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45-70 Gov’t (Strong Actions Only) Load Data; 380 Auto (ACP) Load Data; 9mm Luger (Parabellum) Load Data; 357 Sig Load Data; 38 Special Load Data; 357 Magnum Load Data; 357 Remington Maximum Load Data; 40 S&W Load Data; 10mm Auto Load Data; 41 Remington Magnum Load Data; 44 Special Load Data; 44 Remington Magnum Handgun Load Data; 45 Auto (ACP.

Discussion: The small case and short powder burning time of the .45 ACP requires a faster burning powder, like Bullseye or Unique. Trail Boss is new for the .45 ACP, but it shoots very well with a lead bullet (you can use jacketed also) and is quite mild but works the slide well in loads I have tested so far.

Load 45 ACP Without Blowing Up Your Gun SPECIFICALLY as it relates to the 45 ACP. Any suggestions? A couple of books I've purchased do not even include .45 ACP load data. Granted, they still supply a wealth of information for many other calibers. (Mostly rifles).

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A database of .45 acp handloads. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type

WARNING. The information displayed on this site, including ballistic data, was derived from tightly controlled laboratory conditions. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc.

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Clays’ burning characteristics produce soft, smooth recoil and excellent patterns. These features transfer directly to handgun applications where target shooting is the main goal. 45 ACP and 38 Special are only two of the cartridges where CLAYS provides “tack driving” target accuracy with flawless functioning.

Billions of rounds have been loaded with Bullseye since it was introduced in 1913.

America's best known pistol powder. Unsurpassed for .45 ACP target loads.

.45 ACP Load Data Online More .45 ACP Reloading Data. The ACP is an extremely popular round among reload enthusiasts. Hope you enjoy this information! Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.

62 thoughts on “ The Obsolete .45 ACP ” Rick February 18, 2013 at 3:20 pm. Firing a Sig with the .357 magnum is the best experience you can have with a handgun — as noted in an earlier post, a.

So looking to start reloading .45ACP, I shoot my glock 41 Gen 4 quite a bit. My manual, Lymans 50th has some data, but for 200gn jacketed HP, any suggestions as a good starting load? Nothing wrong with 700X for the .45 ACP or any other fast powder suitable for 12 Guage shotshells.

Time for another weekly update! This time you have a chance to win a Hornady Lock-N-Load powder measure and stand! Last Week’s Winner: Steve Rowe The question last week was: what are you look for.

Never exceed maximum loads. .45 ACP Load Data Online. More .45 ACP Reloading Data. Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. Wt. Bullet. Powder Manufacturer.

Why Subsonic .300 BLK has Better ‘Trajectory’ than 6.8 SPC – 300 BLK is a cartridge that can happily cross many performance barriers with the use of a single type of shotgun powder.

45 ACP can launch a 230gr bullet at speeds of about 800-950fps from a 5”.

.45 ACP Reloading Data (Hodgdon CFE Pistol Data) Warning! Notes: Case: Winchester; barrel length: 5"; twist: 1:16"; trim length: .893"; primer: Federal 150, Large Pistol.NEVER EXCEED MAXIMUM LOADS .45 ACP Load Data Online More .45 ACP Reloading Data.: Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.

N320 porous handgun and shotgun powder The N320, formerly known as 3N22, is a fast burning, porous handgun powder. N320 is one of our most popular handgun powders and can be used for a wide range of pistol calibers from .32 to .45. It is most commonly used by sport and hobby shooters such as

Best Value 45 Acp Pistol The USP45 comes much cheaper, at a retail price of $827 – or about one-third the cost of the SOCOM model. Glock also has a .45 ACP pistol, the Glock 21. Glock has widespread acceptance among the. Shooting and showing what seems to be a lot of 1911 for the money. —– —– Please visit

Moving along through our series about hand loading the 45 acp. In this episode we again look at differing load data in manuals. Set up and use our lee.

45 ACP.

loads for hunting with a 1911. The 255 grain hard cast makes a heck of a hog round, especially when fired from an extended barrel 1911. Using a 6-inch barrel will give you another 100 feet.

This spherical pistol propellant was designed for competitive shooters and handloaders seeking the perfect powder for target or self-defense loads.

Federal Premium’s HST 380 Auto Micro Ammo – Redefines Compact Protection – A: Federal Premium’s HST lineup has for years been the first choice of law enforcement agencies nationwide, and was made available to the public in 2013. It includes larger calibers such as 45 ACP.


Powder left in the reloader's powder measure hoppers for extended periods, overnight or several days, should be avoided. Hodgdon®, IMR® and Winchester® powders neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data.

45 ACP and 38 Special are only two of the cartridges in which CLAYS provides "tack driving" target accuracy with flawless functioning. IMR 7828 SSC™ This magnum rifle powder has exactly the same burn rate as standard IMR 7828 and uses the same data. However, due to the super short kernels.

Why the Charter Arms Pitbull is the ideal 9mm revolver for backup/off-duty – Charter Arms’ unique revolver – the Pitbull – loads and ejects just like standard revolvers due to ingenious little spring-loaded clips inside each cylinder chamber. It is even offered in .40 S&W and.

Set your sights on pistol reloading data Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type.

Winchester 572 is a ball powder strategically designed to optimize a myriad of shotshell and handgun loads. First, 572 has the correct burn rate to create the famous 3-¼-dram equivalent, 1-¼ oz, (1330 FPS) 12-gauge factory Winchester load with any brand case!

Q&A with Chris Hodgdon of Hodgdon – The Gun Powder People – Editor’s note: While at the SHOT Show earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Hodgdon, of Hodgdon, the venerable powder manufacturer based.

44 Special and .45 target loads? Any.

I Learned How to Make My Own Bullets – 45 ACP.

idea to make my own bullets planted in my head, I turned to Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply to get started. Widener’s sells everything you need to get started making your own bullets.

I Have been reloading shotgun for years, and now I'M looking for a 45 acp load using clays powder that meets a power factor of 165. I Am reloading a 185 grn plated flat point using winchester lg pistol primers.