Good All Around Powder For 45 Acp

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You may get one powder to load for all three calibers, and Winchester 231 is probably a good powder to use for all three calibers you plan to load. However, one of the most satisfying things about reloading is finding the ideal powder and bullet combination for each gun and caliber that meets your objective for recoil and accuracy.

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The best powder is actually two powders, Winchester 231, and Hodgdon's HP-38. Truth is, these are the same powder, marketed under two different The very old, and reliable Bullseye powder has been around along time and still works good in the .45 ACP. And a new powder, Winchester 244.

45 ACP cartridge. Team Never Quit 45 ACP 155gr Frangible Ammo @ Brownells ; AmmoLand Gun News USA-( In U.S. military circles for over one-hundred years; from the.

I am looking for a good powder to load 9mm with 147 grain lead bullets and also to load 45 ACP with 200/230 grain lead bullets.

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Honestly which ever powder you can find! I use Unique for loading .45ACP and that is like hen's teeth to find. Fortunately, a pound will load more than a few rounds so it does last awhile. Check your loading data and see what is available. If wh.

Try Vihtavuori N320 in your .45 ACP Pistol. Man does not live by long-guns alone. We know that many of our readers own .45 ACP handguns and load for this extremely accurate “classic” cartridge. When selecting a powder for the .45 ACP, there are many good options.

Load ’em right: Q&A with Rob Behr of Western Powders–Part 1 – The .45 ACP is another fun and easy cartridge for the handloader. It has limited capacity and a low operating pressure, two real pluses if you are looking for a versatile cartridge in terms of good.

Selecting a Solid Propellant for Reloading .45 ACPIf I could only own five handguns in .45 ACP, these would be it.

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Best All Around.

Favorite powder for 9mm,38special,45acp. ok i use bullseye and unique alot but i am getting ready to load 9mm and was wondering what powder you would choose from shooting mainly mid range target loads in all 3 calibers with lead and fmj rounds and say maybe 100 out of each 1000 rounds would be a.

The 45 is one of those calibers that really does well with just about any powder you use, so I wouldn't sweat trying to find that one powder that is THE best. I mostly use Bullseye, 231, Universal, or Power Pistol these days for all my handgun.

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I use Bullseye powder exclusively for my 45ACP loads. Unique is an all around powder, if I could only have ONE powder that might be it. I'm another Bullseye powder user – great stuff! Started with my .45ACP Colt using.

Sti Trojan 45 Acp Die STI Trojan ist eine 1911er der Oberklasse im modernen neuem Look und einer tollen Ausstattung. Kaliber: .45ACP Visier: Competition-Korn, Kimme Bomar-Style verstellbar Sicherung: Griffstücksicherung mit hohem Eingriff, einseitiger Daumensicherung Lauf: 5″ Bull-Lauf mit Rampe. Crafted with classic 1911 design, the STI International Trojan is a traditional 1911 built to modern high-end standards for an

With the right bullets and powders, reloading 45 ACP can yield ammo more than capable of winning matches and protecting the home. Not many cartridges have lived as long as the 45 ACP. In fact, not many of anything has. Adopted by the U.S. military in the Model 1911 pistol during the year 1911, the.

Good advice all around. I'd caution one thing, though: Using a powder that 'gives more bang for the buck' can lead to a double charge in a case – especially for a new reloader. If you use a powder that takes more space in the case, it is much easier to spot a double charge. A double charge can ruin your gun AND your day – maybe even your life.

Five Favorite Handgun Powders. Ammoland Inc. Posted on July 14, 2016 July 14, 2016 by Bob Shell. By Bob Shell It is frustrating to have developed good loads with a certain powder & then it is out.