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Hi-Point .45 ACP, Semi-Automatic, .45 ACP, 4.5 Barrel, 9+1 Rounds is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 77. Rated 5 out of 5 by 8ball from yes it is a great price, wow! PISTOL is so big an heavy it scares ya just looking it, you don,t have to shoot anyone just thow it at them. it,s so BIG I love it.

45 ACP—and all Hi-Point guns are +P rated. The frames were first made of aluminum, but are currently made of high-strength polymers. Economy is achieved by casting the slides and bolts and.

Although the magazine is currently only offered in 9 mm, there are plans to offer the Redball magazine for Hi-Point’s .40 and .45 ACP carbines in the future. MSRP is $24.99. For more, visit.

Tested: Hi-Point Firearms 1095TS 10 mm Carbine – However, much like the Hi-Point 4595TS PRO carbine chambered in .45 ACP that I tested three years ago, the five-shot group sizes of the 1095TS Edge opened up to around 5" at 50 yards when firing.

Best Self Defense Load For .45 Acp American Eagle offers the best 45 ACP ammo for self defense on a budget. It uses many of the same primers and brass components as other Federal Premium products, so it remains reliable in spite of the low price. 45 Auto cartridge, could push a 0.451-inch-diameter bullet weighing 230 grains out of a 5-inch barrel

This time out Hi-Point seems to have outdone themselves with a very solid feeling carbine in a potent caliber. If you get a chance to see them side by side with a carbine in 9mm, 40S&W 45 ACP or even.

There are plans to offer the Redball magazine for Hi-Point’s .40 and .45 ACP carbines in the future, but the company wanted to guarantee this concept, get things patented and satisfy the current 9mm.

For the early part of 2017 Hi-Point plans for a new high-capacity magazine in .45 ACP. Also on the drawing board are .40S&W and .380ACP magazines. It takes time to develop and create a reliable.

Get the most out of your Hi-Point 45 Handgun. Hi-Point .45 ACP Magazine.

Hi-Point .45 ACP Magazine. $19.50 Custom Textured Grip 40/45. $17.95 Custom Textured Grip 380/9. $17.95 Hi-Point Accessory Ring. $12.00 Hi-Point Speed Loader. $8.95.

Hi-Point Hard Handgun Case. $25.95 Hi-Point Soft Handgun Case. $25.95 Fabric Handgun.

Hi Point JHP 9860 – .45 ACP $179.99: 0 $179.99 5d 10h 24m 15910806: Hi Point 34510Pi 45 ACP Pink Camo 45 AUT 34510 PI – .45 ACP $171.74: 0 $171.74 $172.74 6d 11h 26m 15914165: Hi Point 45Acp BLK 4.5" 9RD LL TG LSR 34510Lltgm – .45 ACP $237.99: 0 $237.99 $238.99 6d 17h 57m 15914212: Hi Point 45Acp Carbine BLK TS W/4X32 4595Ts4x32 – .45 ACP $342.

Best Powder For 45 Acp Cast Shoot More. Clean Less With Hodgdon’s New CFE Pistol Powder – Check out the data to see a remarkable 15 pistol cartridges featuring the 9mm Luger, 38 Super, 40 S&W, the venerable 45 ACP and many more. CFE PISTOL is a Spherical powder that meters with superior. When looking at the 10mm vs .45 ACP,

New YouTube: Hi-Point .45 ACP Review with Hillperson Johnny When I originally got the idea to test a Hi-Point pistol, I figured I would be able to make a bunch of clever jokes about the poor performance of a cheap and horribly ugly pistol.

Hi-Point has finally produced a carbine chambered in .45 ACP. From the press release.

As with the 9mm and .40 Caliber Hi-Point carbines the longer barrel will increase velocity figures between 80-200 FPS over a like chambered handgun, especially with +P loads.

Ed Brown Executive Elite .45 Acp Shooting and discussing an Ed Brown Special Forces model. —– —– Please visit the Hickok45.com website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN SHOP, THE. Technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC : transcription de l’anglais information and communication technologies, ICT) est une expression, principalement utilisée

The Hi-Point 4595TS is a very surprising firearm. it may not be the prettiest thing at the firing range, but it is one of the neatest. Easy to clean, easy to use, accurate, and reliable.

Black 9mm, .40S&W .45ACP and 10mm. Hi-Point® offers a warranty registration page for any current owners of Hi-Point® firearms,purchased new or pre-owned. Click below to register.

John looks at the Hi-Point .45 ACP, his new "pocket pistol." 🙂 – – Please visit the Hickok45.com website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD's GUN SHOP, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, FEDERAL PREMIUM, and SONORAN DESERT.

Chambering options include 9 mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 ACP, the latter of which was added to the lineup in 2016. This year, Hi-Point has launched its most potent carbine yet with the brand.

153 USD. +P rated. High-impact polymer frame. High-impact grips. Durable, attractive easy-grip finish. Free extra rear peep sight. Last round lock open. FREE trigger lock. Magazine disconnect safety.

Hi-Point 45 ACP Carbine design is one of the most popular among gun hobbyist besides the 9mm. What’s great about it is that its very inexpensive, constructed using polymers and alloyed metals as much as possible, resulting in a reduction of production costs and sale price.

Hi-Point JHP  .45 ACP FBI arrests 2 men on firearms charges near Ferguson – Court documents show Baldwin and Davis were arrested and charged with the illegal purchase of two Hi-Point .45 ACP pistols. Within days, a grand jury investigating the Aug. 9 shooting death of unarmed.

The Hi-Point Model JHP is a polymer-framed, semi-automatic, blowback-operated pistol manufactured by Hi-Point Firearms. It is chambered in .45 ACP and is rated to accept +P ammunition. The pistol has an integral accessory rail, and a thumb safety. It is also capable of firing +P ammunition.

45 ACP Hi-Point handgun convinced the big bear to leave the property. Everybody went back to bed, because visiting bears are normal for many Alaskans. Two hours later, the bear came back and hammered.