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Oct 16, 2017  · While I use Trail Boss in .45 AR cases for shaved MK VI’s with proper hollow base .265 gr bullets, I used to use 4.6 gr of Unique. I don’t use any .45 ACP ammo out an abundance of caution, but I do know that back in the 60’s my good friend Bob Gussman who used to write about .455 ammo decided to test a shaved MK VI to destruction using Unique in .45 ACP cases in half moon clips .

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45 Acp Vs 40 Settling 9mm vs.45 ACP. Ultimately, both guns are great weapons to have. When choosing between the two, also consider which gun feels better in your hand. Some people prefer the heavier feel of a .45 ACP, while others find the light and slim nature of the 9mm to be more easy to use. Oct 05,

TK CUSTOM™ specializes in the manufacture of full moon clips and the machining of revolver cylinders to accept the moon clips.S&W is our speciality and by far the most popular, the most versatile revolver for modifications and 9mm caliber conversions. We have many related moon clip accessories for the competition shooter and sportsman.

Smith & Wesson Governor 410/ 45 Colt/ 45 ACP Revolver Review – VIDEO – 410 shotgun shells, 45 Colt, 45 Auto Rim, 45 Schofield and even 45 ACP with the supplied moon clips. Unlike the Thunder-5 or Taurus.

else is on the market in a package this size. The Smith & Wesson.

Handguns 2005 – The .45 ACP, using full- and half-moon clips, will be available in a new Model 625 Jerry Miculek Professional Series DA revolver with a four-inch barrel. The five-shot Model 60 .38/.357 will now be.

The Redhawk .45 Auto/.45 Colt Moon Clips have an optimized charge hole design for positive ejection over a wide range of ammunition. These moon clips are for quick reloads and its design allows for loading and unloading without the use of a moon clip tool. sold in 3 pack.

This are listed in Ebay as a Moon Clip Unloading Tool.

Tanch Products makes moon clips for popular model revolvers. Moon Clips are ideal in the event that you wish to quickly be able to reload your revolver. Specifications and Features: Ranch Products FMC45-6 Full Moon Clip 6 Round Capacity Spring Steel Pack Of 8 Blued.

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Moon Clips MADE IN THE USA. 9 MM 986. Full Moon Clip. 10 MM. Full Moon Clip. 45 ACP. Full Moon Clip. 40 S & W 646. Full Moon Clip.

S&W 625 45ACP CCW Moon Clip Loading / Unloading Tool Apr 11, 2018  · moon clips for redhawk .45 acp/45 colt. This is a discussion on moon clips for redhawk .45 acp/45 colt within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; picked one up yesterday finally and promptly bought from ruger extra clips for it. i’m wondering, will any .45 acp full moon clips work here.

The total weight of the product and its packaging, as calculated by the shipping carrier. This weight is the same weight used by the carriers for charges, and is based on the greater of actual or dimensional weight, calculated as (rounded cubic inches)/(carrier dimensional weight divisor).

410 shotgun shells and .45 Long Colt rounds but also .45 ACP cartridges. The .45 ACP cartridges are loaded and removed from the revolver via moon clips holding two or six rounds reach. Named after.

144819 These Moon Clips are ideal for fast reloads in your revolver. The Full Moon Clip allows a full reload and comes in packages of 8. Ranch Products #: F-45-6R. UPC #: Loading image.

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25 product ratings – Ranch Products .45 ACP 6 Rounds Full Moon Clips (8) for S&W 625/25-2 & Colt.

While there are plenty of tools available to either load or unload moon clips, this is the only tool that does BOTH. Stop hurting your fingers!The Deluxe Mooncliptool is CNC-machined out of.

Jut have a M-1917, close, but slightly different. nice thing about revolvers in .45 ACP is you can use any bullet, and not have to worry about feeding. Full moon clips are nice, but I prefer the three round clips.

1917 45ACP Revolver + Improved Ammo = New Life for Old Guns – More on the M-1917 45 ACP Revolver : http://tiny.cc/mqmz0w ) The problem was there is no rim on the 45 acp cartridge, so a half-moon shaped clip was developed to hold three rounds of 45 acp. Two.

These Moon Clips are ideal for fast reloads in your revolver. The Full Moon Clip allows a full reload and comes in packages of 5. Notes: These moon clips are extremely tight fitting and require significant pressure to insert or remove ammunition. Care must be taken to ensure the clip.

Moon clips for all 6-shot Colt & Smith & Wesson revolvers chambered for 45ACP, including 1917 Models.

45 ACP in a lightweight carry gun is the lightest weight 1911.

This may be the finest, lightweight, high capacity, high power carry revolver made. It includes two full moon clips, Cocobolo wood.

10 45 ACP Full Moon Clips. for .45 Revolver Pack of 10 NEW Clips. Brand New. $9.95. Buy It Now +$7.65 shipping. 45ACP Full Moon Clips for Ruger Redhawk 6 shot, 8 pack. Brand New.

Wilson Combat Five Full Moon Clips for 45 ACP Stainless Part 69S5 New See more like this. Ruger Full Moon Clips . 45 ACP 3-Pack. Brand New.

Each pouch holds three 45 ACP Moon clips. On my duty belt right now I have three pouches holding 9 moon clips which gives me 60 rounds for my primary drawing bottom full moon clip: index finger in middle of clip and thumb on outside of single cartridge-draw upward.

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Smith & Wesson® Introduces New Models to Flagship Line of M&P® Products Along With New Semi-Auto Pistols and Revolvers – 45 ACP or .45 Colt, the new Governor features a patented, heat-treated scandium alloy frame with stainless steel cylinder. The six-shot revolver also features a snag-free front sight, a.

Full and half moon clips loaded with .45 ACP and one Truncated Cone .45 Auto Rim cartridge. A moon clip is a ring-shaped or star-shaped piece of metal designed to hold multiple cartridges together as a unit, for simultaneous insertion and extraction from a revolver cylinder.

Why the Charter Arms Pitbull is the ideal 9mm revolver for backup/off-duty – 45 acp in case that’s your preference of caliber.

However, these revolvers require flat steel clips, often referred to as moon clips (third – 2 rounds, half – 3 rounds, or full – 5 or 6 rounds), to.

Moon Clips for Revolver Rounds – Most experienced handgunners know about the WWI half-moon (three-round) clips developed to adapt S&W and Colt revolvers to the rimless .45 ACP cartridge. In more modern times, Ranch Products came up.

This article will focus on the more common “full-moon clips” that hold 5, 6, 7, or 8 rounds, depending upon the full capacity of the revolver in question. Moon clips are actually required for most revolvers chambered for semiautomatic calibers like 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

The 2-round moon clips in the Governor Combo Pack at left, allow you to load a combination of .45 ACP and .410 Shothsells and/or .45 Colt at the same time! For 45 Ruger Redhawk blued finish, (8-pk) T1419-15 $11.95/pk

Moon clips for all 6-shot Colt & Smith & Wesson revolvers chambered for 45ACP, including 1917 Models.