Cobra Patriot 45 Acp Report Problems

A manual for the Cobra Firearms Patriot .45 acp semi-auto pistol. .45 ACP 6 inches 4 3/4 inches 3.3 inches 18.6 ounces Rear Drift Adjustable Black Polymer Black Polymer Black Stainless Brushed Stainless Polished Stainless 6 + 1 (7+1 Feeding problems may occur using hollow point ammunition.

Cobra Patriot .45 ACP Report I want to begin by saying that I am a novice compared to many of you folks. The below review is just my laymans impressions of this pistol. I received my Cobra Patriot .45 yesterday morning. Out of the Box: The Patriot, in the past, was produced by Republic Arms.

Less expensive guns are usually cheap, meaning they are unreliable and of low quality, so when an inexpensive gun comes along that won't break before it is broken in and works correctly every time the trigger is pulled, it is noteworthy. When it comes in a major caliber and doesn't bite the shooter.

More on the Cobra Patriot 45 ACP I'm gonna have to take back my last comment about the massive amounts of oil making this POS work. Went back again yesterday with the same type of setup (massive amounts of oil – nearly dripping) and as usual, it was very consistent at being inconsistent and unreliable.

Speed Sights: Diamonds are a Shooter’s Best Friend – More so, the after-action report by a police officer who used these sights in a.

The advantages are a hard-hitting pistol in 45 ACP that makes for a smaller carry package with the bonus of being.

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Cobra Patriot 45 acp 20 oz. Well I've done some more range work with this little far I'm impressed. I picked the gun up at a local gunshop.

in a very good trade (for me) for this gun and a Makarov that I recently traded off .

Patriot .45 cal pistolCobra's Patriot Takes a Bite . by R.K. Campbell. photography by R.K. Campbell. December 16th, 2007 Often pistols are enjoyable on the range and others are a real chore to test.

If anyone has any knowledge or experience with the Cobra Patriot .45 ACP I would appreciate it if you would share it. I'm about to have one of these pistols myself, hopefully sometime next week. The biggest 'problem' is the stock trigger-it's gritty.

Why the Charter Arms Pitbull is the ideal 9mm revolver for backup/off-duty – 45 acp in case that’s your preference of caliber.

Several shooters tried the Pitbull and they all loaded and ejected the fired cases without a problem after being instructed to just give each round.

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The cobra patriot .45 was my 1st CC & The 9mm version makes a good BUG! heres the link for those who havent ever seen one. The Republic Arms Patriot .45 is now being manufactured by Cobra Enterprises and at this writing, comes in two slide finishes , cobra patriot 45 acp report problems.

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