45 Acp Speer Gold Dot Load Data

NOTE: Do not use the 230-GR TMJ RN loads with Gold Dot HP; maximum loads should be used with CAUTION. Check back often for more reloading data. We are constanlty updating our load data with new loads! Speer Reloading Data: Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.

Speer to Launch New Products at the 2018 SHOT Show – Speer’s largest volume of updated recipes and data for more than 120 legacy cartridges and 13 new cartridges. Gold Dot Rifle Component Bullets: Self-defense rifle bullets for reloaders. Sold in 13.

Best Short Barrel .45? Speer .45 Auto 230gr Gold Dot Short BarrelSpeer's Gold Dot Hollow Point is one of the best self-defense rounds available today. A top choice of law enforcement agencies across the country, the Gold Dot uses a patented process that forms the hollow point cavity in two stages. The core is pre-fluted to define the "fault" lines of expansion, controlling final diameter and retained weight.

45” bore black-powder cartridge service rifles in favor of .30” caliber “small bore” ones.

PNW Arms 115gr SCHP, and the Speer Gold Dot 115gr or 124gr. All of these rounds will penetrate the FBI.

May 12, 2019 · This 45 Auto Gold Dot line of ammo was tested to perform well through the FBI tests with a short 4" barrel. This ammo is loaded with Gold Dot's bonded core line of The chart below is a compilation of expansion and penetration data for Speer 230 gr Gold Dot Short Barrel fired from 10 feet, through. I use mostly HS-6, AA #5, Win 231 and Clays.

223 Remington Gold Dot 62 223 Remington 70 223 Remington Gold Dot 75 5.56x45mm NATO Gold Dot 55 5.56x45mm NATO Gold Dot 62 5.56x45mm NATO Gold Dot 75 222 Remington Magnum 40 222 Remington Magnum 45 222 Remington Magnum 50 222 Remington Magnum 52 222 Remington Magnum 55 222 Remington Magnum 70 22 PPC 52 22 PPC 55 225 Winchester 40 225 Winchester 45

I contacted Speer Customer Support and asked if they could send me reloading data for 45 ACP. Within a couple of hours, they sent me copies of their latest reloading manual (#14) for 45 ACP in a pdf file.

380 ACP, 9mm Browning Short.

380 Auto is 78 percent of a .45 Auto. In hillbilly terms, Browning shrunk the .45; the .380 Auto is a three- quarter .45. Speer’s Gold Dot loads are a good option for.

Speer’s rifle bullet lineup is one of the.

chambered T/C Icon, the optimal load featured 41.5 grains of Hodgdon Varget propellant, a Federal Gold Medal 210 Match primer, a Lapua case and the bullet.

.45 ACP (Speer Reloading Manual #14) Warning! Notes: max. case length: 0.898"; trim-to length: 0.888"; max cart. OAL: 1.275"; RCBS shell holder: #3; cart. case: Speer; primer: CCI 300; test firearm: SIG P220; barrel length: 4.4"; IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: These loads were developed and tested for safe use in HANDGUNS. Not all loads may be suitable.

45 ACP. Even so, the gun was easily controlled.

I shot a variety of ammo from Winchester USA FMJ to Speer Gold Dot and could not find any problems with any of the loads in the Pitbull. The revolver.

Speer's premium 45 ACP Gold Dot line of JHP defense ammunition is great for personal protection. Speer Gold Dot Ammunition is loaded with bonded The chart below is a compilation of expansion and penetration data for Speer 185 gr Gold Dot fired from 10 feet, through four layers of fabric (to.

Rechargement 45 Acp A1 TRONCONIQUE 200gr 45ACP. Ven 27 Juil – 7:55 par BOBBER78. j'ai décidé de changer du rechargement 45 ACP en 230 pour du 200gr tronconique Fp ou cmj frontier quels sont vos conseils A1 ou BA10, sertissage et LHT pour mon Kimber gold match je souhaite. Douilles laiton de très bonne qualité pour le rechargement Amorçage
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Springfield Champion 45 Acp Reviews I purchased a 1911 Range Officer Champion in .45 acp back on April 15, 2017. I wanted to give a review for anyone who may be interested in the I bought the RO Champion because it felt better balanced in my hands than the full sized 1911s. I chose Springfield also because they were doing.

While the original MHS Request for Proposal did not specify a specific caliber (leading many to believe that .45 would be making a comeback.

realm of performance as the Federal HST and Speer Gold.

I contacted Speer Customer Support and asked if they could send me reloading data for 45 ACP. Within a couple of hours, they sent me copies of their latest reloading manual (#14) for 45 ACP in a pdf file. As a bonus, the test firearm was a Sig P220! Turns out that a duplicate factory load for the 230 gr GD HP is: Case: Remington Trim-to Length.

Thank you for buying Speer Gold Dot 45 ACP AUTO ammo online at TargetSportsUSA.com. Speer's reputation for making the world's finest component bullets and loaded ammunition goes all the way back to 1943. That's when Vernon Speer started building bullets because reloaders couldn't get.

I use mostly HS-6, AA #5, Win 231 and Clays. If anyone has any load data sources for this projectile it's greatly appreciated. I have the AA, Hodgdon, Sierra, Lee, Lyman and Hornady reloading manuals, but not the Speer manual.

In his tests, the 45 grain Hornady Critical Defense round expanded to .36 caliber and penetrated 15″ of.

If you have a reliable gun and load it with either the Speer Gold Dot or Hornady Critical.

A database of .45 acp handloads. Toggle navigation Powder Through.

Speer: Gold Dot HP: Any brand-Large Pistol.

Don't see a load you want to use or want to.

Using Speer Gold Dot rifle bullets for ammo reloading provides optimal performance in AR-type rifles and carbines. So two caveats to remember when loading Gold Dot rifle bullets: Use only Speer's load data specifically developed for them and pay extra attention to holding onto them while seating.