Asai 45 Acp

The ASAI OnePro is pretty obscure, but not all that weird. It's a well-made Swiss DA/SA pistol in 45acp. They claim to have been designed for US SOCOM.

45 Acp Bandolier This bad-boy bandolier is hand-made and features approximately 50 bullet loops, more or less, depending on the mood of the artisan leatherworker. Shell loops are sized for .45 caliber ammunition. Bandolier measures 3 inches wide and 60 inches long when. Faster than a speeding bullet! Our all-leather Bandolier helps you reload your weapon’s cartridge lickity-split,

Good evening Gentlemen, wanted to share my latest imports with you, I have been importing guns for quite a while. I have just received from Swissdagger in Switzerland 3 pistols, all made by ASAI 2 Asai One Pro 9 mm pistols and 1 Asai one Pro 45 ACP pistols.

Mec-Gar 10 round .45 acp magazine with the anti-friction coating MGWIT45LFAFC. The magazine is compatible in the CZ 97B, CZ 97BD, EAA Witness, Tanfoglio, Springfield P9, IWI Jericho 941 FS Mid-Size Steel .45acp, ASAI One Pro, EAA Witness Elite Series, Match Stock 1, Match Stock 2, Hunter (6" barrel), Limited Pro, Magnum Research Baby Eagle II and the Desert Eagle Pistol without the rail by.

ASAI One Pro 45 Mayor's First Impression auction: 13119668 this is one fine swiss made pistol inported by magnum research in 1995 only 1000 were imported. all atf rules apply must ship to ffl holder. any question please

The One-Pro 45 (stylized as onepro.45 or one PRO.45 ) is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP (with some variants in .400 Cor-Bon) and manufactured in Wettingen, (previously Solothurn ) Switzerland. It was at one time imported into the USA by Magnum Research and into Italy by ALGIMEC.

ASAI Magnum Research, One Pro, .45 ACP wbox, made in Switzerland, 3 58 bbl, bright shiny bore, good rifling, Parkerized finish, wh for sale by SPRAGUES SPORTS INC on GunsAmerica – 996577589

ASAI One Pro 45 ACP Magazine If anyone has a need for a factory 10 round magazine for an A.S.A.I. One Pro 45 ACP/400 Corbon post here with a follow up PM and I'll get it shipped out to you next week.

The One-Pro 45 (stylized as onepro.45 or one PRO.45) is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP (with some variants in .400 Cor-Bon) and manufactured in Wettingen, (previously Solothurn) Switzerland.

Roughly 1000 of these Swiss made ASAI One Pro .45's were imported by Magnum Research in either .45 ACP or .400 Corbon. Firearm is in excellent condition with only real signs of wear being on the top.

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Putting a few rounds through my ASAI OnePro in 45acp. These are based on the CZ75 and have good build quality and accuracy, along with an insanely light.

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It is no coincidence that, we chose a .45 ACP caliber for the de-velopment of this pistol. This is because the .45 ACP FMJ standard caliber fulfi lls all the fundamental requirements needed for a self-defense cartridge. This choice provided all the basic prerequisites needed for the success of the development.

onePRO .45 ACP Bericht aus CH-Waffenmagazin. (mit freundlicher Genehmigung). Technische Daten oneRRO .45 / onePRO 9.