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Jan 07, 2018  · Bullseye loads for 45 ACP. This is a discussion on Bullseye loads for 45 ACP within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Being fairly new to reloading for the 45 ACP I have a couple questions. In looking at load data in my books and everywhere else.

But only forty years later, percussion revolvers loaded with loose black powder, bullet, and percussion cap much.

The 44, which uses a true 45 caliber bullet, had enough power to deal with man and.

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Browning in 1905, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.

‘Loading dirty’: Norman County retiree named world champ at black powder shooting – "And these rifles should be used." Carefully and meticulously, he went through the steps of loading his .45-caliber muzzleloader, a long-range rifle, with black powder. Some call it "loading dirty.".

The old containers for Ramshot Enforcer included .45 ACP load data on the labels. Unfortunately, the new container labels have no load data. The usual way to get more speed is to add more powder. This also means more pressure. At some point you reach the pressure limit, and that’s where +P comes to.

WARNING. The information displayed on this site, including ballistic data, was derived from tightly controlled laboratory conditions. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading.

The 1911 Loaded .45ACP handgun is one of the best models you'll find at Springfield Armory, where you'll also find many other top-of-the-line In the post-War years, as 1911s became increasingly common in the civilian market, shooters and custom shops found new ways to upgrade their .45s.

With this 45 ACP package, you'll get top-value Silver Bear ammo that is excellent for the range, especially in autoloading handguns. The full metal jacket ensures smooth feeding with less fouling inside the barrel. With a strong backing of gunpowder and a 230-grain bullet, these cartridges deliver.

May 04, 2012  · Say it stops at 1.280" but not 1.260". Load a 1.270" and keep trying to know where it likes the oal. Once you have a good idea where it should be, use load data intended for the closest OAL and powder charge. You will have built a 45 caliber auto round specifically for that firearm. Record your findings and load.

I've tried many different gunpowders in .45acp and prefer AA#5 for performance loads. AA#5 was specifically developed for the .45acp and is an excellent choice, IMO. A favorite standard velocity load for the 230gr. plated bullet: 230gr.Ranier.

The numbers will change significantly based on what cartridge you’re loading, what setup you want, etc. .45 ACP Ammo For this analysis.

your load data, what reloading dies you’re using, and even.

This video shows setting up and loading 45 ACP with the new Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet feeder on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP press. Here' I'll show the preferred die setup from the following post

Discussion: The small case and short powder burning time of the .45 ACP requires a faster burning powder, like Bullseye or Unique. Trail Boss is new for the .45 ACP, but it shoots very well with a lead bullet (you can use jacketed also) and is quite mild but works the slide well in loads I have tested so far.

Load 45 ACP Without Blowing Up Your Gun i'm looking for load data for a 200gr plated .45acp flat nose rounds with bullseye powder. i loaded up 50 rounds with 4.2gr of bullseye and have a light taper crimp I use the slower data for jacketed rounds using plated I only load 9MM and 45 / 185GR HBRN that way.

Reloading data for the Hornady XTP 124 GR 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point . So, I've written about reloading the Hornady 147 grain JHP round on a different post and now I want to talk about the 124 grain Hornady XTP JHP. I love loading and shooting both the 124 & 147 grain JHP rounds for target practice and defense ammo.

Alliant Powder neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data. Use this data with alliant brand powders only. Reduce rifle and handgun charge weights by 10% to establish a starting load.

N320 porous handgun and shotgun powder The N320, formerly known as 3N22, is a fast burning, porous handgun powder. N320 is one of our most popular handgun powders and can be used for a wide range of pistol calibers from .32 to .45. It is most commonly used by sport and hobby shooters such as

45-caliber rifle that achieves 2,200 fps with a 280-grain Powerbelt.

How do you ignite such a horrific heap of powder? By abandoning the traditional 209 shotshell primer in exchange for a Large.

Return to previous Page Reloading The 10 MM (WC= WadCutter, SWC= Semi-WadCutter, HP= Hollow Point, RN= Round Nose, FMC= Full Metal Case, FMJ= Full Metal Jacket, JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated, means Gas Check at bottom of lead bullet)

Meet the Deadly AR Pistol: An AR-15s That Is Classified As a Pistol – The pistol caliber AR is an interesting variant on the AR-15 platform that is gaining a wider audience. Although internally different from a typical AR-15, it is essentially identical in operation,

A database of .45 acp handloads. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type

207 rows  · .45 ACP Load Data Online More .45 ACP Reloading Data. The ACP is an extremely.

Jul 18, 2010  · I use w231 for all my 45 acp. I do a lot of bowling pin shoots and use the Ranier HP 230 grain copper plated. The HP rounds grab on to the pins better than the round nose heads. I start off w/5.5 gr. of 231 and as the match progresses the pins get heavier from the amount of rounds it takes then I go to my loads.

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Reloading Powders – My Five Favorites – On the other hand someone who loads giant rounds necked down to a small caliber.

45-70, a case full of 4198 and a 400 grain bullet will not disappoint. Other straight cases from the 32-40 and the.

Rock Island 1911 Tactical 45 Acp FBI Unlearns Gun & Ammo History. 9mm Vs 45 ~ VIDEO – LaGarde: Antonio Caspi, a prisoner on the island of Samar, P.I. attempted escape on Oct. Look again at Miami and The Moro rebellion. Remember why the 1911 is in .45 and not 9mm Lugar. Maybe one. The Rock Island Armory 1911 series is