Heavy Bullets .45 Acp

45 ACP was the standard caliber of the Colt M1911 pistol, and remains so to this day. A heavy, subsonic bullet, a typical .45 ACP weighs twice as much as the 9mm Luger round and delivers a third more.

45 ACP ammo, right? Can we all agree that any ammunition that says.

That means it’s going to handle barriers like heavy clothing, wood, and glass and still perform admirably. The 230-grain offering.

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Choosing Between A .45 ACP And A 10mm – 45 ACP and a 10mm, the answer is it depends on how you are using.

It is a low pressure cartridge that shoots heavy-bullets slowly, and it has more than enough power to the job done. Lastly, because.

Aug 21, 2013  · Background. Interested for a while in heavies and ordered the 2006 handloaders mag with the super heavy 45 acp loads article for a reference. I was already loading the 265 gr cast perf WFNGC bullet very short over power pistol, so I felt confident loading the.

Nothing Better: These Are the 5 Best .45 Caliber and 9mm Guns on the Planet – 45 ACP was the standard caliber of the Colt M1911 pistol, and remains so to this day. A heavy, subsonic bullet, a typical .45 ACP weighs twice as much as the 9mm Luger round and delivers a third more.

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.

After reading John Taffin's articles on loading the 45 acp to original 45 colt spec's with 250/260 gr. Lead SWC bullets and reading all the post's on the 1911forum about it. I decided to try it myself.

Shooting Heavy Bullet Loadings in 45ACP Ruger Blackhawk Revolver 45ACP+P ammo is externally/dimensionally identical to 45 ACP ammo and can be fired in any 45 acp firearm that is in normal operating condition. However, the greater pressures and power of the +P ammo will give you greater slide velocity and if you are going to shoot more than a box or two of +P ammo.

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2 ammo lines unveil new bullets at SHOT Show – The .380 ACP HST bullet is heavy for caliber, at 99 grains. (PoliceOne Image) This exceptional round has always been limited to duty calibers (9mm .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP), however, and there.

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125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For .45 ACP? – 125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For.

a 125 grain .45 ACP round at 1,450 fps would surpass the energy of a 400 Cor -Bon, a 10 mm , a.357 SIG, a 40 S&W, and of course equal the .357 in 125 grain. The.

Playing Hard Ball Heavy .45 ACP Bullets in Revolvers It seems as if someone’s always asking a question on one of the talk sites about a good, heavy carry bullet and load for the .45 ACP cylinder in the Ruger Blackhawk convertible. Several folks have fitted a .45 ACP cylinder to their Vaqueros and are on the hunt for this magical load also.

May 23, 2009  · Dwood, I wasn’t trying to supercharge my 45 acp. You missed the whole point completely. It was a test to prove or disprove the statement made by others that the 45 acp could be loaded to duplicate the original BP 45 Colt loads with 250-260 gr. Bullets, without having to go into the pressure realms of the 45 super or 460 Roland.

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In the case of the TCP, the bushing-less heavy barrel is 4" as opposed to the 4¼” on.

cues to give the model a serious modern flair. The TCP comes in both .45 ACP and 9 mm Luger, with the 9 mm.

Jun 02, 2010  · Economical Heavy weight bullets in the 45 acp. Has anyone had any better luck with feeding in any design. I’m wanting something in the 250-260gr class. Was thinking about the Rainier 250gr for 45 Colt, but don’t want to buy a bunch that won’t feed. Having a hard time finding load data for the Hodgdon and Winchester powders also.

Based on loads used with the 255 gr RNFP bullets in the 45ACP developed years ago, here is a nice +P loading with the 262 gr. Lee SWC bullet (from the 252.

Walther Arms designs .45-caliber ACP gun – 45-caliber ACP cartridge. Photo by Andy Shupe Fort Smith-based.

The board determined there was a need for a semi-automatic pistol that shot a heavy, .45-caliber bullet capable of stopping an.

The bigger, slower, heavier .45 ACP is a pure personal protection round. The 10mm is a true all 'rounder, but makes certain demands of the When it was invented, the .45 ACP round was essentially .45 Colt with a shorter, rimless case to fit in a semi-automatic pistol. Initially it was devised for the Colt.

Best Defense Round 45 Acp What is the best caliber for self defense? Is it the 9mm, the .40 S&W, or the .45 ACP? Of all of the firearms related quarrels, none rival the argument over which auto pistol cartridge is best for personal defense. This is partly because personal protection is very important, partly because folks assume. Jun 11,

Jan 15, 2005  · Are there any heavy hardcast bullets that I could use for hogs? This weapon is of the » Advanced : Shooters Forum > Handguns.

45 Acp Heavy Bullet.

1100 fps from the carbine. Has anybody chrono’d this? I’m curious because I am thinking of getting an AR15 in either 45 or 10mm soon. Maybe if I behave Santa will let me have both.

These 5 .45 Caliber Handguns Are the Top-Of-The-Line – 45 ACP was the standard caliber of the Colt M1911 pistol, and remains so to this day. A heavy, subsonic bullet, a typical .45.