Bear Loads For 45 Acp

45 ACP in semi-automatic pistols, particularly the M1911A1 in U.S. military service. Both were subsonic rounds with a typical energy load of 300 to 400 foot-pounds.

including deer, bear, and other.

45 ACP for Couger and Bear DefenseAll our 45 ACP +P loads utilize flash suppressed powders so that you will not be blinded by your own gunfire should you need to fire in the dark when the criminal element is at work. The three JHP loads are designed for defense against humans, while the two non-expanding loads are designed to shoot.

Jun 16, 2019 · 10 Life or Death Tips About Bear Defense Handguns [Video] The Best Bear Defense Handgun Bear Defense Slugs (Must Know Survival Facts) Bear Loads Tested (12 Gauge, .45-70, .500 S&W Magnum) Published in Uncategorized Tagged .45 ACP , bear defense , bears , cougar , grizzly bear , handguns , mountian lion defense , Paul Harrell , puma , survival

You can't possibly load 45 ACP hot enough for decent large bear protection. As for hard cast bullets, not really the right direction either. For a bear charge you'd want ablility to poke into the thick cranium to turn off the electricity, thus a material other.

45 ACP +P ammo in total comfort. How folks can routinely fire Scandium.

so I think you could logically argue at least a 50 foot safety zone for a pissed off bear or boar, any closer and they will.

Buffalo Bore loads their ammunition up to maximum SAAMI specifications, which delivers devastating performance Please note that this ammunition is not intended for older guns. It is made for modern firearms only Owner of Buffalo Bore Tim Sundles on 45 ACP+P Ammunition: 45ACP+P ammo is.

I do not encourage a .45 because, in case of a real attack, the bear will be coming AT the victim in for the bear, what is his most "bullet proof" position. It requires penetration to stop a face-on bear. The .45 in any bullet form lacks that on the musculature of a bear and I wouldn't count on it cracking the skull.

A .45 ACP is a poor excuse for a black bear/wild hog gun, but if there's one load commercially available that would do the job, it's this one. Sep 10, 2009 · You can't possibly load 45 ACP hot enough for decent large bear protection. As for hard cast bullets, not really the right direction either.

The realization of this right, in turn, depends on one’s ability to bear arms.

40/10mm, .45 ACP/LC, .300 Blackout and 7.62×39 bullets in 500/1,000-round bulk packs. Midway USA, Widener’s Reloading.

Hey, I was wondering if you guys would use a 45 auto for bear protection when fishing? My Pa has one, and I bicked up some "huntin bullets" for it today, and I plan on using it for spring steel head, I like it cause it it rugged, crazy accurate (dad can littlerally stack bullets) and I can shoot it really well too, and it has an 8 round clip.

Dec 28, 2015 · It can work, but you'd be foolish to count on it. Backpacker shoots, kills grizzly bear in Denali National Park. This guy shot a charging grizzly nine times with his .45, whereupon the bear "stopped and walked into the brush." This was pretty w.

Richard Brown spends hours in his Shepherd basement most days, pulling the lever on his loading press over and over at a steady pace. Each movement drops a brass pistol or rifle casing with a fresh.

How To Cast Bullets With Bonus VIDEO – Like any other aspect of reloading attention to detail is important.

His buddy also shot a grizzly with a 45-70 loaded with a 400 grain LBT bullet and like the other bear one shot did it. A good.

Another vote for the Buffalo Bore .45 ACP +P 255 grain hard cast. I keep some of those on hand. "Don't believe everything you see on the Internet" – Abraham Lincoln. +1 to that. Not saying its ideal but a heavy loaded 45 acp with a good hardcast is better than nothing IMHO.

That translates to muzzle energy of an impressive 562.6 foot-pounds – a good 150% more than most 9mm or .45 ACP loads. Here’s an interesting 10mm ammo option from Doubletap Ammunition – a 200-grain.

Ruger Only 45 Acp Loads Since 1996, 226 production involves CNC machining and the slide is milled from a single piece of stainless steel. Therefore the current P226 has a Nitron coated, stainless steel slide. This results in a strong heavy slide to chamber more powerful cartridges. The black frame of most models is made. Since I just started reloading

Jun 17, 2007 · Thanks bree for giving me some ammo to check out. I really wish cor-bon had a FMJ +p though. I think a 45acp would work fine for the bear in my state. if i lived in alaska, i would definantly carry a 12 gauge with alternating loads of 00 buckshot and slugs. And i would much rather have 14 rounds of 45 acp with less recoil then 6 rounds of 44mag with lots more recoil which takes more time to.

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One thing about bears, if its a Black bear then making alot of noise will most likely keep it moving on, if its a Grizzly then the spray you will most definately need. I would not shoot a Griz with a .45, the smallest handgun load I would be comfortable with is a .44mag with 320gr hard cast loads.

How much ammo costs have risen is hard to say precisely, because prices vary from place to place, brand to brand, and caliber to caliber. But by way of illustration, the price of Brown Bear 7.62x39mm.

Corrosive Ammo.

AL –-(’s 2013 and the Great Ammo Crisis has yet to completely abate. Perhaps if you could convince all of your friends and relatives to stop buying every box of .22.

Paul tests the effectiveness of 45 ACP for defense against large wild animals.

Ruger Redhawk Revolver in 45 Auto Review – The Ruger® Redhawk® revolver.

ammo is not inexpensive however. You can go to some local gunshows and find some good reloaded ammo. As a rule quality is good and prices are a lot lower then factory.

I would not carry a .45 ACP anything with the intent of using it on a brown bear. If that was my only pistol, I was going where there are brown bears, and I could not ACP on a brown bear? It's a heck of a risk and you'd be better off with bear spray. A guy I know here was just recently mauled, so it's not a.