25-2 45 Acp

Smith & Wesson 25-2 .45 ACP Model 1955 Description: Smith & Wesson 25-2 .45 ACP Model 1955. 6 1/2 pin barrel target trigger & hammer. Square butt w/ frame. Very nice in/out. Pristine Bore. Like new condition. No box or paperwork. Pre-owned. Shipping cost is $45.00 and includes shipping insurance. We only ship to the CONTINENTAL US.

Smith & Wesson Model 25 .45ACPSmith & Wesson 25-2 .45 ACP caliber revolver. 6 ½” target model, 1970’s vintage. Near excellent condition with light wear. $1495.00

I have long wanted a S&W Model 25-2, .45 ACP revolver. I had seen one many years ago that was carried by a police officer I worked with and I fell in love with it.

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I agree if the the 25-2 is your holy grail gun with a 5 inch barrel then go for it. If you can live with another inch or 1.5 inch added to the barrel you can probably get it for half of what you said a 5 inch would cost you. All I know is that with a few hundred rounds loaded into moon clips it makes for one hoot of a day at the range with the.

Just picked this pristine 25-2 .45 acp / .45 auto rim from FFL Thursday. Same owner I bought the 657 4" no "-" from. It's cut for moon clips. Ejector rod has some wear. Previous owner used it for bowling pin competition. Other than that, the finish is a perfect old school deep blue. Will make for some fun shooting, along with 625-2, also in .45.

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The Smith & Wesson Model 625, is a six-round, double-action revolver chambered for the .45 ACP using moon clips.The Model 625 is an improved stainless steel version Smith & Wesson Model 22 and a direct descendant of the Smith & Wesson M1917 revolver first issued during World War I.

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Wsf Powder 45 Acp Even better — its guide to smokeless powder helped me narrow my focus and set some goals. Looking over the guide gave me an idea of what I wanted to do. I love the Thompson so I decided to make some. Hi-Point Firearms .45 ACP Pistol & Carbine – The slide is powder coated with

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My last shots with my beloved 1979 25-2 in .45 colt. Revolver Showdown! Colt Python vs. S&W L frame vs. Ruger Speed Six| Jerry Miculek – Duration: 22:44. Jerry Miculek – Pro Shooter 793,886 views

Smith & Wesson Begins Shipping New M&P Pistol Models – 45 ACP, is available with a traditional black frame.

The M&P9L pistol has a capacity of 17+1 and an empty weight of 25.2 ounces. The striker fired action (SFA) trigger system features a 6 ½-pound.

Smith & Wesson 25-2 .45 ACP caliber revolver. 1970's Vintage with 6" pinned barrel in excellent condition.