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Hi-Point ® offers a warranty registration page for any current owners of Hi-Point ® firearms, purchased new or pre-owned. Click below to register. Read More

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as .45 ACP. The M&P mostly serves in police forces in the United States and abroad. One of the best handguns in.

Ww2 .45 Acp Headstamps Reloaders . a .45acp headstamp. Just wondering if you have come across this – and/or know its origin. Because I am loading practice/plinking stuff I am mixing headstamps from the large bucket of brass . but this one surprises me with its reluctance to accept a primer. others just have a slightly. Arsenal Firearms produced

Custom Hi-Point® Pistol Grips. These grips are hydro-dipped with a durable coating and will last for many years under normal use. Excessive impact can result in damage, as such, other than factory defects, the coating cannot be covered under the Hi-Point® lifetime warranty.

Hi-Point Firearms (Model 995) carbines are robust, accurate, reliable and affordable price. Sales of this popular carbine are in the hundreds of thousands. The Hi-Point OEM carbine magazines hold.

For sale: One (1) new in box Glock 30, .45 ACP. This pistol has a 3.77" barrel, white dot front sight, white outline rear sight and comes with two 10 round magazines, magazine l

All Hi-Point® handguns are +P rated to accept all factory ammunition and feature: 100% American-made parts and assembly, and FREE trigger lock. 45ACP Black.

Whether you’re talking about their 9mm 916 pistols, the CF380 in .380ACP, or the JCP and JHP pistols in .40 S&W and .45 ACP respectively, each pistol features the same unique look and feel of a Hi-Point firearm.

Heizer Defense, the creators of the Pocket Shotgun, Pocket AR, and Pocket AK single-shot pistols, recently added a 45 Auto semi-auto pistol to their product line. With some innova

The Hi-Point of Value Value means offering the most gun for the dollar, and Hi-Point proudly delivers. Our semi-automatic handguns and carbines are available in several calibers. Hi-Point firearms are 100% American-made from top to bottom and are very affordable.

Just purchased the Hi Point 45.Like the other reviews its heavy and ugly.But its a great gun for a person on a hi-point pistol 45acp. 5. Posted by bill c on Sep 4th 2010. this gun is the best 150 you will ever spend. right out of the box it is dead on. two of my friends and i have it. lots of fun to shoo.

NRA Gun of the Week: Hi-Point 4595TS Carbine – For this week’s NRA Gun of the Week, we feature the Hi-Point Carbine 4595TS, a blowback-operated carbine chambered in .45 ACP. Also available in .380 ACP, 9 mm Luger and .40 S&W, the Hi-Point Carbine.

Caliber: .45 ACP. Product weight: 35 oz. Style: Pistol. Manufacturer warranty – general: Lifetime limited. Magazine capacity: 9. What's in the Box. Hi-Point Firearms .45 ACP Pistol.

The most expensive Hi-Point pistol has an MSRP of $199 and can be found in stores for around $150 and under. This doesn't mean it's some flimsy NERF gun, though. I have a Hi-point in 45acp. I am a large man with large hands and the pistol fits me well. I sprayed the slide and grips with textured paint.

Hi-Point Firearms .45 ACP Pistol & Carbine – But if your funds are just too tight to invest in more expensive equipment, Hi-Point Firearms can get the job done at a low cost. The .45 ACP models evaluated for this review functioned reliably with.

It is also capable of firing +P ammunition. The weapon uses the .45 ACP cartridge, and is the largest pistol that Hi-Point manufactures. The weapon comes with a lifetime warranty like other Hi-Point firearms. Hi-Point's handguns use a blowback design similar to that used in the Walther PPK and Russian Makarov PM.

When additional officers arrived, a Hi-Point pistol .45 ACP caliber without a serial number and a high capacity magazine containing .45-caliber cartridge was found. In a flower purse, 11.3 grams of.

Hi-Point .45 ACP Semi-automatic Pistol. If you're in the market for a budget-minded .45, look no further than the Hi-Point .45 ACP. The fact is, the Hi-Point .45 ACP compares very favorably to pistols that cost much, much more.

John looks at the Hi-Point .45 ACP, his new "pocket pistol." Find us on Hickok45 Twitter and Facebook, as well as "therealHickok45" on Instagram. NOTE: All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes, with an.

Damage, age, plain old wear and tear — these things happen. When they do, Hi-Point ® customers enjoy a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. And lifetime means just that — free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third.

Hi-Point Firearms .45 ACP Pistol & Carbine.

Hi-Point Firearms has been in the business of building inexpensive pistols and carbines for over 20 years using 100 percent American-made components.

The Hi-Point Firearms .45 ACP Pistol features a 4.5" barrel and a polymer grip.

Hi-Point .45 ACP Semi-Auto Pistol An S&I Arsenal Production – Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved Leave your questions and comments below.

Hi-Point .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol 4.5" Barrel 9 Rounds Desert Digital Hi-Point .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol 4.5" Barrel 9 Ro.

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Live fire gun review of the Hi-Point 45 ACP Carbine with the desert digital camo stock, model 4595TS DD. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Pistol caliber carbines are one of those firearm types that shooters.

Hi-Point Firearms, is a firearms manufacturer based in Mansfield, Ohio. They manufacture low-cost pistols and carbines, in the following calibers: 380ACP, 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP. Hi-Point semi-automatic pistols are polymer-framed and generally regarded as simple, inexpensive handguns, which trade-off aesthetics for lower manufacturing cost.

The FBI arrested two men earlier this week on firearms charges as part of increased law enforcement presence in Ferguson, Missouri, ahead of a grand jury decision in the shooting death of Michael.

Apr 01, 2019 · I purchased a hi point 45 acp, and thought to increase the looks of it, but wound up ruining the gun. I sent it back to Hi point, and just as they claim, no questions. in replacing the gun, I only had to pay shipping. That to me is standing by your product. I have better pistols, but I wanted a cheap 45, I believe you can't go wrong in owning one.

Dec 17, 2011 · You can't argue with budget priced 45 ACP defensive power. 🙂 Skip navigation.

Hi Point 45 Pistol – 150 Dollars Of Whoop Ass Armed Defender Reviews and Training.

Hi-Point 1095ts 10mm Carbine.

The Hi-Point Model JHP is a polymer-framed, semi-automatic, blowback-operated pistol manufactured by Hi-Point Firearms. It is chambered in .45 ACP and is rated to accept +P ammunition. The pistol has an integral accessory rail, and a thumb safety. It is also capable of firing +P ammunition.

The Hi-Point Firearms .45 ACP Pistol has a high-impact polymer frame with polymer grips and a powder-coat finish. It includes an adjustable 3-dot rear sight and has double-action operation with an ammo capacity of 9+1. +P rated. Magazine disconnect and on/off thumb safeties. Made in USA.

MKS Supply, LLC, Dayton OH, Oct. 2016-Hi-Point Firearms (Model 995) carbines are robust.

For the early part of 2017 Hi-Point plans for a new high-capacity magazine in .45 ACP. Also on the drawing.

After putting .45 ACP and .40 S&W Hi-Point pistols through a thorough shooting test, the author says you can call the Hi-Point pistols inexpensive, but don’t ever say they aren’t good shooters! By Paul Scarlata. Here in North Carolina we have an old expression: "It looks like it fell out of the ugly tree–and hit every branch on the way down.