How To Cast 45 Acp Bullets

Choosing Between A .45 ACP And A 10mm – 45 ACP and a 10mm, the answer is it depends on how you are using.

It is a low pressure cartridge that shoots heavy-bullets slowly, and it has more than enough power to the job done. Lastly, because.

45 ACP Hard Cast Lead Bullets. ACME Bullet Company manufactures the 45 ACP 175 SWC-NLG Hi Tek Coated bullet.

Grouping over buckhorn iron sights was a surprising 1.25" inches, again for a 5-shot group. What this little levergun would do with a low powered scope or aperture sights is open to conjecture, but what it did, as is, impresses well enough.

45 ACP bullets? I am hoping to learn more about casting bullets for accuracy. I would like to know the lead composition, hardness, speed of the bullet, how much of which powder, and notes you wish to share?

These 45 ACP bullets from Berry's are a great choice for affordable and consistent range loads. Each projectile in this box of 500 is a 185 grain Hollow Base Round Nose (HBRN). These bullets are swaged and copper plated to their final wight, then they are re-struck to ensure each projectile is identical.

With recreational pistol shooters in mind, Winchester Ammunition has expanded its Super Clean line to include a .45 ACP offering. Super Clean ammunition features zinc-core brass-jacketed bullets and.

A 45 ACP beats a sharp stick or a 22. Its not a bad choice! Do not carry "defense" type ammo for it in the woods. However, I personally would not skimp on a carry gun for big bear country.

I stacked and fastened 10 2×4 studs together which totaled about 15 inches. From about 1 foot I fired different ammo from two guns, Ruger SP101 .357 magnum 2-1/4 barrel and Model 1911 Colt .45. The ammo I tested was standard FMJ 125 grain .357 magnum, 230 grain ball ammo for my .45, and the Buffalo Bore 180 grain heavy .357 magnum loads.

125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For .45 ACP? Letters to the AmmoLand Editor: Got something on your mind? Let us know and you can see it here. West Virginia –-( I have been trying to get.

Tom McHale review his choices for the most reliable and best performing 45 ACP ammo to carry loaded in your self defense handgun. The only way to find 45 ACP ammo you can count on is to test, test,

Obsolete Arms and Ammo. By Bob Shell. Video by Ammosmith Reloading. Cast 45 ACP bullets. Apache Junction, AZ -( Bullet casting is for someone who has mastered all of the basic.

Double Tap ammo is probably the best going for 10mm. A good rule of thumb is that you can kill a deer cleanly with 500 foot pounds of energy. With the 200 grain loads that will give you an effective range of about 100 yards if you can reliably keep your shots in a 6 inch circle.

I have a 45/70 sharps rifle and just recently received my order of 500 grain spire point bullets. I am impressed with the way you shipped the bullets all bullets in individual holes. So far the rifle enjoys these bullets as they shoot great. This of course makes me happy as well. Will be ordering more soon.

Meister Bullets Inc., offers a new cartridge specifically for law enforcement training. The new cartridge, Meister LE .45 ACP 230 grain RN, consists of a 230 grain RN hard cast lead bullet and uses. adds a CrossBreed Holsters Shooter’s Pack as a special bonus to its “ Springfield XD-S™ Giveaway.” Enter by Aug. 31 to win both the Springfield Armory XD-S Compact .45 ACP.

The MBC Difference Hardness-Optimized Bullets Most cast bullet shooters don't know a lot about the properties of the lead alloy they're shooting because they haven't been educated about it. If you want to learn a little bit about some important cast bullet facts, then please read on.

I've shot more 45 acp bullets than I could ever count, and I've made many light load 44 mag bullets because they just happened to be very accurate, and making your own in some calibers is fine for certain reasons, but for anything other than.

Casting HP 45acp Bullets and Powder Coating. PCBullets is a channel with how-to videos for bullet making and odd/new techniques. Please Subscribe! Check out.

I never reloaded for .45acp until recently and having recently got into bullet casting of course I'm trying cast bullets. I have an original army 1911 that's in good shape and with Lee 452-200-RF bullets and 5 grains of unique it shoots well and cycles.

Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto, Liberty’s high-performance ammunition has twice the effective range of standard ammo, provides up to 16% less felt recoil and considerably less weight.

The Lee Cast 45 Caliber 200 grain SWC Mold & Bullet ReviewI Learned How to Make My Own Bullets – Longtime readers probably won’t find it shocking that I enjoy firing guns. Of the weapons I’ve fired, the World War II-era Thompson submachine gun is my favorite. Not the Tommy, with its large barrel.

1911a1 Colt Commander .45 Acp Pistol One of the first compact firearms was the Colt Commander, a variant of the Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP service pistol. A 1911A1 service pistol, more than eight inches long, could be difficult to draw and. THE COLT COLLECTION. Colt was TALO's first limited edition partner in the late 1990s. With the factory's cooperation, TALO editions

We offer the finest quality hard cast lead bullets for reloading. We have many different calibers to choose from. 44 Mag, 45 ACP, 380, 38 Special, 9mm, 357 Magnum and many more. We carry a large variety of hard cast lead bullets and Polymer Coated bullets for Cowboy Action Shooters, IPSC, IDPA, Speed Steel and all reloading enthusiasts.

45ACP. Please click HERE to visit our Bulk page for larger quantities. ACME Bullet Company manufactures the 45 ACP 175 SWC-NLG Hi Tek Coated bullet. This new desi.

Key point: If you need a highly durable weapon, these .45 pistols have you covered. Today, advances in bullet technology.