Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel Ammunition 45 Acp

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Handgun Ammo vs. Rifle Ammo What.

hollow-point moving at 1,350 fps. The Speer Gold Dot and Federal JHP loads are the most proven in the field. Others are available, but I do not have any hard data.

The gun appears to be designed with an eye toward the concealed carry market as it has a relatively short 2.3” barrel. The frame.

I shot a variety of ammo from Winchester USA FMJ to Speer Gold Dot.

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This package contains 20 rounds of Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel .45 ACP ammunition. Each cartridge is loaded with a 230 grain jacketed hollow point projectile. Designed specifically for use in modern compact, short barrel handguns, these rounds offer optimum expansion at short ranges.

Your Speer Gold Dot Centerfire Handgun bullet cores are pre-fluted to figure out the fault lines for expansion and control the retained weight. Caliber. .45 ACP. Grain. 230 gr.

45 ACP – 230 gr JHP – Speer Gold Dot – Short Barrel – 20 Rounds . 1 review Review. This Ammo was Tested by LuckyGunner View Results. Go to previous image Go to next image. Overview.

As soon as this new hot round hit shelves in 1959, companies began putting the round into handguns despite the fact that the ammunition.

Speer Gold Dot 45 grain hollow-point loads–left me cold.

Last year I got to run some Speer Gold.

have extended the Gold Dot Personal Protection line to a Short Barrel line, which includes a 9mm +P 124-grain Short Barrel (I have to shoot this one!), and.

22 Long Rifle ammunition have virtually disappeared from their shelves. I also noted a lack of .223/5.56 and .308 caliber rifle ammunition. Stocks of .380 ACP and .45 ACP are down.

cases for.

Account. Speer Gold Dot Short-Barrel .45 ACP 230 Gr JHP. In stock. SKU. 23975GD. Manufacturer. Speer. 45 ACP. Gold Dot is a proven, trusted, and widely used series of ammunition in the Law Enforcement world. These rounds are relied upon by police every day, and now they are available for.

Best Short Barrel .45? Speer .45 Auto 230gr Gold Dot Short Barrel Inside Glock’s 38: Something for every day of the week – If you can carry a 45 GAP on and off duty, good. One of the original goals of the 45 GAP, a collaboration between Glock and Speer Ammunition.

The 200-grain 45 GAP Gold Dot cartridge has a 970 fps.

The Gold Dot line of ammunition is an LE standard, and is recognized for its excellent performance, particularly after passing through tough intermediate barriers like auto glass. For 2015, Speer is.

There is a lot of incorrect information out there on firearms and ammunition.

ACP and .32 ACP, rarely expand. Some bullet designs are specifically designed for lower velocities experienced in short.

Bob Campbell reports on the differences in .45 ACP ammunition when fired through different barrel lengths. Bob compares results from a GLOCK M41, Rock Island Compact, Colt Commander, and a Colt 1991A1 using Cor Bon DPX and Speer Gold Dot ammunition. Read this report for the results!

Best 45 Acp Pistol For Self Defense The .45 for Self-Defense. by. and that the .45 Auto cartridge was the best fit in this formula. .45 caliber 45 acp ammunition 45 caliber handguns 45 caliber pistols ammunition colt 45 acp. 23 New 1911 Pistols For Duty, Self-Defense. The first new addition to Colt’s product lineup for 2016 is the Colt Competition Pistol

Speer Gold Dot Ammunition is loaded with bonded core bullets and designed for home defense and personal protection. 45 ACP Auto ammo is reloadable, features And today, Speer Gold Dot is the most trusted duty ammunition for law enforcement. We offer the same loads to civilians for personal.

Which Is Bigger 10mm Or 45 Acp That having been said, the larger capacity magazine was not an acceptable. compared to 17 rounds for the Glock 17 and 13 rounds for the .45 ACP-chambered Glock 21. Conventional 10mm Auto ammunition. With a circumference of 5 11⁄16", the grip of the STI frame is only about 3/8" larger than a single-stack frame and.

Speer 45 acp 230gr Gold Dot Short Barrel ballistic gel test, product#23975, shot out of a Kimber Ultra Raptor II 1911 with a 3-inch barrel. These rounds are.

Taurus Model 845 Semi Automatic Handgun .45 Acp Shooting the Bull: Fantastic plastic pistols – 380 ACP, .357 SIG, and their proprietary .45 GAP (Glock Automatic. in the handgun industry market a polymer model or two. You can go to a local dealer and purchase polymer-framed guns by Smith &. The 1911 is a single action, magazine-fed, recoil operated, semi-automatic pistol, usually working


Speer Gold Dot, Winchester Bonded PDX1 or Hornady FTX. With any kind of load, the .45 Colt has a long and impressive record as a fight-stopper. The last cartridge used in the Governor is the.

For decades Speer's Gold Dot Ammunition has been considered the very best choice for law enforcement and personal protection. The Gold Dot hollow point is engineered for controlled expansion, penetration and weight retention. Notches in the jacket and a well engineered hollow point.