Bullseye 45 Acp Loads

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Discussion: The small case and short powder burning time of the .45 ACP requires a faster burning powder, like Bullseye or Unique. Trail Boss is new for the .45 ACP, but it shoots very well with a lead bullet (you can use jacketed also) and is quite mild but works the slide well in loads I have tested so far.

Jan 21, 2012  · I have personally loaded and fired (in 1911 pistols) 1/4 million rounds of 45 ACP ammo with cast bullets in the 200 – 240 range and 99% of them with Bullseye powder. The charge weight has varied from 4.5 to 4.9 grains of BE depending on the bullet weight. These are not powder puff target loads. I just laid in another 8 pounds

Dec 24, 2012  · I’ve used unique, AA#5, and others. Thought to try bullseye powder for my 200 grain swc 45 loads. My 1911 will hold 2 inches at 25 yards. I’ve tried 3.6, 4.0, and 4.3 grains of bullseye. Nothing less than 4 or 5 inch groups. Do I just have a weird barrel? Looking to buy a large supply for pistol. What do others find a good target 45 load with bullseye?

Here are a few of those I suggest you lock and load with this year. Let’s begin with the 2010 NRA Golden Bullseye Award-winning Superformance.

might want to take a look at Hornady’s new50-caliber,

I'm loading my first 45 acp rounds. I've been loading for about 5 years, several thousand 9mm, 38 special, recently .380 and quite a few 223. Looking for loads using Bullseye, 200gr LSWC Bayou Bullets, 225gr Bayou truncated cone, seeing what works. Seems to me that Bullseye loads for both.

Nov 19, 2009  · .45 ACP 230 grain with Bullseye? This is a discussion on .45 ACP 230 grain with Bullseye? within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have a Ruger P90TH. I need load data using Zero 230 grain FMJ with Bullseye powder. I checked Alliant’s web site.

Bullseye is the classic pistol powder and the backbone of many pet loads. We look at three classics: one each in .45 ACP, .38 Special, and 9mm.

45 ACP Reloads Bullseye Powder CCI Primers. Jan 16, 2004  · According to Speer # 11, the range for Bullseye is 4.7-5.1 with 778fps-844fps, respectively, so you should be in good shape. I’ver used these loads succesfully, although now my standard load for the 230 in my 625 is 5.0 grs Unique. For some reason I like Unique in .45 ACP better than Bullseye. "Feels" better.

Nov 21, 2015  · Picked up a couple # of Bullseye and reloaded some test loads with 4.8 grain – bullet is Extreme 230 gr RN – even the Alliant site says 5.7 grains, I find these 4.8 grains a pretty hot load (no, I do not have a chronometer -yet). According to some of the relaoding manuals I have, this 4.8 gr seem.

You .45 ACP load is nothing close to what I settled on, and I have a slide mounted red dot (you don't say). Mine is 4.0 grains of bullseye with a swaged lead SWC bullet. I only crimp to .470". I once made master shooting with that load. I machine rest test at 50 yards. It isn't my loads which keep me from shooting master scores now.

There is no single formula that all Bullseye shooters employ; several loads will produce excellent accuracy. In this report, I'm focusing on .45 ACP loads with 185-grain jacketed bullets. Jacketed bullets generally have the edge in accuracy over lead bullets, and among jacketed bullets, jacketed hollowpoint bullets are usually favored.

Factory New . Italian Firearms Group Tanfoglio Bullseye .40S&W. Features: 6" Barrel With Polygonal Rifling (For Increased Accuracy And Longer Life), 14+1 capacity, Lighter Slide With Four Holes (Increasing Pistol Balance), Tanfoglio World Famous Custom Competition Frame, Large Frame / Full Size, Auto Firing Pin Block, Cocked and Locked Safety on Frame, Chrome, Checkered Front / Back Strap.

ASYM’s National Match 45 ACP Target Ammunition – Ammoland.com)- ASYM PRECISION National Match Target ammunition is a match winning, extremely accurate load that tells the shooter just how well their tuned 45 can perform. Featuring the Nosler 185.

She is now the owner of Worth-A-Shot , which is located in Millersville, Maryland, about a 45.

caliber. She pointed out that her guns did not have the D.C.-mandated, ten-round limit on the magazine.

Apr 25, 2019  · question of Bullseye load for .45 ACP Reloading Bench. My Hornady Fith Edition quotes Bullseye loads to 5.3 gr indicating a velocity of 850 FPS with a red marked maximum load of 5.7 gr running at 900 FPS. Jan 03, 2010 · I load for 9mm and 45 acp in my Glocks and 1911, along with 38 spcl and 357 for the wheelguns.

So, last year I started reloading .40 to save money, which I have. I have access to unlimited amounts of .40 brass so that really helps. Well, I got dies for .45 auto so I can up the volume on my 1911

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» Reloader’s Guide; Locate a Dealer. Search by City and State. Reloader’s Guide Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. Recipe. Bullseye: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. 25 Auto. 32 H&R Magnum. 32 Auto. 32 S&W Long. 357 Magnum. 38 Special. 38 Special +P. 38 Super Auto +P. 380 Auto. 40 S&W. 44 Rem. Magnum. 44 S&W Special. 45.

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I am under the understanding that there are some VERY commonly used Unique and Bullseye .45 ACP loads. For 230 and 200 grain Berry bullets, what would such loads be? I am looking for accuracy at the range.

I shot a lot of bullseye and reloaded tons of .45 but will have to look up the loads I used somewhere. I do remember that I used bullseye, and i am pretty sure that it was around 4.8 gr. I know that it never was above 5 grs. for soft loads.

Billions of rounds have been loaded with Bullseye since it was introduced in 1913. Principal Purpose: Handgun loads. Remarks: America's best known pistol powder. Unsurpassed for .45 ACP target loads. Canister Sizes

Recent Baltimore murders, for instance, were committed with a Smith & Wesson 9 mm first sold at a Texas gun shop called Bullseye’s in 1981 and a .38-caliber Colt revolver.

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Billions of rounds have been loaded with Bullseye since it was introduced in 1913. Fast burning and consistent ;.

Unsurpassed for .45 ACP target loads.

Reloading Science: Finding the Right Load for Suppressed Pistols – Take a look at the reloading experiments and science behind finding the right load for suppressed pistols.

Next, Bullseye and Titegroup performed superbly. Bullseye racked in all “1s” in 9mm and.

Picked up a couple # of Bullseye and reloaded some test loads with 4.8 grain – bullet is Extreme 230 gr RN – even the Alliant site says 5.7 grains, I find these 4.8 grains a pretty hot load (no, I do not have a chronometer -yet).

This is a discussion on Bullseye loads for 45 ACP within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Being fairly new to reloading for the 45 ACP I have a couple questions.

May 07, 2019  · The ‘5.0g Bullseye / 230g’ 45 ACP load is a classic; use in full confidence. When using Bullseye loads in my Caspian 1911 I find its dirtiness causing jams before the 250-rd mark. 45 ACP loads that were chosen to represent modern choices in defensive.