Best Pistol Powder For 45 Acp

Feb 13, 2011  · 45 ACP = W231. Nothing as good. I also use large amounts of Power Pistol in all three; I also use others. I keep over twenty different handgun powders on my shelves, both for experimentation, and as best choice for certain specific loads. If I wanted one powder to load 9×19, 38 Special, and 45 ACP I’d pick Power Pistol. Or Universal. Or W231.

The Best 9mm Ammo For Self Defense: Here Is What We Picked – For me, as far as handgun calibers, these two being on the higher end of the ballistics performance spectrum, no other calibers come close. The .45 acp might be the slowest.

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For me W-231 or HP-38 is the best do all powder I have tried for 45 acp it works well with jacketed or lead bullets, it not to fast and not to slow, in 45 acp its very versatile. I would scratch Blue Dot off the list.

Mar 01, 2012  · For me W-231 or HP-38 is the best do all powder I have tried for 45 acp it works well with jacketed or lead bullets, it not to fast and not to slow, in 45 acp its very versatile. I.

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I use Bullseye powder exclusively for my 45ACP loads. Very accurate with the Hornady 230gn HAP bullet. I would still recomend W231 I 've used it in numerous 45 cal pistols including very short barreled AMT back up ,Ruger P90, 1911 types Sig 220 and even the Marlin.

I used the Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder with Remington 230gr bullets. I began at the starting load of Today I tested out my first ever reloaded bullets. I used the Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder with 9mm vs .40 Cal vs .45 ACP.

Cinder Block Test – Продолжительность: 5:35 Langley Firearms Academy 2.

Best 45 Acp Pistols 2013 When the Singer Sewing Machine Company Built the Best .45 Pistol Ever Made – The .45 caliber pistol, also known as the M1911A1, is one of the most iconic handguns ever made. Perhaps the rarest of this common breed are those made by the Singer Corporation. Best known for. Mar 12, 2013  · If I could

Jul 18, 2010  · So what is everyones favorite powder for reloading 45 auto? I have reloaded a couple hundred and I am looking for a good powder. I started out with unique. It did so well in my 44 mag, I wanted to try it in my 45. It had decent results, but it left a lot of residue on the gun (inside and out) like not all of it was burning. I though it was funny, as it burns so good and clean in my 44 mag.

What is your favorite powder for 45 ACP? This is a discussion on What is your favorite powder for 45 ACP? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I load a lot of 45 ACP.

The Last Great Mouse Gun Race – However, they are far less disruptive to vital tissue and may be manufactured with lower-grade components and less potent powder charges.

loads and reliable pistols to choose from. If you can.

Sep 23, 2012  · This is how I decided on a gun powder to replicate a 45 ACP Factory Load. Skip navigation.

Which Gun Powder to Use David Prokity.

Picking the best Airgun for self defense in gun free zones.

The Best .45 Pistol – We Look At 5 Great Options. What is the best .45 pistol? The .45 ACP (11.43×23mm) (Automatic Colt Pistol), also known as the .45 Auto by C.I.P. or 45 Auto by SAAMI, is a cartridge designed by John Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic .45 pistol and eventually the M1911 pistol adopted by the.

Have not yet used CFE Pistol in 45ACP, but have used it in 38 Special as well as 357 magnum. I have tried CFE quite a bit in 9mm, ,40, & 45. Best results for me were with the 9mm loads.

Jul 14, 2016  · 45 win mag L & 45 auto use different handgun powders for best results Bob Shell USA – -( Like long gun powders, there are a wide variety of suitable handgun powders.

The 45 is one of those calibers that really does well with just about any powder you use, so I wouldn't sweat trying to find that one powder that is THE best. I mostly use Bullseye, 231, Universal, or Power Pistol these days for all my handgun.

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Kevin Williams has been in the gun business most of his life. So the 45-year-old Saginaw man figures he’ll have no trouble living up to his new Auburn store motto "always giving it our best shot.


45 target loads? Any suggestions for target loads in .357, 41 and 44 magnum? A: Jerry Miceluk is a good guy and we are honored that he likes Longshot in his 10MM loads. My all around choice for a wide.

