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Let’s All Go to the Gun Show, Or, How the Obama Administration Has Stimulated the Firearms Industry – While I purchased some .45 ACP, the fellow next to me told me that he was only buying loaded .357 Magnum cartridges because he couldn’t find cases. How much has the Obama administration spent on.

Tools of the trade–Reivews of Redding Reloading Dies and Wheeler Engineering Tools – Micrometer on Seating Die allows you to consistently seat bullets at the same depth. We don’t want to make this review sound like a comedy of errors but it’s best to be truthful. The biggest hiccup.

Bersa TPR9C Video Review – 45 ACP. Some of us later realized .45 ACP needs velocity to perform and moved away from that gun. It seems the engineers at Bersa understand physics and so have lengthened the barrel for heavier.

The Thunder Pro UC maintains the Bersa tradition of accuracy, reliability and durability and is an excellent choice for anyone needing a tough, reliable, compact sidearm. Frame :Alloy Slide :Steel Front Sight :Interchangeable Sig Sauer #8 Rear Sight :Interchangeable Sig Sauer #8 Serrations :Rear Grip.

40 S&W and .45 ACP is built to perform just like its popular big brother but as a comfortable concealed carry version.Bersa UC PRO Like the full-frame Thunder PRO, the Ultra Compact now also features.

Para los amantes del calibre 45 ACP la Thunder 45 Ultra Compact PRO sorprende desde el principio, su excelente comodidad de empuñe no parece el de una pistola de este calibre, aunque esta es solo una de las ventajas de esta pistola. Bersa ha logrado, a través del diseño de esta pistola.

45-cal. rounds into a hell-bent suspect before putting him down.

Now the robber, a lanky six-footer, was back in the fight with a .380 Bersa pistol he’d grabbed off his front seat. Rounds flew.

Bersa .45 ACPProducts from Bersa .45 ACP for sale at Tombstone Tactical. We stock the full line of Bersa products! Order online or call now! Bersa Firearms, based in Argentina, is well known among firearm enthusiasts and their reviews of the Bersa, for producing high quality guns at very reasonable.

380 ACP for pistols and .38 Special cartridges for revolvers. On the other hand, anything larger than .45 ACP for pistols and.

Manufactured in Argentina by Bersa, the Thunder 380 is a Walther PPK.

Gauge/Caliber: 45 ACP. SKU: 107429131ITEM: THUN45UCMMAG. Features and Benefits. Compatible with Thunder Ultra Compact .45 ACP caliber ammunition.

45 in the world won??t do you a bit of good if you leave.

There are other quality .380 ACP pistols out there such as the Bersa Thunder and Walther PPK. Do you carry a .380? If so, which one and.

45 ACP M1911 with proper sights is the only carry solution.

Demand existed and is now being served by guns such as the Bersa BC-9 (I have asked for a sample of to review) and the Diamondback DB9,

I have been looking for a .45 ACP for CC. Been on the hunt for about 3 years now. Not many people had heard of Bersa, let alone seen one and fewer used one. Did some research and thanks to the good ole world wide web, I found lots of reviews and very informative videos. I found mine at gunshow last.

Springfield Xdm Magazines 45 Acp Springfield Armory Magazine Springfield XD, XDM 45 ACP Stainless Steel. This replacement magazine is a factory original from Springfield Armory. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the. The XD weighs 26 ounces with an unloaded magazine. Smith & Wesson and .45 ACP.

Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact .45ACP ReviewCheck out the full review for the Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact in .45ACP on -.

The Bersa Thunder 45UC; however, is still carried on occasion and sometimes resides in a side pouch of my carry bag. The grip is slightly chunky to some, but you can expect that out of a pistol with a staggered 7-round magazine that provides you with a 7+1`capacity of your favorite .45 acp ammunition.

Thunder Pro Ultra Compact 45ACP Matte Black Finish; Thunder Pro Ultra Compact 45ACP Matte Black Finish.

I bought my Bersa 45 ACP new in September 2004. Got the gun, Uncle Mike sidekick holster and 50 rounds of ammo out the door with taxes for $392.00.

this would make it a single shot pistol.

Pocket Pistols Past and Present – 380 ACP pistols suitable for daily discreet carry in the pants pocket—even though pocket 9 mm Luger and even .45 ACP pistols not appreciably bigger.

LCP sells for considerably less today. (Read the.

I have two single stack 45acp's one a RIA 1911 the other a Ruger P97. I like the " controls" on the Bersa.much better than the 1911.

.The Bersa has a decock feature ,and can be carried hammer down.

.In fact I like the Ruger P97 better.

Bersa Thunder/UC 45acp 7rd Mag [D1R5-AP25]. Price: $42.99. Add some fire power to your Bersa Thunder 45 ultra compact with this 7rd Factory gun magazine.