Eaa Witness P Carry 45 Acp

MC1911C (COMMANDER .45ACP). Witness Polymer Carry. The listing of their names is not intended to represent an endorsement by the manufacturer or any of its subsidiaries nor is it meant to represent an endorsement of the firearm/brand by EAA Corp / USSG.

Deep Carry DC-2 IWB Appendix Holster – Leather Lined. The DC-1 is constructed of a very high quality polymer (Bolteron) with smooth cowhide lining. The lining is Hermann Oak leather and is stitched in as well as bonded to the inside of the holster. The fit is molded exactly to your pistol and we can make the holster for over 300 different pistols. Lead time is a approximately two weeks.

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This .45 ACP compact power house has a light weight ploy frame with a steel slide and Wonder finish wich is basically a matte Nickle plated finish that looks like stainless steel. Say you want a pistol for self defense, home defense or lawful concealed carry. There are so many choices out there.

History of the .45 ACP . The .45 ACP was developed in the late 1800s by the legendary John Moses Browning to answer the US military’s demand for a more powerful cartridge to supersede the then-standard-issue Colt Model 1892 New Army.

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few military units as well. EAA has a few different models available, including full-size and compacts the SAR B6 in 9mm,

EAA Tanfoglio Witness P-Carry. This is a discussion on EAA Tanfoglio Witness P-Carry. within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Hello folks, I'm curious if any of you have any experience with any EAA Witness models.

Five Best Concealed Carry Revolvers – Gun writer, Tred Law lists his picks of the five best concealed carry revolvers for.

buying a handgun in: .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. I still think that way, but with one caveat.

Best Compact 9mm Concealed Carry. The rules for the best CCW 9mm pistols list Weigh 30 ounces or less, barrel 4 inches or shorter, and cost less than $650 from a gun dealer.

Sad Holiday for Yankee Doodlers – For my carry piece, I was looking at a Kimber Carry, but.

I’m now leaning toward an EAA Witness P-Carry, which is a compact .45 ACP with a polymer frame that holds 10+1. Not only is it supposedly.

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EAA Witness P Carry Semi Auto Handgun .45 ACP 3.6" Barrel 10 Rounds Black Polymer Grips Stainless Finish 600245

EAA Witness 9 mm Luger – Manufactured by Tanfoglio in Italy and imported by European American Armory Corp. (EAA), the 9 mm Luger Witness.

personal protection. Other Witness models are available in .38 Super, .40 S&W, 10 mm.

This is my new favorite. I love .45 acp being a big 1911 fan. Always had a thing for revolvers and this is the best of both worlds. Being a big gun it is well balanced and easy to sight.

The ModWing is a standalone piece of concealment-enhancing hardware. It allows a user’s belt to apply additional leverage by rotating the holster and the grip of the gun towards the user’s body, creating better concealment and less user “printing” of the firearm and holster.

Find .40 S&W semi-automatic pistols from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the lowest price handgun from multiple warehouses.

Performance Pak – Contains 1 each extra power recoil spring, firing pin spring, reduced power hammer spring and a reduced power trigger spring for improved performance.

Field Notes: 10 mm Auto – EAA Witness Hunter EAA warns against using +P or “High Velocity High Pressure” factory ammunition.

for their 10 mm platform similar to the one offered for Vectors in .45 ACP. That product is an.

Caliber: 45 ACP. Model Family: EAA Witness. Say you want a pistol for self defense, home defense or lawful concealed carry. There are so many choices out there. You want a pistol that could be a carry gun as well as enjoyable to shoot and.

Thanks for the update, I went to the website and looked at the P Match in 10mm. Being so many slides are interchangeable on Witness’s, I’m going to call them and make sure my Elite Stock 3 38 Super slide will slide right on that poly frame, I don’t see why it wouldn’t both are 4.75 inch barrels.

Oct 15, 2012  · Gun writer, Tred Law lists his picks of the five best concealed carry revolvers for everyday carry & self defense. When drawing a Concealed Carry Revolver you likely want one of.

Standard Models, including Full Size Baby Eagle with 4.4" barrel: Reduced Power – Pak contains 1 each reduced power recoil springs in 9, 10, 11 and 12 pounds.Three extra power firing pin springs are also included for both EAA and other models.

The Tanfoglio Force, also known as Force 99, Force 2002, EAA Witness Polymer or EAA Witness P-Carry, is a modified clone of the Czech CZ-75/CZ-85 semi-automatic pistol.It is made in Gardone Val Trompia near Brescia, Italy by Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C.

Bigfoot Gun Belts released their Untamed Series to the open and concealed carry world.

40 S&W/.45 ACP/.357 Magnum. The other new SERPA holster will accommodate the CZ 75/75B/75 SP-01 Shadow/85B in.

516 USD. Get a Witness in polymer. Compact or full size or even better yet, get a Witness P Carry to give you that added advantage in a carry/defense pistol while keeping the fun of shooting a Witness pistol. Witness Polymer Pistols can be converted to 22LR, 9mm, .40SW, .45ACP & 10mm.