Best Pistol Caliber for Self-Defense – Is the .45 ACP Outdated? – What is the best pistol caliber for self-defense? .45 ACP or 9mm? This is a storied debate, that generally ends with some agreement that the real determining fact is a shooter’s preference. Arkansas–-.

Five Favorite Handgun Powders.

it is one of my favorites in the 45 ACP. Alliant Powder Unique Smokeless Powder.

both of which meter through a pistol powder measure quite smoothly (unlike.

Load ’em right: Q&A with Rob Behr of Western Powders–Part 1 – Western was there promoting its lines of handgun.

the best velocity with the lowest pressure. Gas volume drives bullets and more powder equals more gas. There are times when faster powders provide.

(L to R) .45 ACP, .357 SIG, and 9mm The Best .45 Pistol For You. While .45 ACPs are a bit bulkier than some of the other handguns on the market, they’re still a very popular handgun for conceal carry. If you’re considering purchasing your very first .45 ACP, make sure that you do some testing before you make a purchase.

Discussion: The small case and short powder burning time of the .45 ACP requires a faster burning powder, like Bullseye or Unique. Trail Boss is new for the .45 ACP, but it shoots very well with a lead bullet (you can use jacketed also) and is quite mild but works the slide well in loads I have tested so far.

Reloading 45ACP - First Time at Bat Cowboy mounted-shooting competitions allow central Ohioans to relive Wild West days – JD and Steve are, in fact, two of the best cowboys in the world — cowboy mounted shooters.

Riders are scored based on time and accuracy. Contestants must use .45 caliber, single-action revolvers.

I reload for my 45s, and wish to load 230 gn. jacketed hollow points. Pistol powders have been hard to come by, but today I ran across some CFE Pistol and I looked it up on the Hodgdon web site and it provided loads for 230 gn. LRN and FMJ FP bullets. The store owner said it was a new powder and it.

Hi Guys, What would be a clean burning powder for the .45 acp? I'm shooting these in a Marlin camp carbine and have been using win 231 and it's very very dirty. After shooting 30 or so rounds the action was so dirty I couldn't believe it. I've been thinking of using bullseye or reddot in place of the 231. Do you think it might burn cleaner?

45 Caliber Ammo , Meet the Family of Handgun Ammunition Rounds – Ammunition reloader & writer, Bob Shell, organizes a family reunion of the 45 caliber ammo.

high powered auto pistol round and can be used for hunting large game. The LAR Grizzly works well with.

Best powder for 45 ACP.

Would your recommendations be different if the pistol was a m1911 in the usual US Army configuration – all-steel frame, 5" barrel, etc.?.

The .45 ACP OSS is a sleek gun that feels great to hold. It was designed to work with both left and right handed shooters, and all of its levers are able to If you're looking for a well-rounded .45 ACP to own, the PX4 is one to seriously consider. It's an easy gun to operate for beginners and advanced shooters.

Some of those slower ones are not particularly suitable. Any good manual will give you a good idea of which powders are suitable. After that go to the powder sites and look at their data. Anything from #1 (Fastest) to around 44, 45, 46 ish could be made to "work". Maybe folks could shout out their favorite .45 ACP powder(s).

1. Best .45 ACP Under $1000 – Heckler and Koch HK45. The HK45 originally came about as an improvement to the long regarded USP series. Actually, it was developed to participate in the Joint Combat Pistol and Combat Pistol programs as a replacement for the M9.

As many Shooting Times readers know, the .45 ACP is the All-American pistol cartridge. It was the creation of John M. Browning, one of America’s most prolific and talented gun and cartridge designers. When he created the .45 ACP in 1904-05, it pushed a 200-grain bullet to 900 fps. That load evolved.

Sep 23, 2012  · This is how I decided on a gun powder to replicate a 45 ACP Factory Load. Skip navigation.

Which Gun Powder to Use David Prokity.

Picking the best Airgun for self defense in gun free zones.

This is the philosophy of many old-time (and some newer) shooters who grew up with the .45 ACP being the King of the Hill in terms of effective pistol cartridges. To them, the good ol’ .45 ACP is THE only round to carry or shoot in competition.