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American Eagle 45 Acp 230 Grain Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to hot rod the .45 ACP cartridge. In the very earliest days of the .45, the 230-gr. round-nose FMJ bullet was loaded to 820 feet per second, which. Winchester’s Win1911 – 45 ACP rounds will be available with either a flat-nose full. Both the FMJ

Further, I believe the .45 ACP's terminal performance is dependent more on bullet mass than velocity. Corbon 165 PowRBall +P. Hornady 185 FTX. Remington 185 Golden Saber +P. I am not a fan of +P in .45 but this is what was on the.

Here are some corbon dpx 160 grain for the 45acp. Corbon says they have a velocity of 1050fps and 392 ft lbs of energy out a 3" pistol. And these are.

As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful.

I recently got my mitts on some of Corbon's new "Compact Gun Load" in .45 ACP. This standard pressure load uses the Barnes X-bullet as do the company's other calibers in the DPX line.

Environmentally friendly, Corbon DPX is lead-free, featuring solid copper projectiles. Each of these 20 Corbon .45 ACP rounds is loaded with a 160 grain Barnes X hollow point bullet. Constructed of solid, heat treated copper, Barnes X projectiles deliver 100 percent weight retention and deep.

Inland Mfg.’s New-Production M1 Carbine – 45 ACP and are 100 percent made.

simply plinking and target shooting. Cor-Bon is the exception in modern .30 Carbine options, most of which retain the 110-gr. bullet weight of the military ball.

45 ACP) or to three decimal points.

The blue and white box in the lower left corner is from Cor-Bon, but they chose to let their label colors do the talking and emphasized the DPX bullet style.

Moderate. 0. Corbon Line. DPX. 45 Auto 160gr DPX. DPX Overview COR®BON's DPX® Handgun ammunition exhibits superior performance to all other defensive.

Ammo Test  .45 ACP - 185 Gr +P DPX The .45 ACP Corbon DPX round is fairly "traditional" in appearance but uses a homogeneous bullet made from a copper alloy. The load is rated +P and is so noted on the case head stamp. The load is nominally rated at 1075 ft/sec. With no jacket and no lead, fragmentation does not occur.

Reviews Leave a Review. posted on 3/11/15 by Eric Whitmore. Good ammo. Accurate & Reliable. I have a bunch of the normal DPX in the blue box, sold under the Corbon name directly. This is the same thing except the insert inside the box is made from cardboard.

45 ACP and .38 Super calibers.

30 carbine cartridge gained a significant upgrade when Peter Pi at Corbon Ammunition came out with a 100-grain DPX loading using a Barnes X solid copper hollow point.

45 ACP anyway? One good reason is the fact that bathing suits.

Select lighter, faster cartridges to improve the speed of follow up shots. In my tests, the Cor-Bon 110-grain DPX cartridges are the.

Caliber – 45 ACP. Grain Weight – 160Gr. Manufacturer – CorBon. You may order the Corbon Ammo Deep Penetrating X bullet 45 ACP 160Gr XPB +P 20/500 online now. Please click the Order Now button above or contact our sales department to place your order.

Corbon's 9mm +P loaded DPX ammunition is a perfect choice to meet your premium self-defense needs featuring solid copper hollow points! Corbon has been a leader in premium defense ammunition for over 25 years and continues to lead the charge.

CorBon ammunition is tested against common barriers. When shot through four layers of heavy material, (including leather) CorBon bullets retain adequate velocity to reliably expand. Tests against windshield glass and car doors proved that the high-velocity CorBon bullets did not deflect from.

45 ACP ammunition for law enforcement duty generally ranges between 180-230 grains. There are lighter bullets out there, but even the extreme velocity ones like the CorBon DPX cartridges run 185.