45 Acp Hot Loads

Hottest 45 acp load Ammo Can. If a person is going to load a .45acp case to obtain max. velocity/energy, the problem is the case is not designed to withstand over 21K PSI, which does not allow higher pressure without the risk of a case rupture.

Range Time with the S&W M&P45 Shield Pistol – Width, height and length have only been increased to the point necessary to accommodate six rounds of 45 ACP ammo in the flush-fit.

especially with full power defensive loads, but isn’t so.

I dont need a very hot load, probably just .1 or .2g over the minimum. so what would be a good load for HP-38 powder? so far Ive gathered that 5.1-5.2g would BTW: I use HP-38 for my 45acp loads.

Corbon 165gr+P is smokin' (1250fps!). It's the lightest weight round for .45ACP before you get to exotics (Aguila IQ, Glaser, etc.


I've just started reloading .45 acp, and for lack of a better plan, started with Unique powder. I load most everything but full house Magnum loads with Unique. Been doing so for many years. Works well for me in .380ACP, 9mm, .38Special, .40S&W, .45ACP and .45LC unique works well for reduced.

45 ACP cartridge, the Guard, reviewed here.

three different weights for the bolt carrier in order to optimize its cycling—whether using hot, +P defense loads, mild-mannered target rounds or a.

410 revolver into a trimmed-down and familiar format that has been a hot-ticket item ever since.

Instead of testing three loads of one caliber at 25 yards, I chose to flex the gun’s broader range.

How high can I go loading my 5" 1911 .45 ACP with a 230 grain FMJ and Hodgdon Titegroup? I'm trying to approximate +P loads to boost my hunting sidearm.

But 44 special vs 45LC the 45LC can be loaded to higher pressure and more powerful loads due to the length of the case. What about the 44 special vs the 45 acp? Ive searched for forums about this topic, but haven't found anything close to my question.

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.

First, since lead isn’t exposed to hot propellant gases, there’s no burn off to produce.

14 percent decrease in heat when compared to American Eagle jacketed loads in .45 ACP and 9 mm Luger.

45ACP+P ammo is externally/dimensionally identical to 45 ACP ammo and can be fired in any 45 acp firearm that is in normal operating condition. However, the greater pressures and power of the +P ammo will give you greater slide velocity and if you are going to shoot more than a box or two of +P ammo.

CMMG MkG Banshee Makes Good Use of a Short Barrel ~ VIDEO – 45 ACP pistol. The ultra-short CMMG MkG Banshee is a perfect suppressor.

In fact, the best of the bunch was a five-shot, 25-yard group using the Doubletap 450 SMC load with 160-grain Barnes TAC-XPD.

5 Cool Caliber Conversions from Bond Arms – 45 ACP. These pistols were designed in response to customer requests.

380 ACP ammo is less pronounced than 9 mm, it can still be a bit snappy with hot loads. 2. The Cowboy Action .44-40 Winchester.

Reising 45 Acp Machine Gun Arms of American Airborne – machine. guns also saw widespread use in the American airborne units of World War II. The standard submachine gun in U.S. Army service at the beginning of the war was the famed M1928A1 Thompson. It. The M55 Reising is a .45 ACP submachine gun which wasn't quite ready for military

There are low-pressure black powder and cowboy loads, moderate pressure and moderate velocity (for a big bore revolver) loadings that are perfectly suited for self-defense. Since the .45 Colt has a.

.357 Magnum VS .45 acp - Amazing Results with HOT Loads  - TheFireArmGuySome 45 ACP loads show all the velocity we could ask for. These are the +P-rated loadings. +P means higher pressure, and the loads are several steps above This is a credible loading—loaded fast but not too hot. Gun Tests Report Card: Grade C Loads. Some of the loads did not meet our criteria for a.