neither the 45ACP nor the 40 S&W are eligible as their case.

Best Maine deer guns – What’s the best all-around rifle caliber for hunting Maine’s whitetail deer? A good question.

In what he calls “brush gun calibers,” his top four choices are, in order: 45-70, 44 Mag., 30-30 Win,