45 Acp Hardball Loads

I need a .45ACP hardball-equivalent that has a similar safety factor, case-capacity-wise, to make powder-checking easy and less stressful. Trail Boss just won't make the velocity required for .45ACP hardball. The most popular loads use such teeny-tiny volumes of powder.

As an example, the standard 230-grain 45 ACP hardball load at 850 fps breaks 195 in power factor. The 185-grain JHP at 1000 fps hits 185. Few hardball loads actually clock 850 fps, but most of the 230-grain JHP loads do.

If not, it would be a shame if Wilson played hardball at this level.

Without them, there’s no chance the 6-foot-5 wideout with 4.45-second speed would have fallen through all seven rounds. That’s.

The Keefe Report: U.S. XM17 MHS—It’s the Hollow Points, Stupid – more effective than a standard FMJ or ball load. The old saying, “They all fall to hardball,” isn’t necessarily true. Especially when that hardball is not a 230-gr. 45 ACP. As an aside, another U.S.

I built my 1911’s to feed SWC and hardball.

caliber I think and what the gun was built for. If it was a light load SWC Bullseye 1911, it will need a heavier 16.5 lb. recoil spring to shoot full.

45 Acp Hardball Self Defense The original .45 ACP carried a 200-grain bullet and was matched with the Colt Model 1905, although a 230-grain bullet became standard after more testing. Combining accuracy and stopping power, the .45 ACP became an effective round for combat and self defense. It was used extensively by 20th-century. The .45 for Self-Defense. but most agree

John M. Browning designed the .45 ACP full metal jacket “hardball” cartridge for the 1911 pistol. This is a 230 grain jacketed round nose bullet loaded to a muzzle velocity of 850 fps which served as the military issue load throughout the 75-year tenure of the 1911 as the standard issue firearm for the U.S. armed services.

As an example, the standard 230-grain 45 ACP hardball load at 850 fps breaks 195 in power factor. The 185-grain JHP at 1000 fps hits 185. Few hardball loads actually clock 850 fps, but most of the 230-grain JHP loads do. For comparison, we listed the performance data of several +P hollowpoints on page 27.

The .45 for Self-Defense – By shooting live cattle and medical cadavers they developed a rating system for various cartridges and came to the conclusion that the bullet used should not have a caliber of less than .45. This led.

.45 ACP Hardball Performance. "Hardball" is shooter-slang for copper-jacketed, lead, handgun bullets, more technically described as "full metal jacket" or "FMJ." The new 135-grain .45 ACP Honey Badger load from Black Hills is a new form of hardball. It's a solid copper projectile with a scalloped nose, it.

45 ACP as the greatest man-stopper on planet Earth.

person” or “paranoid”, the new gun buyer won’t actually carry his gun or even fully load it. The woman who thought to purchase a GLOCK 19 that.

Being new to reloading, I've been reading about various loads for 230 gr. FMJ but, by design, they give ranges from min to max. If I wanted to duplicate a hardball load for purposes of "breaking in" a new 1911, what load do I need to work up using Bullseye powder? A buddy said hardball has an OAL of 1.260.

45 ACP pistols. I had a ball and shot my way through three boxes.

My gun dotes on Winchester’s 230 grain match hardball load – the one in the white box with the red "W." My hand-gunning skills.

The 45 ACP was originally developed using Bullseye. 5.0 gr was the original military "hardball" load for generations, using FMJ bullets of course. Quote Share this post

They als may not eject if you have to rack the slide to get a live round out to clear the gun. I had that problem trying to set up my first 45 ACP loads. I went by the listed COAL and the nose of the bullet would hit the front of the ejection port. They ejected fine when fired. _____

The Chargers, whose team motto should be "Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish," have been playing contract hardball with running backs since LaDainian.

Darrell Henderson can shoulder some of Gurley’s load.

That is the fun of reloading every manual has something a little different. Working up loads that YOUR gun likes. I have not loaded my 45acp with Bullseye yet but, I usually start a few tenths of a grain above starting and load like 5 rounds and then do a few nearer the max and head to the range to see what sticks and adjust from there.

In the era of cutting-edge expanding bullets, does .45 ACP 'Hardball' have a place as defensive ammo? How does .45 Hardball perform: 230-grain projectile loaded to an average chamber pressure of about 21,000 psi. Nominal muzzle velocity of between 800 and 900 fps.

Since I'm confused by the "hardball" in the header and the request for lighter recoiling loads so I'm just going to jump in. I got my distinguished badge shooting full power 230gr. loads and still think that's the way it should be.

9mm Parabellum Ammo, History, Features & Load Data – 45” bore black-powder cartridge service rifles in favor of .30” caliber “small bore” ones.

This, it accomplished, however the use of the diminutive hardball round, or the early generation jacketed.

45 acp Hardball PenetrationThe .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.

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